I thought she said 220 ….

I could’ve sworn Baby Hazel’s mom said she made this hat out of 220. So when I went off to get some yarn to make one, I was thinking worsted weight. It ended up being …. um …. too big for a baby. On the plus side, if you want it to fit an adult (and many made comments asking how to do that on this pattern), then just knit it out of worsted. Or if you want it to look cute on your pet sheep – worsted will do as well. For babies? Stick with the fingering weight.

This is the Stella Pixie Hat, free here. It’s an adorable shape and Baby Hazel really looked precious in it when she was in the shop with her mom. I made it with Spud and Chloe Sweater, a yarn that I just love knitting with. I also did an i-cord tie (threaded through the folded over neckband) instead of the button closure loop. This might be my new go-to baby gift to knit. It was quick and easy to knit up and I think it looks adorable. (But in fingering weight next time.)

We have the February Dream Club color up on the website, and it’s a beauty. This semi-solid red/pink was dyed up just for the club and is dyed on the Classy base, so it comes with 250 yards in the skein. The pattern that goes with it is by Beth Kling, and is called Hearts on a String. A great way to keep your neck warm (and stylin’). We will email you the pattern within 48 hours of your Dream Club order shipping, so that you can jump right in and get started on it. I can also see this cowl done up in a navy blue or a charcoal grey to keep the whole thing a little more subtle. And I can picture this happy red February colorway in a scarf like ScWINoNa or Christmas Lace,  or fingerless mitts like the Cozy Thermal Mitts or Ragtop . Lots of ways to use both this yarn and pattern. Remember, we will have more skeins available in the middle of the week next week, too. We always put more up when the people who have pre-ordered make their final decisions.

We have winners!  Congratulations to our two in-store Grand Opening  winners – Catherine from Arvada and Debbie from Boulder.  And Congratulations to our two blog Grand Opening winners – Arlin from Indonesia and Windy from Texas. We will get these prizes in the mail to you all today. Thank you again to everyone who stopped in on our Grand Opening day and who left comments on our January Blog Contest post. I will be referring to those comments full of pattern ideas for a long time.

Sheri can’tdecidewhattostartnext.Shawlorsweater?Maybeboth.


  1. I say both. One a take along pattern, one a “lock myself in a room and do not disturb me on pain of death” pattern. Then you can go back and forth. 😀

  2. Maybe she did make it out of Cascade 220. They have a sport and a fingering weight now.

    I loved last February’s project. I should see about this one. It also looks super quick!

  3. Now just how do we pre-order this yarn? Put it on our wish list, or stalk the site? Wanting it badly, so let me know before it’s all gone, Sheri.

    Just looking at the color makes me happy!

  4. Hi Pam – this month’s colorway is still available by clicking on the link in the blog post. We did pre-orders last summer for the entire Dream Club session (six shipments, which ends with the March shipment, I believe). We’ll do pre-orders for the next one if they offer it, too. I’ll keep everyone posted via the blog and newsletter.

  5. nuts….got home from work late, clicked on the link and I missed it….out of stock…Loopy looks adorable in his hat……………

  6. Loopy is stylin’! Great color choice for him.

    I vote with the first comment… Two new projects, one easy/take-along, and one lock-yourself-in-the-room for intellectual stimulation 🙂

  7. Sherri, you told me at the shop grand opening on Saturday about this hat and I downloaded the pattern on Ravelry. I had to laugh when I saw the finished product! I made a “fish” hat for my 2 year old nephew that ended up being a halloween costume for his dad! Looks great on the ewe. Enjoyed shopping in your new store!

  8. maybe it was Cascade 220 sport. I liked it better when 220 meant worsted and other yarns were referred to by yardage. I wish Cascade would go back to that. I’m knitting a sweater next. I love to knit shawls to tend to wear sweaters and socks more. So have been knitting lots of sweaters lately.

  9. I had a great time visiting The Loopy Ewe again yesterday!! What a beautiful yarn shop you’ve created there! It was very fun visiting with you, and talking to several of the elves, too. It’s funny, but I was looking at Loopy sitting there, and even said to one of the elves, “Loopy looks like he needs a hat”. And there he is now with a cool hat on—that sure worked out for him! 🙂 Looking forward to visiting again…..someday!!

  10. How about finishing a UFO shawl, Jared’s Rock Island; and starting a sweater, Thea’s Vodka Gimlet. That’s my plan for this year – finish a UFO first, then cast on something new. Sheri, I am so sad that I no longer live in Colorado, although I do still own a house in Fountain, hmmmm. Maybe I can be a stow-away when my daughter and her fiance travel to Longmont for his sister’s HS graduation in May….. ; )

  11. I laughed to see that hat on Loopy! Had a grand time at the opening last Saturday and it was fun talking yarn with all the folks and you and the Elves.

  12. The Grand Opening was fabulous. I’m really looking forward to knitting up my yarn that I got into a lovely shawl. Welcome to the neighborhood and may you prosper in your new location!

  13. I won? I won? I WON! I almost can’t believe that I’m getting a Loopy goody in the mail. I have the toughest luck in my family so I enter contests without ever hoping to win. But here’s one that I wanted so dearly to win, and I DID!

    Thanks Sheri! (Here’s to this marking the beginning of a lucky streak for me)

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