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Remember this blog post I did, where I commented on Elf Sarah’s cute Pogona Shawl? I was thinking I wanted to knit a lime green one just like hers, but then I decided on doing it out of Juliespins M370 in the Regency colorway. Julie’s colors always tempt me so much. And this pattern only took one skein.

This was a fairly quick knit and easy to work on. The pattern doesn’t require too much attention, which is good. Makes it a nice thing to work on when you’re watching a movie or listening to a book on tape that takes more concentration. The pattern is also designed to stay on your shoulders (like the Sothia shawl that I just finished), and I find that I like that a lot. See how it is knit to curve around to the front in the photo below?

Now I’m back to work on my Color Affection Shawl that I started about three weeks ago. That’s another case where someone wore one in to the shop and that sealed the deal for me. I picked out yarn that afternoon, although I waited to wind it up and cast on until I had finished another project first. I usually have about 3 or 4 active projects going at any one time. Right now it’s two shawls, a scarf and a sweater, although I’m getting ready to start another pair of Biscotte socks, too. The “3-4” number doesn’t include the projects that I started more than a few months ago and have temporarily lost interest in, or the single socks waiting for a mate. 3 or 4 sounds much better than what that other number might be. No need to discuss it.

How many projects are in your active pile, where you’ve worked on them in the last 4-6 weeks?

Sheri thinkingPogonawouldmakeacutequickgiftproject,too.


  1. Active pile? Right now I’ve got 1 pair of socks and a baby sweater in the active pile…but many many more that are marinating…ready for me to pick them up at a moment’s notice.

  2. Not willing to count…that could be a bad, bad thing. And then I wouldn’t be able to justify coming to The Loopy Ewe while I am in Denver in three weeks, and that would be a terrible thing!

  3. Your Pagona is gorgeous, Sheri! And I really like your definittion of active projects: 4-6 weeks since they’ve been worked on. That would be just two for me – woohoo! Much better than the eight that I thought I had.

  4. I’m with Dianne and Doris. I have projects “marinating” and I have too many going which is a very bad thing!! My problem is I look at projects others have done, are wearing, etc and fall in love with them. They tell me they’re easy knits and I just dive right in, not remembering I have already committed my time elsewhere! I’m heavily invested in my ” retirement” stash and library!!

  5. I do the same thing where I promise myself to finish or at least get to a certain spot before I allow myself to start the next. For example, I had to finish the body of the sweater I was working on before I would start my 2nd qu challenge sweater. Now that I have finished the yoke, I wil go back and do the sleeves (after I finish a baby project and socks for a May birthday)…hmmm 3-4 projects sounds good.

  6. One active project (a shell stitch scarf), one “marinating” (another scarf) and many more on the “next” list. One of which is a Color Affection with yarn in transit from Loopy πŸ˜€

  7. Today I’ll finish my striped Baktus (Cascade Heritage silk is very nice). I am also working on a February Lady with the Ladies of Lucerne knitting group that used to invade your St. Louis shop. I will pick up my started Momijagari. I have a Nancy Bush shawl that I am 2/3 done with. I will not start my Color Affection (It’s your fault, Sheri) until I finish one more project. I have 3 colors of Juliespins for that. (Colors: Silver Lining B – main color; Silver Lilac – CC 1; and Orion – CC2) So I am trying to keep my active projects down to 2 or 3 and finish two for every one I start. I have several inactive socks and scarves waiting to be picked up again.

  8. right now, I have 4 projects on the needles

    1) sweater – it’s so close, I ought to just suck it up and finish it
    2) my daughter’s blanket – she just got her first apartment and asked for a blanket, who am I to say no?
    3) socks for Mom for Mother’s Day – I really need to get cracking on this one
    4) test knit for a friend

    Love color affection – have knit two of them (including one out of Wollmeise, my favorite!) – can’t wait to see yours

  9. Generally I have about 5 things going at once with a big project sitting on the edge. When I know I will have a big block of time I will get back into the big project. I have “no brain needed” socks that I just knit around and around, until the heal that is, and a sock that needs attention, and a sock that needs even more attention, and then a scarf or shawl and usually a gift of some sort. I need to learn to knit faster or I need to exist with less sleep! Cheers!

  10. Let’s see-my February stole from Bare Naked Knitspot club, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters, a shawl for MIL’s birthday, and the ever present sock blankies. Having a nice staycation next week, so I’m hoping to get at least a few of these finished up so I can cast on some new projects.

  11. I don’t know how you get these project done! I have about the same amount of projects, but they don’t require much yarn (socks). I am also working on Romi Hill’s Pulelehua Shawl while trying to finish up said socks. I will be trying my hand at sweater knitting this weekend with Tea Leaves cardigan. Let’s see, 2 pairs of socks, a huge lacy shawl and a sweater. That about sums it up.

  12. 2. One is an ongoing baby-gift-sets-of-bibs-and-burpies that will continue through the summer. The other is a cardigan that should be finished this weekend. Not sure what will be next…I’m about to travel, so probably socks!

  13. 7 and counting!! I put numbered index cards in the project bag and rotate through the projects so that I don’t get bored. πŸ™‚ Every project gets touched within a two week period and then I rotate through again. When a project is completed another UFO or new project will take its place….and oh yes! there is always at least one pair of socks on the needles!!!

  14. I have 10+ WIPs (I keep finding ones I’d forgotten about). The oldest is at least10 years old. I am not starting any new projects until I complete at least half of what I started the year with. So far I’ve finished a lace scarf and two shawlettes.

    Four of the projects are being knit on at least occassionally – a blanket, a pair of socks, a scarf & a shawl.

  15. Sheri – or anyone who has made a Color Affection:

    Are you doing the top edge as written in the pattern? I’m working on one right now (actually I’ve stopped working on it pending any advice); the top edge seems kind of tight, and when I added the third color, things looked kind of sloppy even though I tried my best to twist the resting 2 colors. Help!

  16. I forgot to add that I have 6 “active” projects, 3 semi-active, and I’m not telling how many inactive projects, but there are 2 that I’m focusing on finishing. My featherweight cardigan is almost done. I’m about 1/4 of the way on the front/collar border. I have about 8 more rows on my honey cowl. Then I’m going to concentrate on my Ada pullover. I realized that indiscriminately jumping around wasn’t getting anything done . . .

  17. Um, two Color Affections, two sweaters, one pair of socks (actively, plus 3 more pairs halfway and currently stalled for no good reason), another shawl, two other sweaters about halfway done, that’s all I can remember (or will admit to!).

    But I am getting most of my steps in each day! How about you?

    Looking forward to seeing what colors (blues?) you have chosen for your CA.:-)

  18. Well, I finished a womb last night, so I am down to one sweater actively on the needles and a dress and a second sweater less actively on the needles. Plus an assortment of shawls and things that need to be pulled out again.

  19. Right now there’s a sweater, 2 scarves (1 in Possum Sock and 1in Debbie Bliss
    Silk Mohair), a place mat in crochet thread, and 3 pairs of socks. I knit between chores and while watching tv in the evening. I wonder why it takes so long to finish a project.

  20. Oddly, I currently only have two active projects – a double knit scarf for a friend, and a shawl for my mother. Normally I have a pair of socks or two on the needles, but I’m currently in between socks . . . maybe I’ll cast one on this weekend. πŸ™‚

  21. I have two active projects and swatched for a third that I’ll cast on Sunday as part of a KAL I’m hosting at the shop. I’m trying to limit active projects to 2 at the most.

  22. Active, about 4. Inactive, or hibernating, maybe 4 more. I have many more stitching projects that ae WIP’s than knitting right now.

  23. Let’s see….Five! Three pairs of socks, each one a little different project – the mindless/pattern-free ones for movies, waiting rooms, etc. (or maybe after the second glass of wine?), the ones that require a little more thought and are in a super special yarn, then there are the ones that are more complicated and take some thinking…. one lace shawl, and my 2nd Quarter challenge Leisl which I need to start knitting a little more diligently! Oh and I might cast on a little, tiny amigurumi project this weekend for a little person’s upcoming birthday.

    Your mention of all your single socks reminds me that I’ve been chatting with Ravelry friends lately about how one of them makes a PAIR of socks by doing one sock each of two different but somehow similar or related patterns from the same yarn!

  24. I am down to 2. Last week it was 4. Unless you count the fact that I still have not finished the 12 washcloths that say “SEIU” for my Union compadres, meant for Christmas. And the sweater for my daughter that I finished and we both hated, that is now ripped out. Then there are the approximately 3 projects that are waiting in the wings, the yarn for one of which has been on the couch under my butt for 2 weeks now! AND about 5 shawls and scarves that I should block. A friend told me yesterday that I need an Etsy account, was upset when I told her that I can’t sell most of them due to copyright of the patterns! I told her its OK–I will be set for Christmas!

  25. Just got back from Treehaven Knitting Retreat..so alot of my projects got some lovin’ but I don’t want to count “active projects”. I sure have alot more on my TODO list after seeing the other girls projects and yarn. Love your Pagona, Sheri!

  26. Currently, I have three projects that I am working on. And then there is the sweater that needs the sleeves shortened, and the cowl that needs buttons and last but not least the baby sweater needs buttons too. Three projects are resting until I can get interesting again. I try not to have too many in que but it happens anyway. Oh well!!! Happy knitting everyone!

  27. Would love to make a Honey Cowl! Love the long cowls. I made my first on in knitting in the round and of course it curls like crazy. Now that I’ve worn it a couple of times I kind of like it, but would love to make another using a different patter.

    I currently have 4 projects OTN, 3 shawls and one sweater.

  28. 5, 2 shawls–the half circle lace pi from the new Vogue, and stripe study, a blanket in crocheted granny squares, a stuffed critter and a stuffed monster!

  29. I love my Pagona–I did it out of String Theory DK. It’s great that you go by inches, and don’t have to count stitches all the time.

    I’m working on Vodka Lemonade, Buds of May and Artichaut. Not sure what’s next on the list. There are so many things that I want to make!

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