Monday Update and Camp Loopy Project Two!

Lots to share with you today! First, information on Project Two for Camp Loopy, which I know you’ve been waiting for!

The Project Two Dates: Starting date is 6/27 and ending date is 7/27, with photos uploaded to the Project Two Photo Gallery at The Loopy Ewe by 7/29.

The Challenge for Project Two: This project should contain a color from your country’s flag and it must be at least 800 yards, single worked – not 400 yards knit doubled up to equal 800. (Don’t worry – Project 3 is not going to go up another 400 yards to be 1200. Project Two has the biggest yardage requirement for Camp this summer!)

More details: You can make it all one color or you can choose to use more than one. Just remember that one color needs to be from your country’s flag. We’re loose on exact color interpretation. If, for example, your flag contains a navy blue but you want to use a teal blue, that’s ok. Blue is blue for this project.

Camp Store Week for Project Two: If you need to purchase yarn for your project, we are offering a 20% Camp Loopy discount for the yarn during a designated “Camp Loopy Store Week” each month. The discount for Project Two, is valid on one camp project’s worth of yarn purchased during Camp Store Week Two (Monday, June 11 through Sunday, June 17.). To get the discount, you will need to leave us an order note on the order, telling us which yarn will be used for your Camp Project, and we can only apply the discount to one order, so you’ll need to calculate carefully. We’ll apply the discount when your order comes through to us. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure that your discount won’t take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the shipping charge back in after we do the discount.

Another benefit: In addition to the 20% discount on your yarn during Camp Store Week, we’ll also double your Frequent Shopper Benefits from that yarn purchase, if your project is done and a photo of it is uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery by the deadline. (Yarn must be purchased during this month’s Camp Store Week, 6/11-17, for the double credits benefit.) So if your project yarn costs you $30, you’ll see $30 added to your Frequent Shopper totals after your order ships, and then we’ll add in another $30 to your totals when we approve your photo to the Gallery by the deadline.

Please review the other details and FAQ’s on the May 9, 2012 blog post to insure that you know the ins and outs of how all of this camp stuff works.

We’ll let you know the new Ravelry Discussion Groups a few days before the start of the project. Watch the blog for that. It the meantime, keep enjoying your canoes. 🙂

We do have new things up on the website for you tonight. Just added in, you’ll find:

Malabrigo Rios – a beautiful 4 ply superwash worsted weight yarn, great for sweaters and afghans and things you want to wrap up in.
Malabrigo Worsted – a soft single ply worsted weight that felts beautifully. Also great for sweaters, as long as you always hand wash and lay flat to dry.
Malabrigo Silky –  a luscious 49% merino wool / 51% silk DK weight. Wonderful for cowls, scarves, hats, mitts and sweaters (that you want to hand wash and dry!).
Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Fingering – our two latest exclusive colors from Three Irish. A Very Merry Unbirthday and Curiouser & Curiouser. (Shown here in Very Merry Unbirthday).
The Knit Kit – in the new pink color. This version of the Knit Kit also includes a needle gauge. They just keep getting better and better!
Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Needles – re-stocked in all sizes.
Atenti Baguette bags in re-stocks and new colors, too.

It does take us an extra day or two to get orders out during Camp Store Week. We have everyone on the schedule for extra time and days this week (yay, Elves!) and we’ll be working hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible. Can’t wait to see what we’ll be sending to YOU!

Sheri whoneedstodecideonaprojectforMonthTwo

P.S. Thank you for all of your emails, phone calls and messages regarding the fire just north of Fort Collins. We are all fine so far. The fire is 15 miles north of town and Loopy is on the south end of town (and our house even farther south). But do send up prayers and good thoughts for the firefighters who are risking their lives to save homes up there. It’s a bad fire. We really need a big rainstorm.


  1. Yay! Was waiting patiently, as patiently as I could! This will be the largest project I have done and know just what I’m going to make!!

  2. Glad you are all ok with the fire. My brother-in-law’s sister is quite close, and they have been sending fire pictures taken from their property. We are all praying for a big rainstorm to help put it out.

  3. Oh my Project two and I haven’t finished one yet- still have from armholes to shoulders to knit. Better hurry

  4. So very glad that you and the shop are all allright! Hope each of the elves are too! Nice update for Project #2…a color of the flag…I guess there is going to be a drain on the red, white, and blue supply and a few other colors as well!

  5. Question: can I use more than one color? There are a couple of great stripped patterns….

    I’ll do a rain dance for you. We need it here, too. There was a brush fire in the city of Chicago yesterday.

  6. Everyone there is utmost in my thoughts. Sending Positive Thoughts and thinking RAIN

    Looking forward to yet another challenging Challenge. Will attempt Vodka Lemonade Sweater ! ! ! in a month’s time ! ! ! ! ! in Dream In Color’s Everlasting in Heavenly.

    Another fun-packed Loopy Ewe Camp Loopy summer, :*)

    stay safe ♥

  7. Sheri,
    First, thanks for your note re. my Mom. She is still with us, but not so good. Secondly, but very high up there, I am so glad you are ok and I hope you and all the Loopy Elves stay safe! I am praying for rain for your neck of the woods! Aussies are no stranger to wildfire, so you are all very high in my thoughts and prayers! Looking forward to doing the next challenge!

  8. Prayers for all of you sweet folks! Prayers for the firefighters. It is nice to hear that ya’ll are okay! Knitting hugs to all!

  9. Must have lost my mind. I never buy solid yarn and I just did. It is going with a semisolid, though, so I’m not totally off my game. 🙂 now to figure put how to use an extra 25 yards in my pattern.

  10. Sheri, please forgive me if this is a ridiculous question. If a flag’s navy blue makes teal or light blue okay, does a flag’s red make PINK okay?

  11. The challenge is not the color, it’s the 800 yards, especially for a slow knitter. Camp Loopy is good for me.
    Hope and pray you get rain soon and you stay safe.
    We are finally getting some much needed rain here in central Virginia.

  12. Is it possible to adopt my husband’s country’s flag? I’ll actually be in his country when the Olympics are going on and we’re planning on living there in the distant future (retirement plan ;)). If those aren’t good enough excuses I’m sure I can think of others LOL 😀

    (also, it’s ok if it isn’t ok, just thought it would be a nice change of color from project 1)

  13. I’m so glad you and the Loopy Elves are ok from the fires. My parents are in Denver and tell me they can smell the smoke from the fire so many miles away. Speaking of, I’m visiting them next week and have planned an excursion to come to TLE!!!

    I can’t believe how excited I was to go pattern and yarn hunting once this was posted! I already have a ton of Christmas knitting to do, but what’s one more shawl to add to the bunch? Especially when it’s for my grandmother in luxurious Shalimar! LOL

  14. This motivated me to get my project #1 done. Almost there! Project two sounds like a good opportunity for me to try out the Garden Cardigan pattern I have been eyeing. I already ordered some DK cotton in a pretty red color! Here,s hoping I can finish it in 4 weeks…

  15. Project Two already? ! 800 yards? Push, Push, Push. My son’s wedding is July 15 – hope I can find an easy project!

  16. Glad to hear you folks are OK. Praying for rain for you.

    I am planning to do the Vodka Lemonade sweater in Fiberphile DK True Heart. Wanted to do it in D/C Everlasting Mornign Glory (which I have now and love) but your stock is too low to use it. Oh well, also LOVE Fiberphile yarns. Yummy stuff.

    Stay safe.

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  18. I’ve been watching the fire coverage on tv, and just wanted you to know that I’m praying for you and the elves, and for the firefighters working so hard to contain the fire. I’m in New Mexico, and we have similar conditions here with several fires around the state. Pray for rain.

  19. Sheri, I have a Project 2 Question.

    To get to the 800 yds, must it be a single project? For example, if there were a shawl that someone (okay, me) wanted to make that required 400 yds, could that someone (me again) make another item that also uses 400 yds and submit both FO’s to get the 800 yds?

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  20. Hi again Sheri,

    Nevermind on my question. 🙂

    I found something that I am excited about that uses 800 yds in one fell swoop. 🙂


  21. Sheri~
    I don’t comment frequently but want you to know have been thinking about you and that fire! Glad to know you are safe~will keep everyone in my prayers! Take Care.

  22. Dang! Should have ordered that Cascade Ultra Pima in Armada yesterday when I saw it! Any chance you’ll be getting more in?

  23. I am still finishing project one and the last half of my quarter challenge sock. Eeeek. Now month 2?! I think I am feeling some anxiety beginning…. :).
    Glad to hear you are all ok. I hope it stays that way!!!! Positive thoughts going out to everyone!

  24. I finally have my project #2 picked out – the yarn ordered (a challenge since I am not a r/w/b person) but I do have jsut one teensy tiny complaint. And that is the start date. I really feel that it should start on June 26 and not 27th…….hmmm, could that be because June 26 is my birthday and that would have been a lovely birthday gift to myself??!! LOL

  25. Where do we find the project 1 photos to upload our pics? When I go to my account there is a link to upload a photo. Is that the right place?

  26. You’re killing me here…I have a really bad case of startitis and I don’t know if ill be able yo wait another 7 days before starting camp challenge 2! But I will wait!! Yarn is all wound and needle waiting closeby with the pattern.

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