New Harlow Bag from Namaste

You know, with all of those projects you have going on, don’t you think it’s time you got a new bag? Some of you know (ok, probably all of you know) that I have a thing for bags. I love them. And when I saw the new bag from Namaste, of course I immediately picked a color for myself. Now you can pick a color for yourself, too! We are taking pre-orders on the new Harlow Bag from Namaste. These will be available in August. If you’d like to reserve one, just email us and let us know what color to save for you and we’ll set up the order for you when they arrive. There’s no payment due until they are in and we are ready to ship them to you.

Details: The Harlow is vintage-inspired, constructed of luscious vegan faux-leather material and offers ultra organization and serious style. Features include microsuede recycled lining, loads of exterior compartments and pockets (2 drink compartments, 2 flap top pockets, 1 fiber friendly pocket, and 1 zipper pocket), shoulder strap and duel detachable handles for added versatility. The interior has a zippered top and features 2 open pockets, 1 zipper pocket, and plenty of space for storage!

Colors available: Caribbean Blue, Eggplant, Espresso, and Pumpkin Spice.

L: 14″ at bottom, 16″ at top
W: 6″ at bottom, 3″ at top
H: 13″

Handle drop for the small handles: 9″ from the top of the bag to the top of the handle.
Handle length for long strap: 27″ in the smallest position, 49″ in the longest position.

Price: $85

Would you like one? Email us. (

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  1. Could this be the perfect Namaste bag I’ve been looking for? I adore all of mine, and wish the Newport (my favorite) would have had exterior pockets. I am preordering!

  2. Caribbean Blue for the summer. (But I will probably need an Espresso one for Fall and Winter, too, don’t you think?)

  3. Oh my gosh…a new bag…I love their bags and have most….birthday is in August, will have to let hubby know…he got me a Monroe last year and a bitty bag the previous year..

  4. Enjoy TNNA- if you like hot dogs- go to Dirty Franks on 4th st. and Main-over 30 types of franks. For over the top sweets- Pistacia Vera in German Village.

  5. Pretty, but most of their bags are just too big for me. I love the look of their Monroe bag, but wish they would offer one like it that is a bit smaller.

  6. Very cute bag! Not that I need another bag! I am still thinking of one of those Attention Baguette bags! Choices, choices! :).

  7. Their bags are beautiful and I lust after every new style, but they are just to pricy for me. Alas. If I spend $85, it is on yarn. But, you never know, maybe some money will come my way…

  8. It looks nice, but more pictures would help. All my bags are packed in boxes and parked in another state and I’m tired of carrying the one and only I brought with me.

  9. I want one bad. I like the espresso the best but would take any color. Anniversary is coming. 30 yrs. Don’t I deserve one? lol

  10. Is the inside of the bag divided with a center zippered pocket? Some of the bags have that and I find it restrictive when stowing a project inside.

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