Sharing a Love of Knitting

I learned to knit when I was young, but it wasn’t a hobby that stuck with me at the time. I was quickly off to something else. When Knitting Daughter reached the age of 13 or so, I really wanted her to find a hobby. I have enjoyed different hobbies all my life, and wanted the same enjoyment and relaxation for her as she grew up. We went to Michaels and I said, “Pick anything you want to try. We’ll see which hobby you enjoy the most!” We went through rug hooking, counted cross stitch, needlepointing, and finally knitting. Knitting was the one that stuck with her, so I took it up again as well. (And then two years later we started Loopy!)

She really likes knitting that she doesn’t have to think about too much. (That is a direct result of her busy life, I think!) She likes scarves. This one is my favorite, because she made it for me and it’s so toasty and wonderful. But awhile back, she decided to try a Girasole. This week it came off the needles and we blocked it, and I’m really proud of her! I think she just might make another one sometime. (This one done in Cascade Heritage Sock.) It sure is fun to share a love of knitting with her. I’ve taught a lot of people to knit, but she’s my favorite knitter. πŸ™‚ Who’s your favorite knitter?

Sheri hopingyouhavefunthingsplannedfortheweekend!


  1. I’m really the first in my family to take on the needles, my gma and mom crocheted wish I’ve also done. Currently teaching my 10yo Amanda how much fun knitting is πŸ™‚ Favorite teach would have to be Galina and favorite fellow knitter would be Rebekah, she has the patience of a saint with helping others

  2. My favorite knitter is my maternal grandmother, Mary Muckleston Page. She was born in England, but emigrated to Canada and then the US as a married woman with four young daughters, my aunts and my mother. She knit all her life, including beautiful baby sweaters and blankets for me, both before I was born and afterwards, sweaters as I was growing up. I have saved the last one she knit when I was a sulky teenager; it is made out of charcoal grey acrylic. In the late ’50s my grandmother also knit some incredible dresses for my stylish mother, which I found 12 years ago after my mother died, tucked away carefully in boxes.
    Sadly I never learned to knit from Grandmother Mary; as a military brat I lived overseas a lot, and we moved every two years. Nor did I learn to crochet from my other grandmother Evie, though she was skilled at it, as well as an amazing seamstress, gardener and cook. I had to learn all those skills years later, from friends, or books, or from the internet. I finally picked up knitting 7 years ago and almost immediately felt a connection to my lovely, knitting grandmother. Now I too knit for my grandchildren, and yesterday I opened a box that has been tucked away for more than 60 years. In it I found knitted wool baby blankets, sweaters, wraps and caps, as well as several embroidered tiny shirts and gowns. I held them close to my heart for a few moments, and then packed them up and mailed them to my youngest son and his wife, who are expecting another baby in a few months.
    The circle, and the connection, is complete.

  3. My favorite knitter was my mom who taught me how to knit at age 5. She was known among family and friends for the special baby sweaters she made. I have saved the ones she knit for my 3 DD so they can pass them on when they have kids. When Mom died a year ago I went thru all her knitting and sewing supplies, keeping all her needles and some of the patterns. Whenever I pick up my needles I think of Mom.

  4. Like you, I learned to knit as a kid but it didn’t stick. Since then I have tried several other crafts. When my crafty daughter was in middle school she wanted to learn to crochet and knit. I remembered a little about how to do both but lucky for us it was right around when the first Stitch and Bitch book came out. We bought it and never stopped knitting. The crochet is secondary but she has no problem picking up a crochet patterns and working through it. My daughter is in college now and she mainly knits when she is home on breaks. She is a fearless and persistent knitter. Many gifts have come off of her needles. I’m very proud to see her completed projects. I am glad that we share our crafting interest.

  5. Beautiful Girasole! I’ve just frogged mine for the fourth time and put away the Shetland until winter when I’ll start over again.

    My grandmother was a knitter, but she didn’t teach me and she didn’t learn it from her mother, who hated to knit, though she knew how. We both taught ourselves from books, which I guess is our knitting connection. My mother took up knitting a few years after I started, just like she took up quilting many years after I started supporting my family with my quilting. Kind of a hop, skip and a jump to four generations of knitters in our family.

  6. Love the Girasole! Great color!

    I have two favorite knitters – my sisters! My older sister and I started knitting at nearly the same time, although it took us a long time to get our younger sister into the knitting fold. Happily she’s now an avid knitter, and it’s fun to have sister KALs. I get my best knitting ideas from my sisters, and because they’re always doing cool stuff, it pushes me to be a better knitter and take more chances.

  7. There are two knitters who are near and dear to my heart, Jackie and Jen. I met both of them at the 2nd Spring Fling.

    I look forward to spending a day knitting with Jackie whenever time permits. She is an amazing woman with many talents and gifts. I am always in awe of the beautiful lace work she does.

    While I have not seen Jen since the Fling we keep up on Facebook. She is a soul sister. I love her sense of humor and her outlook on life. She keeps my laughing. We also share the same birthday.

    Both of these remarkable women inspire me in so many ways each day. In 2010 when my dad was in the end stages of Pulmonary Fibrosis and I needed to be in FL to help care for him both Jackie and Jen were there for me 24/7, texting, emailing or calling. They were my rocks and I will always love them for the love and support they showered me with during those months.

  8. Your Girasole is beautiful, Julia – great job and I was happy to get to see and touch it in person last night!

  9. Julia, your Girasole is just beautiful and I love the color! It is nice to share a “hobby” with your mother!

  10. That is a beautiful Girasole. My favorite knitter is my son’s fiance. I taught her to knit a few yeaars ago, and while she doesn’t often have time, she knits when she can. She is a keeper, which is why I am knitting a lace shrug for her to wear with her wedding gown this September… and designing it from scratch.

  11. Your daughter’s Girasole is beautiful. It is wonderful to have someone so close to you share your hobby. I do not have any knitters in my family. I learned from a book because I saw a step-by-step sock guide in a magazine one day at Michaels and Red Heart yarn and thought “I want to do this”! It took me a bit to learn it! I would have to walk away sometimes but I would come back determined. I still have those socks and have made many more with much nicer yarn I have ordered from Loopy Ewe. My favs are the Beach Glass colorway from last summer. My favorite knitters are all of you who respond to this blog and on Ravelry. You are my inspiration. However, my 14 year old daughter may take up knitting! She saw my Ribband yesterday! She grabbed my wrist and said “where did you get that; I want one too”. I said it was knitted! She just might be interested!!! Then she could be my favorite knitter! It would be nice. Cherish this special connection you have with Julia.

  12. Julia, That is beautiful and takes my breath away. After seeing it in person you have inspired many to pickup yarn and needles once again. What a talent you are in many areas.

  13. My Mom was my favorite knitter. She taught me to knit at a young age and helped me when I got stuck or had questions. When I took knitting back up many years later I would still pop over to Mom’s so she could “figure it out for me”. She made many beautiful sweaters and Barbie clothes for our whole family. She was just wonderful!

  14. Julila it is gorgeous! I haven’t been brave enough to try one yet. I knit as a child and then a bit in college but put it away for many years in favor of counted cross stitch. When the eyes got to the point they didn’t want to handle such fine work, I decided to go back to knitting. And, I got a job in a yarn shop which helps get the creative juices flowing. My friends Roberta and Billie are my favorite knitters because they taught me to knit socks which are my passion.

  15. What a sweet story and beautiful scarf and Girasole! She is totally talented! Just lovely.

    My favorite knitter is the one with whom I am knitting and/or chatting with about knitting. I love the community, the rhythm, the laughter. Knitting just rocks!

    Congratulations, Julia. You are just a beautiful knitter!!

  16. My favourite knitter is my mother- we share a passion for it despite our busy schedules, her as a doctor and myself as a full-time university student with a part-time job. She mostly knits scarves and shawls while I do a lot of socks, and we always help each other out with a second opinion. She’s the one that introduced me to Loopy!

  17. Lovely Girasole!! (& lovely story πŸ™‚

    Maybe someday my 11 yr old daughter will do something similar but for now her zany garter stitch self-designed creations completely tickle me … she & my mom (who patiently re-taught me to knit as an adult after it didn’t stick the first time) are my favorite knitters!

  18. I love the Girasole! It’s beautiful.
    My favorite knitter is my great grandmother. As far as I know, I’m the only one of her descendants to take it up, but she was an inspiration.

  19. What a beautiful shawl! I have to say that she reminds me of how I was when I started knitting a looooong time ago. Dive right in. It’s only yarn and a pattern. Go for the gusto.
    My favorite knitter is my friend, Jan, that got me back to knitting. I joined her “needlework” group when I was still doing cross-stitch. She was doing all different kinds of needlework (master of all). One day I saw her making some beautiful socks. That’s when I took up the needles again to see if I could do some. Haven’t stopped yet. Love ya, Jan.

  20. My favourite knitter is probably my Mum, she tends to stick to the basics but she does those really well! I tend to branch out, I do lace, cables, colourwork and although she can do lace and cables and intarsia she prefers knits for my sons. Last time she bought yarn though I insisted she get something for herself, so hopefully she’ll soon be working on a nice jersey just for her.

  21. WOW, love your Girasole, Julia—it’s beautiful!! Love the blue–which color is that? Love the scarf you did for your Mom, too! Very sweet—that was alot of work! πŸ™‚
    My favorite knitter would be Amy, who taught me how to knit 7 years ago—right after our daughter moved to Colorado. God’s perfect timing—-just when I was feeling a big hole in my life, I met Amy, she taught me to knit and introduced me to many special knitters who are good friends now! Love knitting—love my wonderful knitting friends!

  22. I never even thought about who my favorite knitters were until you brought it up; and I’m glad you did because it really made me think about all the people I have in my life that share the love of knitting with me. Really, the first person to introduce this lifetime gift was my daughter, Maria. I signed her up for a “college for kids” class several years back, and she picked knitting for one of her three class choices. She taught me how to cast on and how to knit and bind off. Everything in between, I learned from my knitting friends, Carla and Sandy. We have a knit together every Wednesday to catch up on our lives and also to learn about what each one is knitting that week. We learn about how to knit and how not to knit something. I’m glad I have these knitting best friends in my life.

  23. I have 2 favorite knitters – my mom & my 6 year old granddaughter Sofia. Mom & I can talk on the phone for hours about different patterns, what we want to make next, take classes together & wishing we could knit faster. Sofia is such a hoot – she’s been knitting on the same purple scarf (yarn she got at the Loopy Ewe when you were still in the Lou) & has about 10″ done. She already has a stash that is quite admirable. She has one bag just filled with the tootsie rolls that come with our orders. The 3 of us have a yearly tradition of doing the summers last blast yarn crawl. This year So will be on vacation & will have only the last day to do it. She gave mom & me our marching orders – we are to do only the 4 far away ones the other 6 we have to wait for her to get back. She thinks she’s going to buy some yarn other than pink (read Bama is going to buy her yarn other than pink). She sweetly reminded her parents that they have to get home Saturday cause she has plans for Sunday. It’s so fun to sit & knit with the 2 of them Mom & I just crack up listening/watching Sofia knit with us!!!

  24. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a small child, but I didn’t continue with it. I went with crewel embroidery and needlepoint for decades. My best buddy Kathy started knitting as she neared retirement and her gift of a hand knit got me thinking about it again. Five years later and I can’t imagine how I could stay sane without my needles and yarn! It’s gotten me through a series of extremely difficult times. My daughter, who benefits equally from my garment production, says ‘this knitting thing is really working for me Mom!’

  25. my 11 year old neice. i visited with my maine family on saturday adn when they broke out the iphones & computers to various things, i broke out my knitting, as did Isabelle, and we had a nice little knitting date. πŸ˜€

  26. Thank you all for the nice comments! It was a fun project to knit and one I hope to do again. It was a good project to branch out of what I normally do. I recommend it to anyone πŸ™‚

    Paulette: I used Cascade Heritage Sock – Thunder. One day back in St. Louis, I walked by it and couldn’t resist! I love the color and the way it knits up.

  27. While my mom knits, it isn’t her most consistent hobby (that is probably painting). After that, I’d probably have to say Maggie from my knitting group. She is always saying she isn’t very good, but she has such enthusiasm and bites off so much. She’s proof positive that no knitter should say no way to a project just because it looks hard!

  28. My favorite person that I taught to knit was my Mom. She made a couple of knitting articles but the most impresive was a sweater she made for my Dad when they were overseas in Algeria in the 1980’s.

  29. My Favorite knitter is now deceased but she was a multi-talented lady who did beautiful things with yarn. Her daughter was in my class in high school and she always had matching sweaters and skirts made by her mother. The sweaters were often trimmed with fabric from the skirt. She was always such an inspiration to me.

  30. Julia!! So happy you finished. Did Donna??
    I still have a major Wendy blanket on the needles…you motivated me to pick it up again…although I’m scared since I don’t know where I left off..

  31. My favorite knitter was the lady who showed me the way. A wonderful coworker, she has been knitting for most of 40 years. When I first picked up the sticks, she was knitting a beautiful baby ensemble made with the prettiest baby yellow. She had these tiny booties edged in white and a bonnet to match. And, the cutest baby cardigan I’ve ever seen. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to create beautiful things that I could wear.

  32. My favorite knitter is by far my BFF Becca πŸ™‚ We bond over a shared love of the craft and both have very different loves/strengths – I’m very much a sweater and colorwork knitter whereas she’s a shawl/lace knitter and boy can she do lace! She made me this GORGEOUS Haruni shawl out of hot pink lace for my birthday last year, it is still one of my favorite knitted items!!!

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