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It’s so fun to have Knitting Daughter home for Spring Break this week. (And I refuse to think about the fact that this is her very last Spring Break, since she’ll be graduating in May. Must not think about it.) We have some errands on the to-do list, but in addition to that, this is what we have planned for a good solid day while she’s home. We both love this show (and coffee, and knitting). I did notice one of the maids knitting on the show, but I’m pretty sure she was a fake knitter. (Really, how hard is it for someone to show the actress how to hold the needles and look realistic? Maybe they need one of us to go over there and be an on-the-set knitting coach …..) So – Β today’s post is short and sweet. We need to brew more coffee and settle back in to the world of Downton Abbey.

Any other Downton fans out there? And why do we have to wait so long for Season Three??

Sheri patiencenotoneofmystrongsuits…


  1. I find I can watch Downton over and over and never grow weary of it. It’s sad we have to wait so long on the next season. :0(

  2. I love it too! But I am okay with waiting for the next season. I feel like it gives them time to do it right. I wouldn’t want them to rush and ruin a season! They do an absolutely flawless job on these. (also, the manor that they film at is actually someone’s home. So I suppose that has quite a bit to do with it)

  3. Enjoy your time together with KD! It’s hard to believe that she’s already graduating – it seems like she just went off to college. I hope she will be living somewhere near you when she graduates. I have been intrigued with Downton Abbey, but I have never seen an episode. I do manage to watch all of the NCIS, NCIS LA, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods ones, though. I’ll have to hunt down season one of Downton this summer to check it out. I hope you have good weather this week.

  4. Downton Abbey is a wonderful show. I noticed the knitting too. I didn’t notice the technicque at all. I just thought well it was nice to throw someone knitting in there. Enjoy your KD and I hope you have lovely weather πŸ™‚

  5. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the maid a “fake”. She was knitting the same way as Mrs. Miniver (in the WWII movie of the same name), who was obviously really knitting. (We were having a WWI & II movie weekend.) However, there was something clearly different in the technique. It’s had me stumped ever since.

  6. Surprise! I HAD to check your blog this week because I knew you would mention my beautiful God daughter! Please give her a hug from me and know I am praying that you both are enjoying your time together! Any chance she can sit infront of the webcam and show off her spring break projects!?!?!?

  7. I just got Season One in the mail to watch. I am late to follow on this but know after seeing several trailers that this will be great to knit by! :>)

  8. I got hooked on Downton Abbey last summer by catching one show. That one show made me want to watch all of the others, so when the repeats started up in the fall I was able to see all of them in order and then….watch the season 2 shows directly following season 1. It is a wonderful show, good acting with really neat props! The era is an important transitional time in English history and interesting to see the British point of view.

  9. I adore Downton Abbey however I am always inclined to pull out my sampler stitching during those episodes instead of my knitting. I saw Lady Grantham doing (or faking) some surface embroidery during several episodes. The historic aspect of needlework is what really interests me anyway. In actuality fine (or fancy/decorative) needlework had already taken a real downturn by this point in history. Utilitarian handwork such as knitting and sewing has always been necessary especially among the servant class. Can’t wait for season 3 but I also agree that I’m glad they do it right. Enjoy your time with DD.

  10. I didn’t start watching Downton until Episode 3 of Season 2. But I did see all of Season 1 on Netflix and then caught the first 2 episodes of Season 2 on the PBS website just in time to watch Episode 3. Whew! I love that show. It is truly good.

  11. Love it, love it, love it!! It is one of my go-to weekend DVDs. Especially if the weather is rainy. Don’t know why but it is!! Cranford is another one. Crazy…I know!!

  12. My boys went back to school last Sunday after I was lucky enough to have them home together for a week of Spring Break. Enjoy all your wonderful time with Knitting Daughter, Downton (I always say Downtown in my head!) Abbey, and coffee!

  13. Oh how nice!!! I’m so happy for you and KD that you are able to spend some time together. I know you must miss her so much while she’s at school. For me, I’m getting excited as I’ll be going to visit our daughter and son-in-love over Easter weekend. Enjoy the time with your daughter; graduation will be here before you know it!

  14. Sounds like a perfect day! I love Downton Abbey, but haven’t watched season 2 yet. I think I’ll get the dvds and re-watch season 1. πŸ™‚

  15. I am finally number 1 on the waiting list for Season 2 at the library…I am predicting that I will pick it up on Thursday. However, I have to wait for DH before I am allowed to watch it. So excited!

  16. I haven’t watched Downton Abbey, but I remember watching Anne of Green Gables – which I had watched many times before – after I learned to knit and just cringing at how Marilla was “knitting.”

  17. Enjoy Downton Abbey…I really like the series! I noticed the knitting too and wondered if it looked odd because maybe she was knitting continental with long needles? The shot was so far away I couldn’t really tell. Oh well, not an expert, but I think being on the set would be a blast!

  18. Love Downton Abbey – I’m going to have to track down the DVD for season 2 as my online vendor (cough…Netflix…) seems to only tantalize us with enough seasons to get us hooked but then we have to go elsewhere to get our fix…

  19. I love the PBS series like these. Fake knitting AND fake piano (or other instrument) playing drives me up the wall. They just opened up a new film studio with I think 3 or 4 sound stages down the St. from where I work. Should I send them your name for a technical consultant / advisor πŸ™‚ Will Smith’s shooting something new there now or soon. (Wonder if he could use a pair of nice socks? – note to self: email the studio and ask – LOL)

  20. I love Downton Abby. I still have season 2 on the DVR and am still waiting for a good winter weekend here in Northern Michigan (85 degrees today) to watch it. It is every bit as good as “Upstairs, Downstairs” .

  21. I have really loved the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. My husband watched it with me and said he liked that the story doesn’t drag.

  22. I have to admit that I have never watched the show, but anytime you get coffee, knitting, and quality time with KD is a good day.

  23. I got hooked on it thanks to my Plurk friends; even my Dad likes it! Now impatiently waiting for season 3.

    Have a GREAT time with KD!!

  24. i love downton abby have one episode to go on season 1 don’t want to watch it because I don’t have season 2 and apparently neither does netflix, so I am prolonging the end of season 1:(

  25. I love Downton Abbey. British costume dramas like those are my favorite knitting retreat viewing, because I watch them over and over and can still concentrate on my knitting.

    Have a wonderful time with KD. You are so fortunate to have a daughter who loves to knit and spend time with Mom.

  26. My feelings exactly when I saw that ‘pretend’ knitter
    How much would it take to show her?

    But that didn’t stop me from watching every minute I could of Downton Abbey.


  27. I keep hearing about Downton Abbey – I think I am going to have to get my hands on a copy to watch!

    Have fun with KD! What are the knitting projects you are each working on?

  28. I was not… But you just made me one…. Thank you Sheri, love this british series. Though I did not like The Tudors.

  29. I’m a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey. I began watching on Netflix after reading another knitter’s blog. I didn’t pay any attention to the knitting technique, so now I have an excuse to go back and watch them all again!

  30. Love that Downton Abbey. The costumes are amazing. The series certainly has attracted the attention of knitters. Have fun with your daughter.

  31. I love Downton Abbey. My daughter started watching with me towards the end of season two. She is 13 so I had a doozey of a time explaining Mary’s indiscretion with Mr. Pamuk.

  32. Downton Abbey is one of those shows on T.V. that I schedule things around. I do not miss this series. Do you remember Must See TV Thursdays with Friends and ER? Well, this is must see TV Sundays.

    I have my family hooked on it and have asked for the series dvds for Mother’s Day. I watch it over and over again on the pbs.org site, but that’s not going to last for much longer. Netflix has it, but I don’t think they keep it around either. It’s the perfect show to watch while knitting.

    Maggie Smith is a RIOT! I’m glad you watch it too.

  33. Love DA. It’s such a great show. At least the wait for next season won’t match the loooong wait we’ve had for Mad Men to continue!

  34. You all convinced me. I added it to my Netflix queue and it said “very long wait”. Grrrrrrrrrrrr……

  35. I should go into anonymous mode here- I download it from a pirate site when it’s on ITV so I was able to watch season 2 months ago. But still have to wait till September for season 3 πŸ™

  36. Loved both seasons. I’m rooting for Mr. Bates! I wish season 3 wasn’t so far off. It should be interesting to have Shirley MacLaine added to the mix. I envision her character and The Dowager Countess Violet sniping at each other. πŸ™‚

  37. I just finished a marathon of season 1—How did I miss this? Thanks for the heads up, it was 2:45 AM when I finished. I am pacing myself for season 2 and making it last as long as I can. But then, I may go back and rewatch. Have a fun SB.

  38. I just had that wonderful experience with my BFF! She came down to visit me from Washington for a week and we did a marathon of Downton Abbey, both seasons and some wonderful knitting time. I can’t think of a better way to spend time with a daughter/girlfriend! Enjoy your time together!

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