Second Quarter Challenge

We’re finishing up the First Quarter Challenge in the next week (photos of your finished projects due uploaded to our First Quarter Challenge Photo Gallery by April 4th), so it’s time to look at a new challenge for April/May/June! In the first quarter, the challenge was to knit with a yarn that had silk in it. The challenge for the second quarter is to knit adult socks, a sweater or a vest with a yarn that has cotton in it. (Perfect timing for spring or summer!) It doesn’t have to be 100% cotton – it just has to have some percentage of cotton in the fiber content. Here are the particulars for this challenge:

You can have a discount for the yarn you are using for this challenge: If you need to purchase yarn for the project, we are offering you a 20% discount on it for the next week. (Limited to one Challenge Project’s worth of yarn ordered in one order, so calculate carefully and get the yardage you need when you place the order.) The discount runs from Friday, 3/23, through midnight on Saturday, 3/31. To get the discount, you must leave us an order note indicating that you are participating in the challenge and letting us know which yarn you will be using (for us to apply the discount to). When we get your order, we’ll apply the discount and adjust the order totals. If you’re in the U.S. and wanting to go for free shipping (orders over $75), please make sure that the discount will not take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the regular $5.95 shipping charge back in.

You can get a bonus for finishing in time: If you purchase the yarn for your project from us between 3/23 and 3/31, and if you upload your finished project into the Second Quarter ’12 Photo Gallery at The Loopy Ewe by 7/1, we will give you double Frequent Shopper points on your project’s yarn. (So if your yarn was $20, you will get $20 towards your FSB amounts when you purchase it during the discount week of 3/23 & 3/31, and we’ll add $20 more to your FSB totals if you get your project done and photo uploaded in time.) If you change your mind once you get the yarn and end up using something else for the project, it’s no longer eligible for the double FSB points, unless it’s yarn that was also purchased from us between 3/23 and 3/31.

You may also use yarn from your stash: You are welcome to use yarn from your stash, as long as it’s a line that we carry at The Loopy Ewe. If you finish in time and upload your photo to the Second Quarter Challenge Gallery, you will be eligible for the Reader’s Choice Award and the randomly drawn Challenge Winner award. ($25 gift certificates to The Loopy Ewe.) Be sure to indicate what yarn it is in the photo notes, when you upload your photo.

One thing to note – we will be doing Camp Loopy again this summer, and that will start with the first project in June – so we’ll have a bit of overlap between this challenge and Camp Loopy. But socks or a short sleeved sweater in DK or Worsted weight should knit up pretty quickly. No doubt you’ll be more than ready for Camp Loopy in June!

We just re-stocked a lot of our cottons for this, so here are some great choices for the challenge:

Fingering weight:

Crystal Palace Panda Cotton

Sport/DK weight:

Amy Butler Belle Organic DK

Blue Sky Skinny Cotton (shown above in Coral)

Cascade Fixation

Cascade Ultra Pima (shown above in Alaska Sky)

Kollage Riveting Sport

Worsted weight:

Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran

Kollage Riveting Worsted

Spud and Chloe Outer (shown above in Giggle – purple)

Spud and Chloe Sweater (shown above in Grass)

Universal Cotton Supreme and Batik

And some pattern ideas to get you thinking:

Stowe Sweater



Neck Down V Neck T-Shirt

Simple Summer Tweed

Hey Teach


Zoe Cardi

Neck Down Summer Cardigan

Ruby Tuesday

Lavendar Cardigan

Vine Lace Vest



Sea Glass

I could go on and on with patterns – there are so many great ones out there. I know you’ll find something just right for you. So who is in and what are you going to make?

Sheri decidingbetweenUltraPimaandAmyButlerformyproject


  1. I’m just finishing my 2nd Buttercup, this time done in the Cascade Ultra Pima — easy pattern and it makes a great cotton top. I’ll have to look and see if any of the other patterns catch my fancy

  2. I live in Florida, and it’s already nearing 90 some days. This is a great challenge for me. I’d love to be able to wear handknit socks during the warmer weather.

  3. I’m in cause I still need to challenge myself with my knitting skills! I love cotton as well. I will probably stick to a vest or something like that. Oh! Now to go pick out yarn from Loopy! :).

  4. Does the sweater or vest have to be in an adult size? I’d love to knit something up for my kiddo for this challenge.

  5. is it okay if my socks do not have toes or heels ? i really need some yoga socks so my feet are not so cold this winter ( yes it is coming into winter not summer where i am ) ??
    if so i am in

  6. I’ve been dying to try Spud and Chloe sweater but I’m not supposed to be buying yarn. But I don’t have anything with cotton in it and I want to make Leaflet so I think I should get a dispensation. Now I just have to decide on a color.

  7. Loving Spud & Chloe Fine from the first quarter challenge so much, I am tempted to go for Sweater or Outer on this one! But dd could really use a new pair of socks (& since her feet are already the same size as mine, that would qualify as adult socks…). So the question is whether the Panda Cotton would be something I could stick with; reviews on Rav are mixed.

  8. Yea! I’m so glad you are doing Camp Loopy again this summer. While I managed to fail miserably on completing the challenges on time, it was a lot of fun and I was inspired by all the neat projects others came up with. Can’t wait!

  9. Just ordered yarn for the Simple Summer Tweed. I think it will make a great cabin sweater. Trying Universal yarn for the first time!

  10. I am in, I have never been fond of store-bought cotton sweaters, but hopefully the yarns have improved over the years ….. I am going to use Cascade’s Ultra Pima for Tailored Tank from Knit One Crochet Too.

  11. Camp Loopy!! YEAH!! I’ll have to go hunting for a new Hotel. We all enjoyed Versailles last year, but the cabana boys could be a little snobby.

  12. For once I decided on a pattern very quickly, Butterfly Swing vest. It was the yarn that gave me some trouble. Couldn’t decide between Cascade Ultra Pima and Amy Butler Belle DK. In the end who could resist all those BEAUTIFUL colors in Cascade Ultra Pima. It made the choice of color harder but the Coral just called to me!

  13. I emailed Sheri, and she said the sweaters and vests don’t have to be adult sized. Going to order my yarn now!!

  14. I just printed the “Stowe” pattern and will be using the Blue Sky Skinny Cotton in the color “Sprout”. This looks like soooo much fun, Thank YOU Sheri for giving us such a great challange to complete our projects.

  15. Fate conspired against me on this one – finished up (at the last minute because I had to put this aside to finish my first camp project!) Friday night, just in time for the power to go out – no ability to upload photos. It’s all good, though – I love my project, the Ophelia vest in Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme, and expect to wear it often this summer and into fall. I feel like the real point of these activities isn’t earning points and winning prizes but getting stretched to consider something I might otherwise not have knit. Now that the power is back, I’m printing out my pattern for the second Camp Loopy project.

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