Wacky Wednesday Randomness

Today’s post? Random things you might need to know.

1.  The mama owl has three babies, not two. No doubt she’s still exhausted from caring for them. She did, however, pick an excellent tree to match their feathers. Great camouflage. I think they all flew the nest over the weekend, though. We’ll have to wait until next Spring again for more photos.

2.  The elk are in abundance nearby. And you don’t want to get too close to them.

3.  Mocha’s owners shaved him a month ago. Good news: at least he has owners. Bad news: they shaved him when it was still freezing cold out. (No, no skin conditions or anything. I asked. Just some mats that I think could have waited until the weather warmed up. Poor beautiful guy.)

4.  Jason, one of our regular Knit Nighters, is making knitted food for his daughter. He did pancakes with dripping syrup. Here he’s feeding his knitted ice cream cone to Loopy. Next up? Pepperoni pizza.

5.  Did you know old card catalogs make great containers for stash? Long narrow drawers for skeins, plus a place on the front of the drawer for labels. Cool. As someone who likes to repurpose old things, I thought this worked out great.

Have you repurposed anything fun lately?

Sheri probablyshouldhaveboughtbothcardcatalogs


  1. That poor cat! I feel like coming to CO and cat-napping him. Love the old card catalogue storage idea. Some of us are clever…others are like me…not too clever. Off to MD Sheep & Wool this weekend with the busload of fiber-holics.

  2. Poor kitty! He will be OK, though — we’re just going to have to knit him some sweaters!

    I repurposed my boys’ dressers for my yarn stash. And their closet….and their desks….and their TV cabinet. And guess what? I still have lots of yarn that hasn’t found a home in that room yet!

    OK, I have to come clean…My name is Chris and I am a Yarnaholic! (Or Yarn Addict) But I don’t want an intervention — just more time to knit!

  3. OH, that poor kitty! I would take him in a heartbeat – and I have a Maine Coon that I have to brush and trim matts on regularly! Brushing your kitty is such a great way to bond with them! I do agree with Chris – kitty needs a sweater!
    Love the card catalogue idea. Now if only I could find one!
    Kitty purrs and headbonks from the Six-Pack
    Salem (large and in charge)
    Carmen (Maine Coon)
    April (Grey Tabby with one brain cell)
    Sootz (Black terror on four paws)
    Zeus (they call me MR. Purr)
    Ozzie (the baby)
    And the angel kitties – Christy, Tusky and Tessa
    (Yes, I AM the original crazy cat lady…)

  4. Sooo jealous of the card catalog! I’m a librarian and we stalk those things when libraries deascession. I wonder if getting a coupel of those would help me reign in the stash “only what fits in the catalog” etc…

    Probably not, too much beautiful wool. 🙂

  5. As a retired school librarian, I was lucky enough to acquire my old card catalog when the school put it up for auction once it was replaced by computers. Fortunately – or unfortunately – I need a whole room for my yarn so use it for my stamping supplies!!

  6. I’ve been repurposing the large mini M&M tubes to use to hold the tips on circular needles for a project in process. Keeps the needles safe and the stitches in place. Also wanted to let you know that I sewed the pewter clasp I bought from you on the cape I was making and it was perfect. Almost as many people at knitting guild last night wanted to know about the clasp as the pattern for the cape — Lothlorien — just in case you are interested. Thanks for having just what I need, Sheri

  7. Poor kitty… I’d miss all that fur if I were him, especially if it were still cold out.
    I have repurposed my mother’s china cabinet which no longer holds china, but fiber for spinning instead. Repurposing is fun! And finally, I see from the picture that Loopy likes ice cream and that he has monkey friend–I don’t think you’ve told us “monkey’s” name, or maybe I’ve missed it. Are they good friends? Close? 🙂

  8. i just adore seeing the pictures of the owls, i Pin them in my Pinterest owl board, they are phenomenal

    I repurposed our old armoire/entertainment center into my second YARNOIRE, the first is an old armoire/computer desk. PS They are both full to overflowing and there is still yarn everywhere and I haven’t bought any in months!

  9. Poor kitty may have been hurling a lot of hairballs to bring on the shearing. I haven’t met a cat yet that wasn’t smart enough to find a warm spot when needed?

    And Jason? Kudos to him! High fiber (hee, hee) and low cal ice cream. Waiting for the pizza pic.

  10. Ok hold up – a) Mocha’s owners really botched that shave job … lol b) Jason?! Knitted an ICE CREAM CONE?!? (Loope must’ve loved nibbling on that) wowza. c) I’m so excited the mama had 3 babies, but sad they had to leave so soon. d) crazy elk!!!
    e) omg LOVE the card catalog Idea!!! how many old libraries tossed those things unnecessarily!?! 🙁
    I agree with Christine and whoever else mentioned it too, I want to see the pix of the “dripping syrup” on those knitted pancakes !!!

    🙂 Have a Loopy thursday Sheri 🙂

  11. 1. So Mocha got a Lion cut. I had a friend who lived in South MS and her long haired cat always got a lion cut when she moved there because her cat had a heat related incident one summer. Not sure they really need to do that where you are though.
    2. Love the card catalog idea. Good way to hide stash out of site.

  12. That shaved cat picture makes me incredibly sad 🙁

    It’s slightly more labor intensive but much NICER to spend a little time grooming a long haired cat so they can shed their undercoat and not get mats. Poor kitty
    Maybe he needs a knitted sweater….just kidding! As the owner of 6 cats, I think my cats would smother me in my sleep if I tried to start making them wear outfits.

  13. Julie, thanks for that link! I love old card catalogues.

    The owls are lovely, but I’m sorta glad we don’t have any nearby. We have a lot of cute little chipmunks and a new baby rabbit visiting the back yard, and I think they would be owl dinners…

  14. Oh, the poor kitty; I feel as though he’s desperate for love and attention! Thanks for giving him some.

  15. EVERYTHING makes a great container for stash. 🙂 And, I’ll add another “poor kitty”.

  16. I live in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Suburbs Gone Wild. Love seeing pictures!

    I repurpose stuff all the time. Storage, mostly, though occasionally, I’ll do something like take the dead cedar blocks from my sweater wardrobe (a repurposed entertainment center) and use them for sanding blocks. Perfect size for my small hands to hold.

  17. I still say that Mocha needs to be an indoor cat 🙂
    I always enjoy your photos-especially of the outdoors & wildlife.
    Do you recall what yarn is in the left drawer of the card catalogue?
    That colorway is gorgeous!

  18. The yarn on the left is Dream in Color’s Special Worsted with Cashmere Blend in the September 2011 colorway. I’m making a sweater out of it. And the ones on the right are Madelinetosh Merino Light in Charcoal and Black Velvet – set aside for another two color shawl.

    Also, I so wish I could keep Mocha for myself and make him an indoor cat. Kind of too bad that he already has owners. 🙁

  19. I have a garden thing (I wish I knew what else to call it), which once I have cleaned it up, repainted it and what not is going to become my ironing board. Maybe it will be nice enough this weekend to wash it up and sand any rough patches.

  20. Poor kitty! I have a Maine Coon mix that we keep shaved through most of the year. However, we live in Florida, and he’s an indoor cat. I can’t imagine shaving him and then putting him outdoors in the winter, especially some place much colder!

    I would love to get a card catalog for my house! I’m enough of a book/library geek that I would buy it without a reason, but I never thought of putting yarn in it. Brilliant!

  21. Sure, years after the library I work in sold our old card catalogs, you share this idea. Ours weren’t as pretty, kinda 1960’s yuk….but being an academic library, we had lots of them. I don’t know where I would have put one of those big units anyhow. But, still a cool idea. Hmmm, maybe we have some smaller units left in basement storage….

  22. Mocha looks bitter (I know I would be, mats or no mats) and I love Jason’s ice cream cone, please please take a picture of the pepperoni pizza and post when he is done. Do you know where he gets his patterns? I’ve knit up cupcakes before. Fun!

  23. I love the idea of storing yarn in a recycled card catalog! What beautiful spot for beautiful yarn!! I’ll have to talk to my library friend about getting one!

  24. Love the card catalog idea! We are soon moving to a new house where I will have a 14 x 16 craft room and I’m looking for storage ideas. Need to start watching the thrift store and Craig’s list.

  25. I recently repurposed my daughter’s bedroom when she got married. It now houses my sewing tables, and all of my yarn stash (big Ikea dresser/closet), and an inflatable twin bed for grandson overnights. The room on the first floor that used to contain what’s now upstairs has also been repurposed. It now houses our chest freezer, small spare fridge, coat hooks, boot tray and the closet is now a butler’s pantry of sorts. I love the new arrangement. 🙂

  26. I’m an art teacher with lots of chopsticks. So I sharped them in a pencil sharpener, sanded them and sealed them. Now I have a whole set of needles and can teach middle school students to knit 🙂

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