Big Projects and a CONTEST!

We’ve watched Rebekah put this beautiful Mitered Crosses Blanket together for Kevin over the past few weeks. Here they are at Knit Night last night, with the finished product. Made entirely out of Madelinetosh Vintage, it has us all wishing for one of our own! See how she did mirror images with the colors? With the border, this one took 13 skeins. Next she’s thinking of doing this in a baby blanket with a lighter yarn and six squares. I’m thinking Cascade Superwash Sport would be perfect for a baby blanket like this. Or the Worsted 220 Superwash. Even though I love this in the Madelinetosh Vintage, moms always like things that are machine wash and dry. Make it easy on them.

Our Camp Loopy Project Two is to make an 800 yd. + project (using at least one color from your country’s flag). I’m still waffling on projects (although now thinking of this mitered baby blanket…). I keep looking at all of my options and garnering ideas from everyone. So my contest question for this month is: What is the biggest project you have made and how many yards (or meters) was it? Mine was the crocheted afghan I made for Camp Loopy last year – 2600 yards. Leave your answer in the comments below and we’ll do a random drawing next week for some $25 Loopy gift certificates! (And maybe I’ll get some more ideas from your comments in the meantime.)

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  1. So far my biggest project is the Guernsey Wrap. I took almost 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn. I’m also working on my first sweater, which will be in fingering weight, so that one will take around 1400 yards.

  2. My biggest project is still a UFO, but it has already consumed 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon and I have 6 skeins of Brown Sheep for the border . . . a log cabin afghan composed of 24 squares and a two inch border between squares and around the edges. All the squares are done, they are arranged and two strips of six have been edged. And there it sits!

  3. Mine was definitely the Girasole in DIC Smooshy that we did as a KAL a couple of years ago. It used over 1300 yds of fingering weight. DH was pretty impressed that I finished it. I am thinking you even did a blanket-sized one — if I am remembering that correctly.

  4. I’m afraid I haven’t done any huge projects.I guess my biggest was a shawl with about 1200 yards. Most of you ladies have lots more patience than I do. Maybe some day I’ll get there.

  5. So far, my biggest project is my Beekeeper’s Quilt… I’m not even done yet and used about 3600-ish yards. I’m using about 11 yards per puff, and have around 330 puffs.


  6. I haven’t made too many terribly big things, but I did make a baby blanket out of sport weight yarn that was over 1200 yards, not terribly large, but it took me forever! I think because it was an alphabet blanket and I had to follow a chart for the entire thing – not good travel knitting. . . or kid’s around you knitting. . .

  7. My largest project I think is the Print o’ The Wave shawl knit in Malabrigo Lace, I think I used 1000 yards. Not that big, but it’s laceweight…took me ages to finish it (running out of yarn didn’t help either. Thank goodness for Ravelry).

  8. Mine was a Girasole shawl which used 1400 yds. I ended up making another one the next month with another 1300 yds.

  9. When I left for college my freshman year, I took along a scarf project that required about 1500 yards of a light cream colored yarn. It was fairly complicated (for me) with alternating cables, seed stitch, and bobbles. I underestimated the amount of free time I would have in college and mostly worked on it during Christmas breaks. Finally finished it over Christmas my senior year. It was wide and extra long and could be wrapped around my head like a scarf, then wrapped around my shoulders, and then back around to tie in front. Perfect for keeping out the icy cold Oklahoma wind and looked pretty funky with my favorite brown tweed jacket and khaki skirt. I still drag it out once in a while, but it is getting a little worse for wear… time to start another one!

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