Good News, Bad News

Good News: We had 20 people at Loopy Knit Night last night and filled the whole front entry area with chairs and knitters and crocheters. That was fun!
Bad News: I added more patterns to my “to knit” list. It happens every time someone walks in wearing a beautiful handknit, or comes to Knit Night, working on something enticing.

Good News: I started my sweater. This is the Tea Leaves Cardigan out of Dream in Color Cashmere Blend Worsted in the September ’11 colorway.
Bad News: We’re currently out of that colorway, but we have others available. This yarn is so fun to knit. I can only imagine how nice it will feel to wear.

Good News: I did a Cable Cast On for the neck edge and really like how it looks.
Bad News: It has nothing to do with cables, so the name is a bit misleading and makes it sound like it might be difficult. It’s so NOT difficult.

Good News: It snowed about 8″ last night! Everything looks beautiful outside and my backyard looks like this again.
Bad News: It might be done snowing here. Denver is getting 18 – 24″ and that sounds more fun. I like snow.

Good News: In addition to Mocha-the-backyard-cat (and I did finally get to pet him last week!), we also have a very friendly, sweet cat named Simon who likes to visit and drink water out of our bird bath. He loves attention. I’ve gone out on the deck to pet him several times in the last few weeks.
Bad News: Last weekend in the midst of purring and being petted, he turned around and sunk his teeth into my hand. Then he immediately went back to purring and being happy that I was petting him. (??) Now I refer to him as that Sweet Devil Cat.

Good News: I went to the doc and got on antibiotics the next day, so don’t email and tell me how awful cat bites can be. I know. He’s up to date on his rabies shots, I’m up to date on my tetanus shot, and my hand is all well now.
Bad News: He still visits our deck and I’ll probably still pet him from time to time. (At least this is bad news to my hubby, who thinks I ought to be more cautious of animals I don’t know. I’ll try, but no guarantees.)

Got any good news/bad news to share today?

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  1. Good news: it’s Friday !

    Bad news: my two boys have physicals later

    Good news again: waiting time is knitting time!

  2. Good news: It’s Friday! Bad news: I don’t get off work till 7am Tuesday. Good news: that doesn’t mean I can’t knit!

    Your Tea Leaves looks beautiful. Love cable cast-ons. SO sorry about Simon! Tell dh maybe he (the cat) just needs some loving…

  3. Good new is, I’m in Denver 🙂 Wish I could attach the picture I just took of our front porch! Back to knitting the weekend away!

  4. Good News – I receive my beautiful birthday yarn from the Loopy Ewe and it is just as gorgeous as I had hoped. And the coordinating colors are perfect. One of the colors is Hermione Granger Woolen Mill St. yarns.

    Better News: I found a sock pattern called “Hermione’s Everyday Socks” which I will knit with my Hermione (and coordinating) yarn.

    Best: I also got my $25 to use on my next order with TLE.

    Bestest: My birthday is next week and I plan to spend the day knitting!

    Bad News: I won’t be able to start knitting until this evening. LOL

  5. Good news, I’ve finished the heel & gusset and heading to the toes with yarn I bought at fling thinking how great they will look with my black shoes & recently purchased slacks … bad news, DH comes in & thinks I should gift them to someone in his office (ummm…. I am having difficulty with that suggestion – will search other finished objects I can part with).
    PS. socks are [Courageous Water Rescue](project) on ravelry with some Intentions yarn in courage.

  6. good news! just back from Farmers Market, wonderful load of fresh apples and produce and had my special Friday morning breakfast of raw oysters, shucked on the spot by one of my favorite vendors.
    bad news! It’s not Friday every day! lol

    Some cats get too stimulated with too much petting, especially over the length of their whole body. sometimes using two hands, one just maintaining contact on the chest, the other doing very slow petting keeps that short circuit that ends in a bite response from happening.

  7. Good News: I’m home and could knit all day if I wanted to. Bad News: I’m home because of having to ferry the dog to the vet to get her splint changed and I have to work from home since I want to get paid so I can’t actually sit and knit all day.

  8. Claire said it well. It’s a cat overstimulation thing. Sometimes they just do that. Don’t take it personally. 🙂

    Good news: I don’t work on Fridays so it’s a knitting and vintage TV day: Canon, Gunsmoke, Kojack, and my TLE 1Q2012 challenge project! 😎

    Bad news: Mama’s having a bad Alzheimer’s day, so lots of repeat questions make countoing challenging. 🙁
    More good news: we’re going out for dinner tonight! 😀

    Bad news: I can only pick one restaurant for dinner. Which means I have to decide. 🙁

  9. Your Tea Leaves cardi is looking great! Simon has kind of a devily look on his face, don’t you think? He kind of looks scary! I’m impressed you finally go to pet Mocha – hopefully s/he is lower on the bi-polar spectrum and doesn’t bite you! Knit night was great fun last night and I wish I could come up with a clever good news/bad news but I think I need more coffee for that.

  10. yes cats get ‘overstimulated’ and do that biting thing OR they suddenly scent something odd–one of your cats, a dog, an unfamililar smell in the wind–and they react that way. my cat Starli play-bites me, then licks the area energetically as if to clean a wound.

  11. My cat does that ALL THE TIME. But she may or may not be Satan’s spawn, so that has to be taken into account. She isn’t overstimulated, she just likes to bite. We had to get her a companion cat a few years ago so she would stop doing drive-bys in the hallway. I love her little face anyways.

  12. Good news: It is Friday and tomorrow is Satuday- Time for knitting all weekend!

    Better good news: I am coming to the Loopy Ewe in April! Of course I am bringing a kntiting friend. Can’t wait!

    Bad news: There isn’t any!

    Sorry that Simon got a hold of you. But Claire is right. Be careful. Love your Tea Leaves Cardigan.

  13. Good news – it’s Friday. Better news – DH continues to lose weight & do fantastic at cardiac rehab!!!

    Bad news – hmmmm, how about just poor dry hands that make it hard to knit without snagging the yarn.

  14. Good news: I started half marathon pre-training this week, and I’m on target for my current goals.
    Bad news: The muscle soreness has been bad enough that I’m sleeping even less than normal.

    Too bad that sleeping less hasn’t resulted in more knitting. Just the way it goes sometimes.

  15. Good News: I love that you love animals and I love reading your blogs.
    Bad News: I’m having trouble reading your blogs…every time I do I find something that I MUST MAKE. My list is getting awfully long! 🙂

  16. Good News: The weather is so nice in Oregon today that we took the dogs on a nice, long walk through the woods, and now our back door is open to let them play in the yard and come in and out as they wish.

    Bad News: The weather will be this nice all weekend and I am in a fashion design illustration class all weekend!

    I have to check out that colorway of your cardigan, it looks lovely.

  17. Good News: I have some very pretty yarn to knit a Dales of Norway(Thanks for the help)
    Bad News : I don’t knit fast enough to get more yarn next week.

    Good News: I made some new nice friends Thursday
    Bad News : It will be a week before I get to knit with them again

    Good News: The Loopy Ewe Group is in Colorado and we needed a fantastic LYS
    Bad News: With the Loopy Ewe here in Colorado there can be nothing Bad to come of that.

  18. I’m very envious of your snow there! We haven’t had hardly any this winter. 🙁

    I’m glad to hear you’re befriending the cats. Our neighbors across the street have a cat that looks very much like the cat on today’s blog. We also had a male Siamese we loved dearly whose name was Simon.

  19. My own cat is a bit of a devil cat, and I actually took him to the vet because I was concerned about his biting. He would turn on a dime – just as you described. She said it is sort-of an “over-stimulating” kind of thing with some cats, and to pay special attention to his tail, etc. He has gotten some better, and I think we are better at “reading” him. I do put him away when children come to visit. Anyway, I hope it was a fluke and there is no more biting from your little fella.

  20. WE have had almost no snow this year and it’s really depressing.

    If you can avoid the reflex to pull your hand away when the cat bites they might let go before they break the skin. When you pull it triggers the preditor/prey instinct and they chomp down harder and out come the claws. It’s easier said than done if it hurts though.

  21. Good news- its the weekend and 2 of my 3 DD are home with me.
    Bad news- DD #3 doesn’t get here til Monday nite and by then her twin will be back at college so they can’t celebrate their birthday together this year.

  22. Good news – I found a pair of Dansko’s that look like old fashioned Keds sneakers at the mall the other day. On clearance. For FIFTEEN DOLLARS. *IN MY SIZE!!!*

    Bad news – It’s snowing here too. So it may be some time before I can wear them outside.

  23. Your story about Simon reminds me about an abandoned black and white cow cat from the neighbors next door. The neighbors left in a hurry and just left 3 cats outside. I had to feed them. The smallest one was very shy and would turn and bite me when I petted her just like Simon. By the time the weather turned cold, I took in 2 of them. We think the third already had found a home. Ten years later, she is last surviving cat of our four and queen of the household. She never bit after we took her in and now must be in my lap when I am sitting. She loved to supervise my knitting. I glad I didn’t give up on her.

  24. Good News: I loved the tea leaf sweater and ordered it this morning from their web site. Have yarn and needles all ready to go.
    Bad News: I have a PayPals receipt but no pattern. Waiting for Madelintosh to respond to my inquiry.

  25. The Tea Leaves cardi was one of my favorites to knit, but I wish I had lengthened it a bit between the neckline and bottom of the armhole – it’s a little snug. Love the colors of your yarn!

  26. Good news:
    This is the week I learned to knit in 2009, so I am celebrating by setting aside an hour a day for fiber fun for a whole week.

    Bad news:
    Not sure where the hour is gonna come from. Probably between 10 and 11 PM so I will fall asleep over my work.

    Good news:
    My rescued poodle looks like a heap of Gray and brown alpaca yarn. When she buries herself in an afghan I crocheted out of Homespun, she is absolutely camouflaged. My son calls her “Yarn Dog”

    Bad news:
    She loves the taste of wool yarn. She kidnaps one handmade wool sock (yes, the Wollmeise ones) and hides it in her toys. No chewing, but she loves to hold it in her mouth.

  27. Bad news…Really crazy demanding people at work and I am tired of being nice to mean people. Drat, but ’tis my job. 🙁

    Good news…Today is my day off and the only people I have to be nice to are myself and my husband. He just better not be mean. Just sayin”. It is gonna be a good day!

    Even better news..New yarn ordered! Can’t wait. Thanks Sheri. You make even bad days better. 🙂 N

  28. I love the sweater colorway, I knit it into a scarf/shawlette. I wore it to the Grand Opening and got lots of compliments. It is the greatest yarn, wonderful to knit with and so soft against your skin. Sherry I told you a bit of incorrect info on the pattern name. It was TGV High Speed Knitting on Ravelry. I love this colorway and would buy more if they ever do it again…..But will buy the yarn again regardless.

  29. He is a handsome boy. I have a friend who had had that happen twice to her with her own kitties. Sweetest kitties ever…………then the devil steps in.

  30. As someone who is owned by six cats (we just lost our little tortie last month), sometimes cats have a sore spot. You might have just touched him where he was a bit tender. It’s obvious he likes you (or he wouldn’t let you near him). Just don’t take it personal. He’s a handsome dude!
    Denise and the Six-Pack
    April (grey tabby)
    Sootz (black terror on 4 paws)
    Carmen (Maine Coon)
    Salem (large and in charge)
    Zeus (aka Mr. Purrrr)
    Ozzie (the baby – Tuxedo)
    And our angel kitty, Tessa (tortie).

  31. Hi Sheri, we used to have a cat we called Spot the Wonder Kitty because you always wondered how he felt about you. If he howled, hissed and spit at you he was happy with you and would let you pet and love on him. We always said if he putted at us to run because he was planning an attack!. He was a beauty with white fur and circular red spots, sort of like a Turkish Van. He wandered away years ago but he was a beauty.Right now we have five darling babies in addition to our six regulars inside. The babies are sweet as can be. Love cats. But sometimes the devil does posses them.
    Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas

  32. I’ve just taken in an abandoned cat myself (again). He’s also a big cat, big personality, big affection, BIG RELIEF at having food and warmth again, and big love nips! I’ve got a couple of love-nippers in the house, but this guy broke the skin on my hand, too. He very quickly figured out that my yip of surprise wasn’t good, and has slacked off quite a lot with his teeth. I think he was just carried away. While I realize that isn’t the case with your lovely orange tiger visitor – you obviously know where he lives – they can still forget their own strength when they’re excited to see you. I love animals of all kinds and have been active in rescue for over 30 years. It’s a good thing to remember that there’s nothing wrong with a firm “No!” when they surprise you.

    You’re really good, Sheri, and I really appreciate it when you put up notes about the animals you encounter. Keep up the good work on all fronts – critters and yarn.

  33. I know a cat who does the same thing when he’s really happy… We call it a “love bite”, but it still hurts, doesn’t it? I guess cats show their love in a different way 🙂

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