My Knitting is in Time Out

I’m not sure when I will learn to knit plain and simple (PLAIN AND SIMPLE) patterns at Knit Night. I can’t even tell you how many evenings I’ve done something here and then gone home to frog it. This latest project – my Sothia Shawl – is now in Time Out. I’ve screwed it up twice and I don’t want to deal with it for awhile. Bad Shawl. (Of course it’s the shawl’s fault. Somehow.) My friend Sheryl (see below) offered to rescue it and frog back for me because she’s just nice like that.

We had over 20 people here again for Knit Night last night. Would you like a peek at a few of them? Here’s Tina (working on her second ever scarf and loving it) and Sheryl-the-project-rescuer. She’s working on a Taygete and seems perfectly capable of knitting a striped shawl without mistakes at Knit Night.

Loopy Elf Sarah was hard at work, consulting on needles. And here’s the thing about Sarah – she’s an editor at Interweave by day and works at Loopy on Thursday nights and Saturdays. She has very good taste in all things knitting and all things crochet. The problem? She always wears a really cute shawl to work and I end up wanting to make it. Last night it was Stephen West’s Pogona in a bright lime-y color:

Loopy Elf Emily brought her parents Susan and Chris to Knit Night, because they were visiting from Texas. I’m particularly partial to Susan because she’s the one who told Emily about the Elf jobs here, when we were hiring. And Emily is an Awesome Loopy Elf!

Laura was in town to film a class and popped up for Knit Night, bringing her friend Anne along with her. I haven’t seen Laura since she taught for us at the Spring Fling last April, so it was fun to see her again. (Note – she is also wearing a beautiful lime-y shawl. This one had beads. I’m pretty sure I need one.)

These three girls came with their moms and wanted to be on their own at the table in back. Two were knitting and one was felting. From the sounds of their laughter, I think they were having a great time back there. When I asked them if they wanted to be in the blog, they were so excited because they said their moms “read the blog!!”

See those empty shelves behind them? We are filling that up with a special yarn from Malabrigo called Finito. Although we are going to need more shelves than that emptied out for it. It’s only available once a year (very special wool) and only available to a certain number of shops, due to the limited quantities. I’ll tell you more about it when we put it up in a week or two. It shipped last week – along with a bunch of other Malabrigo – but hasn’t arrived yet. Did one of you highjack about 12 cases of Malabrigo somewhere between there and here??

So did you knit last night? And have you ever put your knitting in Time Out?

Sheri whomightstartalimeshawlwhiletheSothiaShawlisinTimeOut


  1. I started the pattern summer wind from Irish Girlie Knits using skinny bugga from Cephalopod yarns. I am really excited about it. It is the first scarf that I have ever knit! I typically dont go for scarfs but one that doesn’t fall off sounds great. I have put knitting in time out, some socks with beads that were driving me crazy. It has been two years and they are still not eligible for parole 🙂

    P.S. I am keeping my knitting in the clear loopy ewe sock club bag that I got from the sock club years ago. I love it 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, my spelling is terrible. I just noticed my scarfs should be scarves, what a bummer.

  3. “still not eligible for parole” – cracked me up! You need a friend like Sheryl to help get those socks back on track, I’m thinking!

  4. I worked on my Summer Wind infinity scarf last night – in fact I should finish it tonight. I’ve made it in Hand Maiden Swiss Silk (color-Turkish Delight) bought from Loopy Ewe of course and it’s turned out beautifully – I can’t wait to block it and wear it. In fact my Mom has asked for one to match the Malabrigo Rasta (Archangel) hat I made for her. The Malabrigo sock yarn in Archangel is on it’s way to me as I write this!

    I do have a knitting project in a “time out”. I have a lace scarf that I started from the Victorian Lace Today pattern book. It’s not that it’s going badly, it’s just that the pattern takes so much concentration that I get bored and have to make a couple of quicker projects in between bouts of working on it.

  5. Your Knit Night looks like such fun! We are trying to make ours more fun by moving it to a local coffee shop two Saturday afternoons a month. The library was a nice host but issues were evolving. The food, baked good and coffee are an added bonus for Saturdays. Love the photos you took last night. Think I might have to copy that idea tomorrow to spruce up the group’s website.

  6. A pink thong from While Lies is in my time-out bag. I bought the yarn at the Dixon May Lamb Fair (held in October) and the pattern came with the yarn. It’s really cute, but I need a quiet place to do the counting and concentrate on the popcorns. I don’t know who will wear it, though! not me…

  7. Oh no!! So sorry to hear your project is in time out. I have visions of it peering out from one of the cages above your desk.

    I knit on a pair of socks. I should be working on my 1st quarter project. Zero motivation on that since it has been placed in time out too. I think I may start over on a different pattern tonight.

    Knit Night looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to visit and knit one of these days.

  8. Ha!! I’ve been carrying around a two color fairisle that I started in high school. That means it has been in time-out for more than 48 (FORTY-EIGHT) years!

  9. Yes of course I was knitting last night Sheri – I am furiously working on miles of the 1st quarter challenge project – Elinor by Shibui Knits a beatiful but endless scarf.

    I have a vexing project in time out – Sugared Violets which was a MADMAY madtosh project from last year. I was fine until I got to the fleurette border and I’m on my 2nd or 3rd attempt to get it right. I’m going to give it one more attempt and then I am going to either modify to make it work or just finish up this skein and the shawl and accept defeat. BLEAAAGGGGG

    Anxious to hear about the special malabrigo – it was fun seeing all the activity at the knit night. Enjoy your weekend – Mel

  10. I knit every night so that question was easy to answer.

    I have several projects on Time OUT: a very boring Lizard Ridge afghan (It’s not boring, I just get bored knitting for long periods of time on the same thing), mystery socks from 2009, and numerous other projects that frustrated me at some point.

    My Pulelehua shawl is on Time Out because I just adopted two very skittish chihuhua puppies that get caught up in my yarn. I don’t want to have to frog lace. Also, I’m knitting on Clandestine socks which go on time out whenever the dogs want to cuddle.

    Can’t wait to see the new Malabrigo yarn! My yarn stash keeps getting larger every time you announce new yarn lines.

  11. I didn’t knit at all yesterday, which despite my crazy life, is rare. I never do anything complicated at knit night (Wednesday for me). For the reason you said, I end up making mistakes. I usually have 2 projects going, one easy and small (usually ends up being socks) and something more complicated. If I ever get finished swatching, that will be a cable sweater.

  12. Sometimes projects just need a time out so they can get an attitude adjustment and I can stand to work in them again. My Origami sweater has been there for a while and has just gotten out. I’m now thinking of it as socks (aka no brainier project).

  13. Last night I was knitting a vest for my eldest son; my Central Park Hoodie is currently in time out simply because it takes forever with all the cabling (I”m not doing the standard cables) and it’s navy blue so hard to do at night.

  14. So have you gotten around to learning to bead yet, Sheri?? I started a new beaded shawl yesterday — I was going through withdrawal, I haven’t beaded anything in over a year!!!

  15. Last night I knitted on a plain sock done in a self-striping yarn that was my souvenir from a trip to North Carolina.

    I happen to have Wendy’s pi shawl in time out. I messed it up when I tried to work on it after my ankle surgery last year while under the influence of pain meds. I eventually got it ripped back to a point and just need to pluck up the courage to face the thing again. 😉

  16. Yes, to both questions.
    Am always knitting so that was easy to answer.
    Time-Out is beneath my knitting chair. There to haunt me.
    Looking forward to that Malabrigo

  17. Come on, Sheri, I think asking if we knit last night is really like … asking if we BREATHED last night! 😉 And i am another one of those who was working on the 1st Quarter Challenge. (Because IT had been in time out for a while. Although mostly my WIPs get put in time out for my bad behavior, not theirs.)

    ALso I just have to say that my own daughter would probably love to be hanging out at that back table on Knit Night… maybe someday we can travel to visit!

  18. Some piece or another of my knitting is almost always in time out. This morning, I finally took out a tiny gift that’s been in time out for three months for waiting until i was 75% complete to tell me that I really did need to go down a needle size to create the fabric I want.

    Last night (every night is knit night here at my house) i was knitting Kirsten Johnstone’s Tetsubou hat which is perfect for fingering weight yarns, I’m thinking of knitting my next one in the Loopy Ewe solid series… It’s a very fast knit and I’m happy about that.

  19. Sheri, I need a limey shawl too. Did she by chance share the pattern with you?! And what limey green are you picking out? 🙂

  20. About three or four years ago my then-toddler daughter pulled the needles out of my second Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings, right in the middle of the calf shaping. They went into time out until a couple of weeks ago, when I finally spent several hours picking up stitches, untangling yarn, and figuring out where in the pattern I had been. I finished them the other day, though, and it feels great to have them done!

  21. I went to knit night on Monday. I worked on a basic ribbed sock. It is just better that way. I am also working on a Shawl of Doom — an Irish Diamond Shawl that I started three years ago. It has spent months in not just time out, but purgatory. Sometimes it’s because I’m mad and sometimes there’s a mistake that I haven’t figured out how to fix without frogging more than 700 stitches per row.

  22. I started a cardigan by Susan Duckworth (bunches of fruit all over it) 18 + years ago, messed it up and put it aside. I keep saying I will fix it one day! Meh maybe I will unravel it and knit up socks.

  23. It is wonderful news about Finito!!! Discover it yesterday at the Malabrigo site and was going to ask you if you were going to have it. I am very curious about it.
    I have several projects in time out. Main one is a Teach and has been there for 2 years. Did the front borders twice and had to frog them….twice…. No knitting should behave like that, is not acceptable.
    I feel the same about shawls, every time a new one pops I HAVE to knit it. Only being an octopus and knitting 24/7 can accomplish that, LOL.

  24. I almost put my project in time out last night as it was being very naughty. Undoing the three needle bind off to use up extra yarn somehow managed to twist some stitches while I was putting them back on the needles. However, I suffered through it without throwing the bag across the room and now I have an awesome bag in Malabrigo Chunky that will soon be felted.

    I am so excited about Finito and more Malabrigo! I fall in love with that brand every time I work with it. Perhaps you might consider carrying the Chunky as well so as to have the almost complete set of Malabrigo? I can totally live without the angora but I’d love to buy the Chunky from TLE. 😉

  25. Great shots! And yes, I have a Romi design in time out right now – she’s been really really bad this week, but some of us on Romi’s Ravelry group figured out it’s the sun flares that were causing all of the problems that we ALL were having. So far today has been good so maybe you can pick up your shawl again too safely. Enjoy the lovely Colorado Spring weekend!

  26. I bound off a cable scarf I’ve been knitting on for a month now! Its for my son in St. Louis. I have a girasole that’s been in time out for at least a year and a half. Life (and death) makes for crazy and hectic days, and I couldn’t concentrate on it enough to finish. One day I will!

  27. Yes and yes. Knit some more on a pr. of socks – I’m on a self paterning yarn kick now. But I have drawn creative blanks in several areas of my life here and there – so I just take a break. Love the lime shawls!!

  28. I’ve never put my knitting in time out. I did frog a shawl that was half finished because I thought it had too many mistakes. Knit nights and working at the shop–I learned a long time ago have to be mindless knits. Knit night is Monday and, until I wised up, I’d spend Monday and sometimes Tuesday frogging and re-knitting. I was working on a sock at the shop last week and kept tinking the pattern row. I put it away in favor of my mindless work-in-public piece.

  29. Yep, mine is in time out now too. See, I made ANOTHER mistake on the challenge shawl. 😛 I think I’m just going to crochet for a while….

  30. Excited about the upcoming Madelinetosh Yarn! Love it! Of course, I need to knit up all that I have. 😉

  31. Knit simple at night…I can’t get that concept either…lol….I am always frogging the next day…….I’ll never learn….oh, and don’t get me going on knitting at night with BLACK…..another huge mistake….I love the limey shawls and all the great pics!

  32. Right now Cecily- 1st Quarter Challenge is in TIME OUT until I can figure out how to do this short row business. Which better be quick cause the deadline fast approaches.
    FYI Sheri —- Loopy has some TIG cashmerino and Art Yarns a silk in what looks to be a lovely limey green — just sayin!

  33. I was making a vest, Hester, by Elsebeth Lavold. I made the back and when I got to the shoulder shaping, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure it out. I went to the lys where I bought the yarn and pattern, they couldn’t figure it out, we searched on the internet for errata and found nothing. I got frustrated with it and put it away for about a year and a half. Cleaning one day, I found the vest and decided to give it one more try and If I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, off to the frog pond it would go! Re-read the pattern and the directions were as simple as could be!!! I was sure someone had taken the book and rewrote the pattern. Needless to say, the vest was finished, and it’s beautiful. Sometimes you just need to take a break from certain projects and look at them with fresh eyes.

  34. I’ve been lacking in knitting time lately (I’m a CPA, so this time of year, knitting time is a TREAT), but I did knit on my stole from one of my yarn clubs last night for awhile.

    All lace is on time out right now until May when I’ve cleared my head and I take a week off. On a happy note, my LYS owner is going to give me lessons in traditional argyle socks while I’m on vacation. She was able to get the all day class at Sock Summit last year when I couldn’t,

  35. I did not knit last nite. We went to dinner with friends and were gone a long time. With adult beverages. And, of course, I have put projects in time out. Every now and then we both need a break. That limey green looks very nice. Just sayin’.

  36. My Wollemi Pine Lace Shawl has been pulled out and started over. It is currently taking a break while I whip up a Gaptastic cowl. Needed to work on something that did not require counting. I’ve never heard of “frogging” is that the same as “un-knitting”?

  37. I love seeing your knit night. I try to go to my LYS each week, because I love the people and the environment. They are all very loving and open people.

    I’ve been alternating between one of the Noro striped scarves, a dress and a pair of socks. At the rate I’m going I won’t get anything done before the end of April, but that is OK, right?

  38. I’m interested in trying some of the Malabrigo Finito for the Liquid Amber Cowl. Any chance of snagging 2 skeins of Indiecita or Bronce???

    Currently spinning some yak! It even looks like something I can use – very consistent and pretty.

    Also working on a vest for my other half (On the Go) and about to begin a Gaptastic cowl with some CSA yarn I got last year. And, going to learn how to bead a knitted pattern this weekend. Have Superfloss, will travel!

  39. I knit yesterday afternoon, and then had to work last night. Boo. I have often put knitting in a time out. A couple of years ago I went through a period where I couldn’t get anything I was knitting to cooperate (it couldn’t have been me). I was tempted to put it all in time out and go back to needlework for awhile. I persevered though, and eventually my knitting came around and has behaved somewhat better since then. Pagona is a great pattern–it involves very little counting… 🙂

  40. Last night my knitting told me to go to time-out and don’t come back until the cold or allergies are gone. Huh! I never put it in time-out for being knotty.

  41. Love all the posts, questions & comments here – every time! I’m thinking it may be time for a Springtime Limey Shawl Knit-a-long!

    Whadayathink, Sheri??? What’s available in a great Spring Limey that is softerthansoft? Pattern thoughts?

    Betsy in the notyetspringSeattlesuburbswherewehadsnow!thismorning.

  42. I knit almost every night…. and yes I have definitely put project in Time Out…. but the only time I’ve been in knitting Time Out was a few days last month when I had the Norovirus.

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