So far today, I have:

– Ordered 2700 skeins of yarn. Still need to put in a few more orders this afternoon, though.

– Checked on orders expected from two yarn companies that were supposed to have arrived by now. (Now suspecting the UPS guy. Not our regular guy – he’s nice. It must be a substitute.)

– Met my landlord (based in Alabama, visiting here today) for the first time. Not sure he’d been in a yarn shop before.

– Tried to figure out which DVD of Downton Abbey is the right one to buy with the least amount of problems associated with it. (Lunch break.)

– Picked up and put down and picked up and put down a new silk blend and a new cashmere blend that are going up next week. (Going back there to pick them up again one more time before I go home tonight.)

– Answered emails, but still didn’t get my in-box to single digits.

– Walked over to Target (in this beautiful 73 degree weather) to get decaf coffee and cookies for a yarn meeting here tonight.

– Pondered my project wall and wondered if it’s wrong to have more than 8 planned projects in the works. (Well, not WRONG, but foolhardy? I’ve been doubling up on the bins. Two projects per bin now. I’m pretty sure I could get three in there if need be.)

– And now I’m getting ready to sit in my Red Chair with a fresh cup of coffee, to do some long term planning. I like that corner of my office.

What did you do today? Anything fun?

Sheri oneproblem:theRedChairfacestheProjectWall.


  1. Work, work and more work. Solved a hiring problem or two for a client. Then went on-line to plan (dream) my next project. I haven’t picked up needles yet today. That may wait until after dinner. I think I need a red chair in the corner of my office to do some long term planning – – love it! P.S. I am in the same town with my office window open :>)

  2. Your red chair is great!! I am knitting an “Eden scarf”. This is really fun. True to my last comment on a previous post, I am knitting it in lime-y green with pink flowers added. NICE.

  3. Accounting and more accounting – my job. Hoping for some knitting time this evening. The corner chair is great 🙂

  4. Today: snooze button several times this morning after a late night. Had two classes but didn’t get any food inbetween at lunchtime- the kiddies are out for March Break and the lines were too long. Got home and cooked up some salmon, worked on my sweater a bit (Zaftig Bugga=love!) and now its back to the books before work tonight. I don’t have a red chair but I do have a green couch that has seen me through many a WIP!

  5. Love Downton Abbey!!! I can’t even knit while watching it. Too engrossing. And, those period costumes and hats!! Keep on ordering yarn! We live for your updates. 😀

  6. Work, work, and more work like Jeanne. Reviewing applications for a vacancy in my office. I KNOW I’ve been busy…I just don’t know what I’ve accomplished. The story of my life.

  7. Today has been all about Laundry Mountain. Not this girl’s idea of fun, but survival demands certain things in the city. And I wouldn’t use the word ‘foolhardy’. Possibly the term ‘Wildly Optimistic’. I find that covers a lot about my yarn and knitting, but YMMV.

  8. Welllll, not as productive as many of you but…I ran 4miles outside today (we are having nice weather up here in NY too) and stuck to my diet, er I mean, new way of life-long healthy eating, did a load of laundry, and realized I actually have cash on hand to serve as the tooth fairy tonight for my daughter who came home from school today and declared that her tooth came out! Tonight I’m hoping to finish my 1st Qtr 2012 Challenge project so I can get it blocked and photographed before the deadline.

  9. Am training for a half marathon later this summer-can’t decide if I will do the one in Estes Park, or one of several happening in Ft. Collins, but either way, I will get to visit TLE! Other fun in the works, our 108 year old home is getting remodeled (!) with all new plumbing, closets, bathrooms, electrical, floor refinishing, etc. It is also a bit stressful, but that is what wine is for, isn’t it? Am going to so some spinning today, too.

    Your office is so neat and well-organized, but I’m not surprised. That is part of your many talents. I can’t imagine ordering so much yarn (WHEW!), then unpacking it, then repacking it up.
    Can’t wait to come back this spring for another shopping run at TLE.

  10. I worked with my friend Ashley this morning. I’ve brought her to the old location in St. Louis with me. I ran a couple of laps around her pool with her adorable Boston Terriers before I left. Then I went to Costco & bought massive quantities of everything before heading home. It’s currently 85 degrees in St. Louis & you know that means some whopper thunderstorms should roll in later. All in all, a nice day. It could only have been topped by a quick hop over to the Loopy Ewe. Alas it is now too far to drive by on my way home. BTW, I covet that red chair.

  11. Whoa, you were busy today! Sadly, I’m back at work after my couple of days off. Dreaming of my Girasole, though, and looking forward to working on it tonight!

  12. I worked all day, then went to an evening work meeting. But it clears the day on Friday for knitting…
    Love the project wall. I must have missed the original post, alas.

  13. Love your red chair, the decaf and cookies sound wonderful, we’re having unusual weather in the lower 70s too. Am starting the 2nd of a pair of socks for myself (selfish knitting), shame on that “naughty” silk and cashmere blend yarn that keep calling you over to “their neck of the woods” to temp you (sounds more like they’re trying to pick you up 🙂 , was glad to have today off from work to spend with my daughter and grandson, we’re only within walking distance of a Kmart (wish it was a Target)

  14. I got my 4th qtr challenge(Anne’s Wing-O-the-Moth) down to 17 more rows before bind off (at least one a day should get it done), did and increase row on Citron so that next 9 are just stockinette for knit night, walked the dogs, walked 1/2 mile to Bruegger’s for coffee (read Knitter’s (and planned how I would knit Textured pin box p.26), walked 1/2 mile back home and now I want to knit again, but I will need to have supper ready in 20 minutes, so 300 – 400 st rows would not be a good idea right now. Might go look at yarn for pin box….

  15. I was lucky enough to go to our local needlework group that meets twice a month. I knit on my Little Sparrow cowl although I don’t think I’ll need a chunky cowl soon with the beautiful weather we’re having in WI.

  16. Not such a good work day for me. But everything changed when I got home – I was expecting my single skein of Malabrigo Sock (Archangel – beautiful!) and puzzled at the oversize box. If you’ve gotten one of these, you’ll understand my surprise and pleasure at my Loopy Groupy gifts! They made my day! Thank you so much Sheri! You love and appreciate your customers:-)

    p.s. on regular nights, just peaking at ‘what’s new’ makes me happy too! Thanks again.

  17. I have been working on two projects, both pretty easy. Socks again. But let me tell you, Sheri…….I love Monday Updates! They are the bomb-dippitey-yum part of my week! I am so glad you are ordering more yarn for all of us. I’ll be here come next Monday evening. ;-D

    I will finish my 3rd Camp Loopy challenge…I’ve got to have a clean slate for Camp Loopy this summer….I’ve got to find my shawl muse to get it done…now where did I put my muse????

  18. Great Day Today!
    Lunch out with knitting friends
    Terrific weather in the mid-80s
    Tracking my most recent Loopy order – new needleSSSS
    I need a RED chair, too

  19. One conference call after another today! I really should have taken my knitting to work, would have finished the sock currently OTN. Do you think your landlord has a new understanding of “yarn shop” now? Would have loved to see his face!

  20. Ripped out my third item for the first quarter challenge. Can’t read my own notes that I wrote down at midnight last night on where to go next. Much happier with the restart. It would be so much easier to just buy a pattern and knit it instead of creating one.

  21. Best things were having lunch with my parents who are in town, & watching my daughter do acolyte duty in school chapel!!

    I also got some “work work” done, shuttled kids, made dinner & put a small dent in Laundry Mountain.

    And of course a little knitting… there may yet be hope for the 1st Quarter Challenge here!!

  22. PS I wish we could click “love” on other peoples’ blog comments the way we can on Rav… I love reading them! Maureen’s “bomb-dippetey-yum” and Nancy’s Groupie package especially made me smile. And of course Robby’s “Laundry Mountain”!!

  23. No knitting yet (as soon as I press the submit button I am off to knit before bed!) – your list got me thinking about what I DID get done today – and I am pleased to realize that I actually got quite a bit done! Aside from running the kids around, making dinner and other usual stuff, I worked on our own Laundry Mountain (why does that get capitalized – like it is a real place!), I made some needed appointments, made a grocery list, did some cleaning, picked up our CSA – and (best of all) even planted some lettuce seeds in the garden!

    And now I am coveting your Red Chair!

  24. Got off from work at 1 this afternoon…rushed home-changed clothes-grabbed the spinning wheel and headed for the deck! Spent a few hours enjoying this wonderful weather!!

  25. Only 8 projects? Try 16 or more.

    I ordered many yards of fabric today but not quite 2700! Yikes!

    I’m re-watching DA on the 2 dvd’s I ordered from the site – they’re the UK versions, uncut. Perfection!

    Love your red leather chair!

  26. I guess it would be yesterday for me. 🙂

    Picked up my co-op order. Work. Picked up my butcher order. Spent the evening creating space for said orders. And knit up a ruffle scarf. Those things are totally instant gratification. Also worked on my Wandering Mor (almost done with the socknette section!)

    I LOVE the red chair.

  27. Worked all day on getting corporate tax returns wrapped up before the filing deadline. Met with my trainer for my weekly butt kicking, stopped and got sushi for dinner, then home for more work. Needles haven’t been picked up since Monday and I’m starting to have serious withdrawals.

  28. I would love that red chair in my office. I wonder if one of my office mates would mind moving out so I could? Maybe I should just stick to the stealth knitting that no one notices 🙂

  29. I put in a full day at work then went off to my painting class. No knitting yesterday (painting class takes up all of Wednesday evenings) but like you Sheri, I did order yarn – not 2,700 skeins of it but I did deplete some of your stock at Loopy Ewe.

  30. Wish I had fondled silk and cashmere- had to run to my stash and find some after reading about yours. Cleaned off my kitchen table. organized one pantry and helped DD with her thesis. now getting ready for knitting nite! Yay.

  31. There was a snow-storm forecast for today, so I had planned to make a big batch of black bean burgers — a day-long job. The snow never did arrive here, although the other side of the island got wholloped with 8 inches — a lot for mid-March. I made the black bean burgers anyway, with a few breaks to drool over the new yarns you mentioned on Monday, and now I get to knit my Tadpoles (socks) this evening. Yippee! I’ve earned a few hours in my blue chair (not nearly as pretty as your red one). Can you tell I’m green with envy? Do I have colour on the brain or something?

  32. Don’t worry until your queued projects get in the triple digits. I’m waiting for a call from the producers of “Hoarders.” Not only am I SABLE but PABLE (new work).

  33. Not quite as productive as I had hoped to be. The spring like weather we’re having in Michigan is giving me a bad case of SPRING FEVER and I just had to go outside and enjoy the day. Also hit a snag on my 1st Quarter challenge that set me back a bit.
    I see a couple of new projects in my future ………. A silk blend and a cashmere bled…… I think I am in love already. Can’t wait to see it!

  34. Worked, checked the office for the mouse who ran across my desk (I am SO not a rodent person so this is making me absolutely crazy) worked some more, went to a dental appointment and then worked some more.
    I did find out last night that I will be in Denver in May and my sister has left space in our schedule (graduation and confirmation have to take precedence, even I knew that) for a trip to The Loopy Ewe…YAY!

  35. Today, I worked … 🙂

    While at work, I traded a few skeins on Ravelry, put a test-knit scarf project in time-out, & started “hogwart’s express” shawl. At home, I made my swap packages, finished dinner & sat and knitting for hours. Tomorrow is my day off & I just might get out of my PJ’s …. 🙂

  36. Well, Wednesday took the boys to try the green eggs and ham breakfast at IHOP, soaked tree seeds, went to see the Lorax, went to Home Depot to get pots for their tree seeds and supplies for some landscaping. 6 bags of mulch didn’t go very far. Still feeling it today, my body is very sore still – but it was worth it – my sons are on spring break and are little, so I’m enjoying spending time with them.

    Love reading your blog and buying from your store.


  37. Yesterday I left my knitting (three small projects) in the Physical Therapist’s office and I am working late tonight and can’t get it until Monday…never fear! I started a new project instead of watching basketball. Sunny Northern California is very very rainy, I hope it clears or at least stays dry for the St Patrick’s Day parade…I ignor the call of the wild (laundry) along with the whining of the floors to at least be swept, but that recipe is calling my name…chicken in a crockpot – it doesn’t get much better for weekend cooking annnd I think I will place my 6th order from TLE, too. Humm where does that go on my to-do list…

  38. Sheri, make sure to get the British version of Downton Abbey. PBS here in the states cut out portions of the movie. They aren’t really important but I do think the scenes show true character. For instance, in one Countess of Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) gives Miss O’Brien a hell of a talk down when she overhears a conversation.


  39. “Ordered 2700 skeins of yarn. Still need to put in a few more orders this afternoon, though.”

    Now if a regular joe like me said that, I would think there was a major SABLE problem. It sounds like me on a good yarn day. lol When are 2700 skeins not enough, that you need to place a few more orders! LOL

    Obviously they don’t have you guys’ excellent postal service.

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