Malabrigo, Cascade, and a CONTEST!

It has been a busy day (getting all of your Second Quarter Challenge orders out), so this is coming to you a little late in the day. When we pack up your orders, we always have fun talking about what you might be making (and hoping that you get it done so that you’ll submit a photo for us to see!) We love being a part of your shopping here, from me checking out your selections when I write on your orders, to the Elves pulling them and packing them up carefully. Thanks for letting us be your personal shoppers as we walk around the shop, filling up the order bin for you. We get to enjoy all of your yarn vicariously and then send it on its way to your house!

Tomorrow we’ll be doing more shopping for you, because we just put up some beautiful things on the website for tonight’s Monday Update.

  • Malabrigo Worsted – 28 colors to choose from for sweaters, vests, hats and scarves. (Shown above in Nostalgia.)
  • Malabrigo Lace – 30 colors for your summerweight shawls and wraps.
  • Cascade 220 – the wall is filled up again. I love it when the 220 Wall is full.
  • Perfect Notions Cases – for your stitchmarkers, darning needles, little stitch counters, etc. I keep one in each knitting bag.
  • And at the end of last week (in time for our Cotton Challenge), we added in:
  • Namaste Bags – Messenger and Boardwalk (backpack) bags, and Buddy Cases

You’d think that all of those updates and re-stocks would last us a good long while, wouldn’t you? But the back stock room is filled up again with new boxes that arrived today, which we’ll work on for next Monday. Aren’t Mondays fun??

Now for the contest. The weather is getting warmer here and spring and summer are just around the corner. It makes me wonder – do you have a favorite season for knitting? Fall, when you’re thinking of holiday gifts? Winter, when it’s too cold outside to do anything else? Spring, when you’re dreaming of lightweight shawls? Summer, when it’s too hot and you are thinking about cool-weather wear? Or do you knit year-round pretty much the same amount? I knit the same amount year round, in all seasons. I can’t imagine cutting back! Leave your answer below and we’ll draw for $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates next week.

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  1. I tend to knit more in the colder weather but will sit out on nice cool evenings in the summer and knit while the boys play. I love to knit in the winter when its cold and be covered by whatever it is I am knitting! 🙂

  2. I never seem to have as much time as I want for knitting, so I squeeze it in when I can all year ’round. Since I mostly knit socks and small things, I never have a lap full of wool to make me sweat in the summer or keep me warm in the winter. It’s always just right!

  3. I knit year ’round, but the mojo comes and goes. I think it just depends on whether or not I’m really into the project(s). I have a hard time balancing reading with knitting, so when one is strong, the other is usually lagging a bit. If I’m doing both, I’m probably not getting much exercise, which isn’t good!

  4. I knit year-round. Here in the deep South we live in air-conditioning at 72, and heating at 70. Since I’m basically an indoor gal, the seasons never change in my knitting chair. 🙂

  5. I knit mostly in the fall and winter. During the summer I take my spinning wheel “out and about” to do demonstrations (and to build up a yarn stash for the fall).

  6. I knit the same amount, all year round. If there is a day I do not knit, I just don’t feel right! While traveling, I let my partner drive and I knit. There are times I have to ask him not to talk to me, so I can count stitches!

  7. I knit year round. If I had time then I think my favourite season for it would be fall, but that’s also the busiest season at work so I don’t get as much done as I’d like to.

  8. I knit all year round.Today I will knit at my son’s soccer match and when we watch the family movie tonight.I write out on a piece of paper the numbered rows and cross them off as I finish each row.Then I can just do many things at a time.I am working on reducing my stash.

  9. I knit the same all year round. I like to do at least one big project a year, with smaller items throughout the year. I just finished up a Narnia Shawl, and for my big project, have the sleeves left on a Hallett’s Ledge. Next up in my list is a skirt, cardigan, and pair of socks. Also planning a cowl for my mom for Christmas.

  10. My favorite knitting season(s) is Winter and Fall, because nothing makes me happier then staying inside with a hot drink and knitting under a blanket all day long. 🙂

  11. All knitting…all the time. Everyday, unless I’m under the weather and too sick to knit. (which is hardly every, thankfully)

  12. Every season has its knits, and any day without knitting is somehow wrong. That said, I’m in SC, so winter is my favorite. It’s not too cold to do anything else… it’s just the only season that does not feel like we’re living outside hell’s screen door.

  13. I knit all year ’round, but I think Christmas knitting is fun because you end up giving more things at once 🙂

  14. Knitting used to be a fall/winter sport for me. I’d spend late spring and summer using my creative energy working in the yard and quilting (my sewing room is the coolest room in the house). But, my lovely Bernina sewing machine and the mountains of fabric in my stash have been sitting pretty much neglected for the last year and a half. Every spare minute is now spent comfortably plopped in my chair knitting. I knit before I go to work, think about the project I’m working on while I’m at work and get right back to it when I get home. Days off are now spent doing as little non-knitting activities as possible. I’m happy, my family and friends are scoring lots of cool knitted goods and my great nieces and nephews are still too little to know I owe them quilts and sock monkeys. But, they’re wearing cool sweaters and socks 🙂

  15. I knit year-round, although perhaps a little less in summer. Between presents for new babies, birthdays, and Christmas, and the occasional thing for myself, there always seems to be a reason to knit!

  16. I knit year round but what I’m knitting changes. (nothing like trying to knit in summer with a warm heavy sweater in your lap)

  17. I knit all the time, but especially in the winter. There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with an afghan and cider, knitting away a snowy day.

  18. Fall is the best time, followed closely by Winter, then Spring. Summer is sometimes good too…. um… i guess I knit all year round… just with a/c cranked up most of the time to keep me cool…..

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