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Remember when I was sick two weeks ago and whipped up Photoshopped all of those Palindrome Scarfs to show you? Well I really did do some knitting while I was sick and not moving from the couch. I worked on this shawl, called “And So Are You“. I made one in the fall for a friend and decided I wanted one for myself, too. I did this with two skeins of Studio June’s Eight Bells, in the large size. I talked Elf -> Cathy into modeling it for you today (thanks, Cathy!). It looked great on top of her green sweater.

This pattern has a P3tog/YO/P3tog in the same three stitches, and I was using the new Knitter’s Pride wooden needles on this project. I was so impressed that the tips were sharp enough to do stitches like that.

I like the shape of this scarf, with big tapered ends to wrap around you. It kind of ends up being almost heart-shaped, doesn’t it?

The ruffles can sometimes be tricky to block. Here’s a close-up of how I pinned them for blocking.

Cute on the back, too.

I really need to learn to wear shawls. I have such fun making them. I do wonder how this one was named. (“And So Are You”? And so are you … what?) Another pattern I love (but has an unusual name) is 28’s Cousin 53. Have you come across other strange pattern names? It makes me want to design something and give it a really bizarre name.

Sheri weirdnames?Thepossibilitiesareendless.


  1. I cannot think of any weird names off the top of my head, but I agree with you about learning to wear shawls. It seems to silly to knit the ones I have if I hardly ever wear them.

  2. I followed the Ravelry link to Lynn Ashton Designs (she wrote the 28’s Cousin 53 pattern), and it looks like that’s based off of her 28 Row Scarf, so presumably Cousin 53 has 53 rows instead, and apparently 28 has a big sister named 77.

    Also according to Ravelry, the And So Are You shawl is from the “Be Mine” series which has shawls named after each line in the poem “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.”

    Personally, I was hoping the names were taken from obscure lines in Shel Silverstein poems or something like that! 🙂

  3. I have a great book called Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls (by Martha Waterman, Interweave Press 1998) which devotes a whole chapter on how to drape and wear different shawl shapes. Of course, none of my shawls are quite the shapes she illustrates – I guess that means I have some more knitting to do! Small shawls are always nice around the shoulders and fastened with a good-sized brooch; I pin right through the shawl and into whatever I’m wearing underneath to keep everything in place.

  4. I think that maybe because the designer’s name is Rose, she’s been hearing that “Roses are red and so are you” all her life.

  5. There is a thread on Ravelry with tons of photos on how to wear shawls in a casual way…. I’m on my phone right now… Perhaps someone can offer the name of the thread??

  6. I was thinking and so are you was when you gave it to a friend…I am loved and so are you. or maybe I am going to look good in this shawl and so are you.I think the worst name would be ‘shawl from He!!’….I would not want to knit that one.

  7. I’m guessing this shawl is probably one of several patterns that are titled Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet..and So Are You would be the finale. It would be cool if that is the case, to see what the other patterns look like, maybe different accessory pieces,if indeed that is the case. it is a VERY pretty shawl, great job Sheri.

  8. I just finished a shawl called ” The Miami Beach Shawl” . I used the sour pear yarn I got from the Loopy Ewe (May dream club 11). It is gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I have to block it yet and that maybe will be tomorrow. I have a blasted sinus headache and babysat my 4 year old granddaughter today, kind of took care of any free knitting time. On the needles right now.. a pair of fingerless mitts .

  9. It is beautiful! And yes, as others have said, that pattern is from Rose Beck’s “Be Mine” Collection. I made Roses are Red. I love her patterns.

  10. I see others have already mentioned the shawl is part of a series. Some of the others are on my ‘list’, too. Thanks for the pic of the ruffle blocking. I always look at that sort of thing and then ponder what to do for-ever.

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