My Knitting is in Time Out

I’m not sure when I will learn to knit plain and simple (PLAIN AND SIMPLE) patterns at Knit Night. I can’t even tell you how many evenings I’ve done something here and then gone home to frog it. This latest project – my Sothia Shawl – is now in Time Out. I’ve screwed it up twice and I don’t want to deal with it for awhile. Bad Shawl. (Of course it’s the shawl’s fault. Somehow.) My friend Sheryl (see below) offered to rescue it and frog back for me because she’s just nice like that.

We had over 20 people here again for Knit Night last night. Would you like a peek at a few of them? Here’s Tina (working on her second ever scarf and loving it) and Sheryl-the-project-rescuer. She’s working on a Taygete and seems perfectly capable of knitting a striped shawl without mistakes at Knit Night.

Loopy Elf Sarah was hard at work, consulting on needles. And here’s the thing about Sarah – she’s an editor at Interweave by day and works at Loopy on Thursday nights and Saturdays. She has very good taste in all things knitting and all things crochet. The problem? She always wears a really cute shawl to work and I end up wanting to make it. Last night it was Stephen West’s Pogona in a bright lime-y color:

Loopy Elf Emily brought her parents Susan and Chris to Knit Night, because they were visiting from Texas. I’m particularly partial to Susan because she’s the one who told Emily about the Elf jobs here, when we were hiring. And Emily is an Awesome Loopy Elf!

Laura was in town to film a class and popped up for Knit Night, bringing her friend Anne along with her. I haven’t seen Laura since she taught for us at the Spring Fling last April, so it was fun to see her again. (Note – she is also wearing a beautiful lime-y shawl. This one had beads. I’m pretty sure I need one.)

These three girls came with their moms and wanted to be on their own at the table in back. Two were knitting and one was felting. From the sounds of their laughter, I think they were having a great time back there. When I asked them if they wanted to be in the blog, they were so excited because they said their moms “read the blog!!”

See those empty shelves behind them? We are filling that up with a special yarn from Malabrigo called Finito. Although we are going to need more shelves than that emptied out for it. It’s only available once a year (very special wool) and only available to a certain number of shops, due to the limited quantities. I’ll tell you more about it when we put it up in a week or two. It shipped last week – along with a bunch of other Malabrigo – but hasn’t arrived yet. Did one of you highjack about 12 cases of Malabrigo somewhere between there and here??

So did you knit last night? And have you ever put your knitting in Time Out?

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  1. I try to knit everyday. Yes, I have projects on time-out but it is probably more me than the projects fault.

  2. I try to knit everyday. Yes, I have projects on time-out but it is probably more me than the projects fault.

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