1. You should totally make that last one your computer wall paper. Or maybe a poster to hang at the store. The sheep has such a great “Heeeeeyyyy guys, what’s up? I’m just chillin’ ” expression.

  2. Love the photos! Especially that sheep with 4 horns! Why are they horns on sheep and cows and antlers on deer and elk?

  3. I love the striped matching fleece covers! First year in a long time I didn’t get up there, likely because my yarn budget was waylaid by a not-to-be-named yarn shop in Ft Collins….. I tend to come home with goaties in the back of my Jeep, so it’s all for the best. Hope you saw some cute alpacas, too!

  4. They had quite a variety there! Thank you for sharing the photos. I’ve been to the Taos Wool Festival several times and I always enjoy seeing the animals they have there — in that area, you get a chance to see quite a few alpacas.

  5. SHEEPIES!!! They never will pose for me, though. I was trying to get a picture of an Angora goat at Kentucky Sheep and Fiber and he kept looking st the camera and turning away. I could almost hear him thinking, “Oh, heck, get that thing out of my face!”

  6. Lovin the photos and the sheepies, and yeah I wish I had some too. Maybe someday right now I think I will just work on getting a GSD.

  7. @ Marsha: Antlers are branched and shed yearly, Horns are never shed and in some species grow throughout the lifespan… also they have different composition and attach to the head differently. 🙂

    I love the stripey sheep jackets.

  8. It was a great time at Wool Market — we were there Saturday all day and Sunday morning (why yes, I bought a fleece Saturday and had to go back Sunday for another one!)
    The Kansas City group had a great weekend at the Loopy Ewe and Estes Wool Market!

  9. HOLY SHEEP!!!! 🙂 I love them, the goats too – especially that amazing 3 horned one !! wowza 🙂
    What luscious wool they must make … visions of skeins danced in her head…
    lol Happy Friday! 🙂

  10. So is that where in the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black sheep…….. the “three bags full” comes from ? 🙂 Great photos

  11. Love the sheep pictures. I have some of those beloved creatures in my pasture. They are a sight to behold. Now to get moving on my room full of sheared wool.

  12. Largest project was a fisherman knit afghan many many yesterday’s ago….only started knitting again a couple of years ago. Things have changed lol.

  13. The 4 horned sheep shown is my yearling ram Merlin. He is a Jacob ram. Hors are different than antlers as they are permanent and non shedding items that are blood filled. Antlers are a seasonal growth that is shed and regroups annually

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