Color Affection

I have to be honest. When I first saw this pattern on Ravelry, I didn’t think I’d ever make it. I’m too picky about things to purposely make something asymetrical. It looked like a pretty shawl, but not for me.

Then … Deb popped over from Nederland, CO and wore one into the shop in April. That was the day I picked out my three colors for my own Color Affection. And, as seems to be my habit after making a shawl one time, I am now making another one. (Seriously. Now I understand why they sometimes call this the Color Infection or the Color Affliction. It just gets to you! My excuse? One to display at the shop and one to wear. It’s a good way to justify the fact that I always seem to make shawls in twos. Weird.) This first one was done with Shalimar Breathless (Melba, Neptune and Tequila Sunrise). We have another big batch of Breathless arriving soon, and I cannot wait to get my hands on more of it. It’s LUSCIOUS. It’s now on my short list of very favorite yarns, most of which contain some cashmere. I have developed a definite preference for the nice stuff.

My second one is for Camp Loopy Project One and I’m enjoying it as much as I enjoyed working on the first one. This one is out of some Madelinetosh Sport and Pashmina that I had in my stash and I’m loving the colors. Photos when I finish it!

What do you think about asymetrical patterns? Are you a fan of them? Have you tried the Color Affection Infection Affliction? Is Earth and Sky really the only other 3-color shawl pattern out there? That’s the only one you all mentioned in the blog comments last week when I asked. I think someone needs to start designing more, don’t you?

Sheri affectedinfectedandafflictedwith3colorsatthemoment


  1. They are wonderful, BUT the hours I have spent trying to figure out the color combos! Deciding what colors to combine is the hard part!

  2. Your shawl is beautiful Sheri! I absolutely love the color combo. I’m knitting a second Color Affliction Shawl too (not my Camp Loopy project). It is VERY addicting!!

  3. Trying to finish a Color Affection shawl myself. I have seen some pretty Stripe Study Shawls over on Ravelry that used 3+ colors.

  4. I bought a yarn “bundle” (Miss Babs) at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival for the Color Affliction shawl. I’m trying to leave it alone until I finish my Camp Loopy Shawl though!

  5. I have not knitted a Color Affection yet although I have three colors of Juliespins 435 picked out. I have knitted a lot of Martina Behm’s shawls, many of which are asymmetrical like Hitchhiker and the one I am knitting for Project One of Camp Loopy – Magrathea. Truly a fun project – the Madtosh Volga is seriously gorgeous.
    I did find another 3 color shawl for you – Mojave Shawl by Paulina Popiolak. I have my eye on her Cameo which is 2 color and I know several campers are knitting it for Project One.
    If you want a different take on shawls in more than one color, take a look at Kieran Foley’s new colorwork shawls like Mercato dei Fiori and Kerchief. They look pretty challenging.

  6. I love the way that you mixed up the colors– it’s not quite like the pattern, but I love yours! After knitting my own Color Affection (Edios, in a light sandy beige; MadTosh in orange and purple) I want to mix up the colors differently than the pattern calls for! Excellent work!

  7. Down to the final border on Color Affection. Long and tedious border. Not feeling the love yet. There won’t be a second one.

  8. I agree with Laura about looking at other Veera patterns. I am smitten with Different Lines and there are a few done with several colors, often in varying intensities of the same color and one contrast color. Super cool!

  9. Ah, the Color Affection (aka Color Addiction) Shawl. I love the asymmetrical scarves. I just finished with the Stripe Study Shawl, also by Veera, and received so many compliments on it when knitting in public — even when it was all scrunched up on the circs towards the end. I love playing around with the colors and how colors can look so different depending upon the adjacent colors. I am also a quilter, so the color selection is one of my favorite parts. The tedious final border – not so much love for that.

  10. Normally I stay away from asymmetrical anything, but this shawl has been calling to me for a long time. I’m warming up for it with an asymmetrical project for Camp Loopy (Westlake). BTW, isn’t it fascinating that you can knit shawls in twos, but not socks? 🙂 Go figure …

  11. There is one other 3 colour shawl; Old Forge by Stephen West. It’s not assymetrical though; it’s a circular shawl and looks really nice. Might have to consider making that one.

  12. I haven’t broken open my box for Camp Loopy project 1 yet. I’m doing Color Affection and I am looking forward to it. It is definitely pushing the boundaries of being able to finish a largish project in a month, though if I can finish a fairisle sweater for last Camp Loopy, then I should be OK this time around too!

  13. Flagstone (Stephen West) is also a 3-colored shawl. I have my colors picked out and ready to cast-on…but I have to get caught up on all of my other projects first (which may take me YEARS!!!).

  14. I want to try Shalimar Breathless! I can’t wait to see the new colors that arrive!

    I did knit a Color Affection Shawl and I agree picking out the 3 colors was quite the process! I got carried away and knitted 15 extra stripes before doing the border and it ended up huge!

  15. I have nothing against asymmetry, but I don’t understand the appeal of this pattern. I guess I’m in the minority, but I just don’t like colored stripes in shawls.

  16. Yarn base does seem yummy. Can’t wait for new colors. I’m loving the Stephen West patterns, doing Vulpix for Camp Loopy. It is only a two color, but very pretty. I see lots of multi color shawls being done for camp.

  17. I was the same,no real intrest in the patteren.
    Now I’m finishing my 1st,started the 2nd and have the yarn for the 3rd
    I expect to lose at least 2 if not all 3 between my daughter and her friends

  18. I just finished mine and hope to block it this weekend. It was Ivory (Handmaiden Casbah Sock), Birgitta (tonal deep pinks – Three Irish Girls Sock Club) and Chocolate (Handmaiden Casbah Sock). It is drop dead gorgeous. wonderfully soft and I’m already planning the second one.

  19. Add me to the list of Affectionate Color Infection knitters! I just did one this past month, thought I would be half-hearted about it, but no… it was addictive and oddly soothing. Just like the other Veera patterns I did recently (Line Break & Pop Block). Eagerly awaiting her next one, “Secret of Change”, being released in June….

  20. Just have to add that the other 3 Veera patterns I mentioned are SINGLE color, hence perhaps more appealing to those who have issues with two or three at once. (colors, not shawls or socks …)

  21. Juana – I didn’t do the YO in this first one and it blocked out fine, but I was nervous because it seemed tight before blocking. I AM doing the YO’s on this second one, and I like it much better.

    For others who are making this – if you add a yarnover between the first two stitches and the last two stitches on each right side, then drop the yarnover as you knit back across on the back side, it will give you a stretchier border. (I think this idea came from the Yarn Harlot’s blog.)

  22. I’m addicted to stripe study too. And just started my first daybreak.

    Please say Camp Loopy will have another multi-coloured shawl challenge!! I wanna make more!

  23. Color affection the rage in my knitting group in the south Chicago burbs. Doing mine in Lorna’s Laces sockmate : chocolate, Dobson and bigger ob the inside! That is right after my camp loopy challenge 1 !

  24. I currently working on a three color Stripe Study for my first Camp Loopy project. I’m doing it in blue and white but one of the white stripes (and perhaps the cast-off) will be yellow.

    Olana is another pretty three color shawl I just found. If you look at the project page on Ravelry, I particularly like the blue-green-goldy-rust one. Yum.

    I’m going to have a Color Affliction on the needles soon. Cobalt and turquoise blue and lime green. You’ll be able to see me coming!

  25. I just finished my Color Affection – Madelinetosh in silver fox, manor and tart. I’m already planning another in fall colors.

    Meanwhile I have been looking at Pendulum which is two colors but very interesting stripes.

  26. Some shawls are designed for three colors, some can be made up in three (or more!) colors. Just depends on one’s eye.

  27. I am always drawn to asymetric designs. I will often choose them over the more symetric variety. I guess I’m a little weird like that. I love the Color Affection and have the yarn for a couple of them, but have other things in the queue to finish first. I haven’t actually done a search for other three color shawls, but I think a number of shawls could be adapted for three or more colors if you had a yen for color.

  28. I love Earth and Sky, but also love Chevry, both by Stephen West. Love the assymetrical designs.

    Currently making Color Affection in Kauni yarns. Looking great.

  29. I just love this pattern and your colors are just gorgeous. I did this one for Camp Loopy Challenge #2 in red, blue and tan and it’s great looking! I’d do it again if I ever find the time.

  30. Hello Sheri! I have been looking at this pattern for 3 months! I have possession of this pattern but have been waiting for yarn that speaks to me, such as anything with silk or cashmere in it. You know how you see colors and fall in love with those exact same colors as seen on the pattern? Well, I have fixed these colors into my head and nothing has come long to change mind. Does Breathless mimick the colors closely enough as seen on the Color Affection colors in the pinks and greens and is that a blueish grey? You might have to be my eyes to pick out colors that are close. Can you help???

  31. I like how long your shawl is versus the length. Color Affection seems to be longer and shorter in most people’s versions. Did you alter the pattern at all to make it longer/deeper?

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