Project One: Finished

I’ve finished my Project One from Camp Loopy. Have you? (A lot of you have! I’ve already approved more than 350 photos, but I have almost that many more waiting approval – which I will work on today. Since they’re not even due until Friday, I know plenty more will come in. I love seeing what you all have accomplished!) I made my second Color Affection for this project (here’s the first – done in Shalimar’s Breathless yarn.) This second one was done in Madelinetosh. I used a combination of Pashmina and Sport in Mourning Dove, Toast, and Fig. The color is truer in the second and third photos. It’s dark brown – not black like it looks in photo one.

I had picked out the light and dark browns from my stash, and was contemplating adding in an evergreen color, or a burgundy color …. thinking …. pondering …. when it dawned on me that the browns reminded me of this guy. So of course the third color had to be blue for his eyes. šŸ™‚ Sometimes you just need to look at nature to find some really pretty color combinations. So now I call it my Mocha Shawl. I have knit a lot of things in my knitting life, but this is one of my favorites. I just love the colors and pattern. Someday I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make another Color Affection (Addiction/Affliction/Infection). But I’m trying to hold off as long as I can.

Thanks for weighing in on all of the “biggest” projects that you have knit up for our blog contest this month. That’s a lot of knitting! I used the random number generator to pick a winner for the $25 Loopy credit, and that goes to Sue from Nebraska, who made a Bridgewater Shawl out of 1827 yards of Wollmeise Lace. Congratulations, Sue!

I think I picked out my Project Two. I’m using 2 colors of Kauni, which makes me an official Dragonfly. I need to get working on it ….

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  1. I’m loving all the projects I’m seeing on the photo gallery! I already have too many things I want to make, now there are more! Hope you are still safe from the fires!

  2. What a gorgeous CA! The colors remind me of my “little brother” Koko, a seal-point Siamese. What will your Project 2 be?

    And thank you for all the raves on the Shalimar Breathless; that’s what I’m using for Project 2 and I am in love. This project will be going to my grandmother, so I may be picking some up for myself soon!

  3. I knit every chance I get, to the detriment of a clean house (oh well, what’s a few dust bunnies??). I’ve been stumped on some projects a few times, and I have to then wait until my favorite “knitting wizard” is working so she can set me straight. Amazing, it only takes her a few minutes to point me in the right direction every time!

  4. Beautiful! I really want to knit that pattern. Just havent gotten the yarn yet…..what’s WRONG with me?

  5. Wow Sherri! That is one beautiful shawl!!! I am in awe of everyone’s abilities! I am still relatively new to knitting so don’t tackle huge things yet! I finally finished my project 1! Yay ne! Having trouble uploading though. I will keep at it. :). Off to wind Dream in Color “It’s Native”in Crying Dove for project 2! Stay safe from fires!

  6. Sheri, You said what yarn you will be using for Project 2, but you didn’t say what the project will be (unless I missed it somehow).

  7. Hannah – I actually think I changed my mind on the project this afternoon. Jeesh. I think I will be using 2 skeins of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot and one skein of Cascade Heritage Sock, and making a shawl. Not sure which shawl pattern yet….

  8. Beautiful Mocha, Sheri!

    Working on my first CA for CL2 and it is so much fun! Thanks for influencing me to try this new addiction!

  9. Hi Sheri! Nothing like deadlines to motivate us… Loaded my finished Batik shawl photo and description, knit with Fiberphile 2-ply Squooshy Sock yarn in the Continuum color. Loved it so much I think I entered it twice. šŸ˜‰ Now diving into the pattern pile for Project 2. Hope I enjoy knitting this as much as I did the Batik shawl.

  10. Very nice. I am wearing my finished Color Affection today (and my husband took the photos this morning, so they’ll be added tonight). I love that it is big enough to be completely hands free as I work in an air conditioned office.

  11. Sheri,

    It has really occured to me that you are very influential in the Ravelry/knitting community. There are so many Color Affection shawls out there because (I think) you have made everyone want to make one because yours was so pretty. Now, you make two! I wonder how many people out there will do the same. LOL!

    I am so glad to be part of Camp Loopy this year. I think I tried to be part of it last year, and failed at my first attempt. I think I set myself up for failure because I took something on that was too difficult for my skill level. I’m glad I tried again this year, because I have really been able to “hang” with you all. Thank you for the yarn discounts and the very supportive forum that you have created on Ravelry.

  12. Brown and blue stripes remind me of the Tenth Doctor!

    I’m getting ready to make another CA. Should probably wait till after I’m done with my camp loopy project.

  13. I have been so worried about all the wild fires there in Colorado. I am prayong you are way far away from the fires.

  14. So many color combinations…so little time! I am doing a “patriotic” Color Affection for Camp Loopy 2

  15. My camp loopy photo is still pending approval and I uploaded it mid-afternoon of the 29th. Should I be concerned?

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