A Little Bird Told Me …

…. that this week is W Week. (Remember last week was M Week? Malabrigo? Madelinetosh?) That means instead of a regular Monday Update tonight, we’re doing a few Wollmeise updates this week, different days, different times. As usual, we’ll be sure to announce it on Facebook and Twitter and Ravelry when each batch goes up. We just added Twin to the website this afternoon. If you miss one update, there will be another. We also still have several boxes stuck somewhere en route, so if we don’t get those this week, we’ll do another update next week, too. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Of course we’ll have another regular Monday Update next week with more fun things. They’re stacking up in the inventory room and we’re having fun poking through all of the boxes. In the meantime, since it’s W week, I have a wound 950 yd. skein of Wollmeise Lace to give away. I used less than half of the 1700 yd. skein to knit (held double) a Honey Cowl for a friend.  Isn’t that a pretty blue purple color?  I can’t remember the name. There is one knot in the very middle of the skein. I had divided it into two equal balls to knit double, then re-wound the leftover balls into one large cake. This is perfect yardage for another Honey Cowl held double (or two Honey Cowls!), a pair of light socks, a large shawl, a scarf and mitts, or a number of other things.  Just leave a comment below and I’ll draw a name at the end of the week for the winner. I know you’ll make it into something beautiful!

Sheri isitjustme,oristhisdayflyingby??


  1. I am so glad that Wollmeise is going up as I missed he last up date as I was in the hospital with my husband while he was having surgery. Glad I can be in the drawing for the skein of yarn. Hope I did not miss it.

  2. I missed the last up date so I am excited that Wollmeise will be going up. I would love to win the skein of yarn.

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