Shalimar, Dream in Color, Kauni, and More

This week in particular, it seems like we are surrounded by awesome colors in the Monday Update. I told Inventory Elf Roberta to just bar me from the back room where all the new stuff is. It’s safer that way. We just added in:

Dream in Color – A special one-time Merino/Alpaca sock blend that is 1) soft and yummy, 2) warm, and 3) gorgeous. You get 420 yards in this merino/alpaca/nylon blend, and it’s perfect for socks or one-skein shawls. (Shown here in the Sprinkler colorway.)

Dream in Color – Another special one-time offering in 4 oz. Silk/Merino laceweight. They had leftover skeins of the March Dream Club silk/merino lace and offered it to us. We snapped that right up!  We have it dyed up in pastels (great for summer shawls) and deeper colors (great for fall and winter shawls). We also have permission to offer you a copy of the popular Vostok Shawl pattern with purchase, so leave us an order note if you’d like us to email you the copy. It’s the pattern that went with the March Dream Club yarn, so some of you already have it. With 1100 yards in this skein, you have a lot of pattern options. (Shown here in the Passion colorway.)

Shalimar Yarns – I’ve often coveted the many beautiful colors of this yarn (especially their fun Newsprint colorway), but when I picked up a skein of their Breathless yarn, I knew we had to have it here. This fingering weight yarn comes 420 yds. to the skein and is 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, and 15% Silk. It would be awesome for socks, but I think even nicer for shawls and scarves so you can keep it up close and around your neck and shoulders. (Shown here in Byzantine.)

Kauni – We have a big re-stock on the solids and the multi-colors, just in time to jump into a Wingspan, or a Hitchhiker, or a Citron. The multi-color skeins are sold by weight – anywhere from 120-180 gr. per ball. As always, we re-weigh the skeins and sell them at their actual weight. Some of the skeins seem to come in under the actual weight shown on the label and we don’t want you to be shorted. I did notice that some of the labels now say “150 gr. +/- 10 gr. and that seems like a big difference, don’t you think? We’ll keep weighing them for you. (Shown here in the EZ colorway.)

Spud and Chloe – Re-stocks in all Fine, Sweater and Outer colors. Someone came in the shop last week to get yarn for a Delancey Cardigan. Wouldn’t this look great in Spud & Chloe Sweater?

Blue Sky Alpacas – Re-stocks in Worsted Hand Dyes, Alpaca Silk and Skinny Cotton.

ChiaoGoo Needles – we added in circulars in the 16″ length.

Mill Hill Beads – re-stocked. This would be a great time to get a skein of the new DC Alpaca or DC Lace special bases and some beads to go with it.

We’re looking forward to sending out lots of color to you tomorrow!

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  1. Cheryl – it’s really pretty. I’m having a hard time resisting it and I don’t even knit laceweight!

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  3. Well I couldn’t resist the laceweight – the pattern for the shawl tipped the scales…now to see if I can wait to get it.

    I don’t think I’ll hold my breath tho.

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