Madelinetosh, JulieSpins and Malabrigo

We were buried in boxes again last week, and you’ll see the benefits of that over the next few Monday Updates! Tonight we’ve just added in:

Madelinetosh – Merino Light re-stocked in 90 colors. Woohoo! We had 16 or 18 cases of Madelinetosh delivered last week, so we have more re-stocks to put up as well in the next couple of weeks. But we started with the Merino Light, since we were lowest in-stock on that. It’s nice to have our Madtosh shelves filled back up again! (Shown here in Cobalt).

JulieSpins – Merino 370 (for your one-skein shawls, beautiful scarves, classy socks and stunning hats. Have I mentioned before how much I love all of the colors that Julie comes up with? I made this Pogona Shawl out of one skein of the Merino 370. (Shown here in Hollyhock.)

Malabrigo – Worsted (for your Fall sweater planning or your cute felted bag making) and Silky Merino (for some lightweight shawls, a jump on scarf and cowl knitting for the holidays, and just all around lusciousness).

Shibui – Baby Alpaca DK. My favorite pattern for this is the wonderful Cabled Rib Wrap that uses 3 skeins of Silk Cloud and 4 skeins of the Baby Alpaca DK, held and knit together. I’m making one in the ivory color. It’s so nice to knit with.

Yarn Caddies – You bought those all up so fast a couple of weeks ago, so George brought more in for us! These are handmade in Wyoming by a retired gentleman who just happened to bring us a sample one day, when his wife came to shop. We bought all that he had with him and he went home to make more. Each one has been hand done with 5 coats of stain and wax and the workmanships is exquisite. He’s happy that you like them, because he says it’s a good hobby to keep him out of his wife’s way when she’s knitting. 🙂 We have them in Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Cedar and they are gorgeous.

Are you ready for Project Two of Camp Loopy to start? The official start date is this Wednesday, June 27th. (Coincidentally, that’s also the date that Project One is to be finished.) For Project One, we divided you up into different Canoe Groups on Ravelry, based on the color of your project. For Project Two, we’re dividing you up into different bug groups (because camping involves a lot of bugs), based on the weight of your yarn. Later tonight, you’ll find the groups set up on Ravelry and ready for chatting with new friends about Project Two! We’ll have the No See-ums (for laceweight projects), the Lightening Bugs (for fingering weight projects), the Dragonflies (for DK and Sport weight projects) and the June Bugs (for Worsted and Bulky weight projects). If you’re on Rav and want to participate, head on over to the Loopy Groupie board and find your Bug Project Two Camping Group.

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  1. Awesome!!! I’ll be in the dragonfly group. The dragonfly is a very important symbol for me, so this is absolutely perfect!!

  2. Bugs is _exactly_ why I don’t do real camping. LOL I would be kind of bummed not to be in the dragonfly group because I do think those are kind of pretty (from a distance) but since lightening bugs are fireflies then I am totally ok with that being my group after all.

  3. Thank you for the Merino Light. Have been holding a GC to buy this yarn for the All the Shades of Truth!! Soo happy I was able to get all my colors. Is a shawl with 5 colors!!

  4. I’m assuming you all are safe from the fires??? The news reports are awful, think about you and the Elves I Haven’t Met with each scary report.

  5. Eww, I do hate June Bugs, large, noisy, and always trying to get in the house! However, I’m sure I will enjoy meeting my fellow June Buggers once we all get started. Exciting!

  6. Umm… sock yarn fingering or DK? I am using Lorna’s Laces sock…..and I adore dragonflies but also love lightnin’ bugs so it does matter to me…..

  7. Well, I am now a No See-um. :). Awesome. I will be discreet and quiet and finish project two on time!!! Glad to see Mad Tosh Light back!!! Hope you enjoyed TNNA Sheri!

  8. That is a gorgeous photo of a dragonfly! I haven’t seen green ones here, but have photographed blues and browns. Love the idea of the projects divided into bug groups. 🙂 I do dislike June bugs though — so pesky when they try to get in the house!

  9. I’m much happier to be a lightening bug than a noseeum. I was going to swatch tonight, so I would be able to start after work on Wednesday. Of course, that depends on if I manage to get to the blocking of my Camp 1 project. You’d think I’d be on that, because it was finished on Saturday!

  10. wow lots of fun stuff on the update this week!! 🙂 I love the idea of the bug categories – but I won’t be able to participate in project 2 for Camp Loopy. We have a niece on the way and I have to get her blanky started & finished before she gets here! I’m hoping to have it completed quickly enough that I can jump back into Camp for project 3. 🙂 My hands are still twitching from project 1 as I have to finish it tonight!! 🙂 It’s been fun though! Thanks for keeping the challenge so fun.

  11. Love the bug catagories! I’ll be joining the No See-Ums, just as soon as I leave the Blue Canoe group – I’m down to the wire on my last few rows!

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