We always love it when people bring their finished projects into the shop. (Well, mostly we love it. Usually I then get a bad case of, “Oh, I need to knit that!” and then find myself perusing yarn choices later in the day. But I guess that’s my own problem…) Here are a few that we’ve seen lately. Thanks to all of you for sharing!

Christie’s Whippoorwill (done in Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Sage and Gothic Rose):

Pattie’s Little Iris (done in Madelinetosh Sock):

Sunday’s beautiful red shawl with beads (done for her sister in law, and I didn’t write down the pattern! Edit – it’s Gwendolyn. Thanks, Katrina!):

Roberta’s Summer Flies Shawl (done in Cascade’s Ultra Pima DK):

Jason’s latest creation – a jellyfish (which Herman got to borrow for the duration of Knit Night):

And one more photo to share with you. Christienne’s clever husband ordered some fun cotton yarn and supplies from us, to make her a special bouquet to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary (the cotton anniversary). How cute is this?

That’s a guy who knows the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”. 🙂

Sheri luckytobemarriedtosomeonewhoalsoknowsthatphrase!


  1. Oh My Goodness! The cotton bouquet is absolutely adorable! She better hold on to him. Too cute!!!

    Amazing other knitted projects. Sheri, you experience some job hazards. Ever thought about insurance? Never!!! That would take all the fun out of it!

  2. FPS – stop posting shawl patterns! I really don’t wear them often, but have so many in my mental “queue”, that I will never finish them all before I die!!

  3. I will have to remind my wonderful hubby of the Cotton Anniversary when we get to 2 years! And yes, he already knows that I am a crazy Yarnaholic with no chance of recovery. I figure I will be at least 145 before I get through all the yarn I have in my stash, and then I peruse TLE and get more! I laugh and tell him it’s just to assure my longevity — I can’t possibly pass away if I have all that yarn in my queue!

  4. I hope you told him wool is 8yrs (I made my husband socks!) This year was silk, and I so hoped for another yarn gift. Alas the magic wore off. No yarn, but I still love him anyway.

  5. I just texted my hubby and told him for my 60th birthday (next year) I wanted to fly to Colorado to visit TLE and buy yarn. His response was to stop buying yarn and I could afford the airfare! How silly is he?!?! I’d probably pop a cork if I couldn’t buy yarn for 9 months! (But he’s still a wonderful man.)

  6. Beautiful shawls—can see why you get so many on your queue—we all get more just reading this and seeing the great photos!! I will never have time to knit all the great patterns I’ve seen~

    What a great gift! WOW…..just WOW!! 🙂

  7. I am lucky enough to have a husband who knows that phrase too…and when we were in Colorado last week he spent the day driving up to Fort Collins with me so that I could visit TLE and get some yarn. He stood nearby as I paid, and on hearing the (remarkably restrained in my opinion) total, just said, “Hmm I have never been around when it got totalled up. I think I will just sit down over there and wait.” Perfect answer! By the way, I loved my visit and the chance to meet you, Sheri. And my mom is doing just fine now that she is back at lower altitude in Florida.

  8. You work in a very dangerous place, Sheri—but I’d love to try it for a while. I’d say the yarn is more a threat than the patterns. I mean you only need 1 pattern but the yarn….

  9. Like LAEL I have so many shawls in my list I will never get them done, but PLEASE PLEASE I have to know the pattern for the red shawl, it’s to die for!

  10. Awww. That “cotton” bouquet is such a neat idea! So sweet of him to think of that and put it all together!

  11. Beautfiul shawls!!! 🙂 Thanks again for putting up our yarn bouquet photo!! 🙂
    Hopefully i’ll get to knit some more on my camp loopy project this week – it’s been a crazy one

  12. ps – I love that jellyfish! herman was so lucky to borrow it for the photo shoot!!! haha

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