Socktopus, Skein, Buttons, and More!

Mondays are fun, because we finally get to share with you the things that we’ve been ooh-ing and aah-ing over all last week, as they arrived and we photo-ed them! Tonight we added in:

Socktopus – More of Alice’s gorgeous yarn in the Sokkusu fingering weight. This comes to us directly from the U.K. and it’s great yarn for socks and shawls and hats, in particular. I love the twist on this yarn, and of course the colors are amazing. (Shown here in Summer Crush.)

Skein – This batch brought lots of Kristen’s Top Draw fingering weight yarn, all the way from Australia. You’ll like this one for socks and shawls, too. Someone came in the shop two weeks ago with a beautiful little shawlette around their neck, done up with beads. I can’t remember the pattern. Ishbel? Multnomah? At any rate, I picked a skein of Milk Opal Skein to make a beaded shawl, similar to that. And a skein of Pastel Sky to make a gift for a friend. And a skein of Dapple for …. well, for me. No definite plan other than that, yet.

Dream in Color Special Cashmere Worsted – More colors in this yarn base that continues to be my favorite worsted weight at the moment. It’s a combination of the twist and the cashmere in there and the colors. I just love it and am trying to stay away from those shelves at the moment. (Shown here in Victoria.) I’m staying away from the shelves because I’m already working on a sweater and two more scarves in this wonderful stuff.

Re-stocked: Jordana Paige bags, ChiaGoo Needles, Chibi’s, Sock Doctor Keychains (showing sock parts, giving directions for Kitchenering, etc), and Needle Keepers.

New: Patterns (including Ysolda’s Whimsical Knits Book 3), Highlighter Tape, and Buttons (from Arnhild’s Knitting Studio – shown here in #12846, and a line of buttons and shawl pins from Buttons, Etc.).

You’ll be happy to know that my Sothia Shawl is back on track (and out of Time Out). I’m really trying to stick with it 100% until it’s done and not start a new little beaded shawl with my new Skein Top Draw. We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’m glad I have all of you to be accountable to. (But really – I still have 30 rows to go and each row is 700 stitches, soon to increase to 800 stitches. It takes for-gosh-darn-ever. You can hardly blame me if I veer into a little knitting on a new project between rows, right?)

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  1. How do the clasps attach? And how did you read my mind about needing them for the cape I’m going to start this week? Also, what are they made of? There is no description, just a photo

  2. Hi Joni! You need to sew the clasps on to your garment. They’re made out of pewter. We put the description at the top of the whole product page, but I’ll add that to each item as well. What cape pattern are you making? Capes are cool!

  3. On the line from Arnhild’s Knitting Studio , they are lovely but there are no sizes listed for any of them. I hope that is on the list of things to add, as I have several sweaters I am shopping for buttons for!

  4. I about to cast on for Lothlorien (I think that is the spelling — it is one of the Lord of the Rings series patterns) — DH brought me some wonderful yarn back from the UK a couple years ago and it is about time I made something yummy for it. I’ll be ordering a clasp as soon as I can decide which one I want — too many good choices!

  5. Sheri, keep up with your Sophia you can do it, I did! But those last rows are killers! I still can’t believe I finished mine in time for My Camp Loopy Project #3.

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