The Fibre Company, JulieSpins, and More

I love Monday Updates. We get these big boxes in all week long and we’re busy unpacking, counting, photoing, and then shelving it all on Mondays, but sharing it with you on the Monday Update is the best part! (Well, unpacking is a pretty good part, too.) Look what we have for you tonight:

The Fibre Company Road to China Light Oh.My. 65% Baby Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere and 10% Camel. Can you imagine how that feels? I made everyone come back and sink their hands into it last week, after we unpacked it. I’m thinking I need to make some cowls, scarves and shawls for Christmas gifts with this. (Actually, I’m thinking I need to make something for myself first.) πŸ™‚ Shown here in Ruby.Β Also, be sure to check out The Fibre Company patterns for some cute hats, scarves and shawls to use with the Road to China Light yarn

JulieSpins Merino Lace – This 960 yard skein of laceweight will make a big, beautiful shawl or scarf. And wouldn’t it be fun to add beads? The colors are amazing, as is always the case with Julie’s yarn. Shown here in Violetta.

Re-stocks in HiyaHiya needles, Puppy Snips, and Yarn Ball Stitchmarkers. Also, re-stocks in Soak.

Mochimochi Land – new kits for Zombies, Pirates, Clowns and Vikings, along with re-stocks of the other kits we had sold out of. These little characters are just too fun!

Camp Loopy Project Totes – These teal canvas totes are the perfect size for socks or one-skein shawls in progress. (Or a cowl or hat out of that new Road to China yarn?) Loopy hangs out on the front, and there’s a tag on the handle that says Camp Loopy 2012. If you’re not participating in Camp, you’ll still love the bag and you can take the tag off!

Speaking of Camp, don’t forget that Project One needs to be finished by 6/27, with photos uploaded by 6/29. And remember that it will take about a week to get those photos approved – and maybe longer at the end of the timeline. They do all come through to us with a date/time stamp, so we know that you got them in on time.

Have fun shopping. We sure love seeing what you pick out!

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  1. Darn you, Sheri! I’ve had Road to China Light on my wish list for a Buttonwillow forever, but had resisted. Til now. Now it just fell right into my shopping cart, and I didn’t even mean to shop.

    You’re dangerous.

  2. Is the gauge truly as listed for Road to China Light – 24-26 st/inch on #4 needles?

    Should it be 24-26 stitches over 4 inches?

  3. So far there are two RtCL colors that I think I NEED. I’m just hoping there are plenty of Camp bags, because I probably won’t be able to order one until I go shopping for Project 3.

  4. Can the gauge be right on the Road to China Light? 24-26 st = 1 inch? I’m thinking it has to be 4 inches…or someone knits a LOT tighter than me!! Sounds like scrumptious stuff!

  5. Wowza – I’m delighted with the Camp Loopy tote!! πŸ™‚ I’ve added it to my wishlist – my birthday is around the corner & I don’t know what hubby has in store yet so don’t want to ruin any surprises. πŸ™‚
    That RtCL yarn sounds addicting …

  6. I am nearing the home stretch on my Camp Loopy project and I still need to get the photos for my Q2 project in as well. It will all be done even if I have to have a marathon knitting session or two!

  7. I know this is late – but I was just looking at the web cam and saw a pumpkin hat and booties. What patterns did she use?

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