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Another big batch of things up on the website tonight – bags, yarn, needles and patterns. That pretty much covers it all! Just added:

Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Needles – We’ve had our eye on this line for quite awhile, but we simply didn’t have space for more needles. Our current Needle Wall is 17 feet long and full. That’s a lot of needles! But we wanted to add in this line, so we added 10 more feet of slatwall for needles so that we could carry this line for you. (That makes 27 feet of needle options here. Lots to choose from.) In this new line you’ll find:

– Symfonie Cubics 6″ DPN’s (a cubed ergonomic shape provides comfort for your hands as you work)
– Dreamz 6″ and 8″ DPNS’s (All Dreamz needles come with a polished wood surface that works effortlessly with all yarn types. Each size is a different color. Note – some sizes are backordered, but we’ll get them soon.)
– Dreamz 10″ Single Point Needles
– Dreamz Circular Needles (16″, 24″, 32″, and 40″)
– Dreamz Cable Needles
– And sets of Dreamz DPN’s, Dreamz Single Points, Dreamz Crochet Hooks, Dreamz Interchangeable Deluxe and Chunky, and Interchangeable Cords.

When I first started knitting, I loved the warm feel of wooden needles and bought them in several sizes. As I got better at knitting, I strayed from wood because the points were never pointy enough for the way I knit, and the wood made my stitches feel draggy. I’m on my second project with the Dreamz Circular needles and I feel like it has all come full circle. These are pointy enough for me, they are polished enough for me (not draggy), and I’m totally sold on them. I hope you like them, too!

In addition to all those needles, we have also just added in:

– A re-stock of the Jordana Paige bags that flew out the door last week!

– New Atenti Carpet Bags in Backstitch, Camelia Sky, Denim Bloom, Groovy Brown, Juliette, Madrid, Night Bloom, Sugar Skulls and Tuscany. (Shown here in Madrid.)

Chic-A bags – re-stocks and new styles in all colors and fabrics, including a 3-ball yarn keeper (I use my 2-ball one all the time), and a new style that has a 2-ball keeper on the bottom and a bag to keep the project in attached to the top. Smart.

Cascade re-stocks in : 220, Eco, Eco Duo, Heritage Sock, and Heritage Silk.

Malabrigo Sock re-stocked in the 12 colors that we could get. We have lots more Malabrigo (all weights) on order.

Through The Loops Patterns (new and re-stocks)

Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns (great sock basics, sweater basics, and kids sweaters)

New Indie Dyer Lola-Doodles – this heavy fingering / light sport weight yarn is soft (merino/cashmere/nylon) and springy and comes with 435 yards in a skein. (Shown here in The Raven). I made this hat when I was testing Temple’s Lola-Doodles line last fall, and I love how the colors knit up. You might try this with Ivete’s Riverside Handwarmers, or Beverly’s Barcarolle Hat, or The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, which I made last summer and loved working on. I like those patterns that knit up quickly like that.

So there you go. You can pick a new pattern, some beautiful yarn, a set of needles, and a new bag to keep it all together. Fun, right? 🙂

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  1. Yay! I LOVE the Cubics needles. They’re wonderful on your hands and they do great things for even tension, too. I have one set of dpns and a couple of circs, and I definitely am going to want more. I’m so happy you’re stocking them.

  2. Great news on the Knitters Pride needles! I see you’re carrying the cables, but not the interchangeable tips – will you be carrying these in the future?

  3. Sheri, every single time I come to your website and blog, I find wonderful new things! Things for myself, things for gifts for other people, things to keep me knitting and thinking (and spinning – three cheers for the re-stock of the roving section!). HOW do you do it?

    Pets to the cats, including the backyard visitors.

    And thank you.

  4. I discovered the Dreamz Needles about a year ago and I just love them! They have become one of my go-to needles. I’m so excited that you are stocking them now!

  5. And so are you is part of a series of patterns…
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Sugar is sweet
    And so are you.
    Plus there’s one called sugared violets, which I knit in the cascade epiphany, which is awesome! I bought the whole ebook and now I’m knitting roses are red in malabrigo sock.

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