Mocha, Harvey and Marge

Several of you have asked how Mocha-the-outdoor-cat is doing these days. You’ll be happy to know that he’s still coming around, drinking from the heated bird bath, and now eating the dry cat food that we put out for him. He still has no interest in letting us get near him. That about kills me. I’m a hands-on animal person. But he does seem to show up just after we get home in the evenings and when we get up in the mornings. I think he likes us. To a certain degree. At least he likes the food and water coming from us.

Guess who else wants to eat cat food and drink from the bird bath? These are the night-time visitors to our back porch. They’re very big and pretty cute. And in my typical “let’s name them” fashion (I know, I’m weird), I’ve dubbed them Harvey and Marge. However, I am not feeding raccoons. The cat food started coming in at night after that. I don’t really want to encourage these two, no matter how cute they seem from the other side of the glass. They are pretty funny, though. The one on the left got IN the bird bath, tipped the whole thing over, and then backed his way into the bigger guy on the right, to get him away from the cat food dish.

See? Β In and tip:

Bump – “Move over, Dude.“:

Fortunately, Mocha seems to be doing a good job of avoiding them completely. I don’t think raccoons are good to cats.

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  1. I love raccoons. I know you have to be careful with them, but when I was a child I used to have “tea parties” with raccoons. In the evening they would come by and we (me and 3 or four raccoons) would sit in a circle and I would hand out chocolate chip cookies. (I have pics!) They would even bring their babies and let me pet them. Their paws feel like they are wearing little velvet gloves. This was at my aunt’s house and she learned that if she put food out for them, they would respectfully leave her garbage cans intact. Somehow their relationship developed from there.

    Anyway, I know it’s an unusual circumstance, but I will always have a soft spot for raccoons from those magical evenings in my childhood.

  2. Oh my gosh! Those raccoons are adorable. I know they’re pests and all but those faces and their cute little paws and sweet, tiny ears. Awwww! I hated them back when we had a fish pond. They ate many of our koi, the little buggers. No more fish pond so I’m back to thinking they’re cute. Have you ever read the book Rascal? It’s an excellent children’s book about a raccoon. I think you’d like it.

    And Mocha looks great! Glad to hear you and Gracie are keeping an eye on her!

  3. We visited a plantation home in Natchez, MS that had two generations of raccoons. They showed up for dry cat food first thing in the morning — at the gate house. We were fortunate to arrive for our tour at about the same time.

    Cute, but wouldn’t want them around my house. Rabies is rabies, after all.

  4. i have an indoor/outdoor cat with a cat door. he barely eats at home (where we serve him special prescription wet food) and yet has gained a lot of weight because all the neighbors feed him the dry food that he loves. mocha looks lovely and well cared for. i’d bet he has a home of his own and is just making the rounds.

  5. I like Tracey’s idea that Mocha is just avoiding the diet. I need to eat healthier too, so I want to avoid the diet (though I won’t avoid it by coming around for kibble).

  6. My sister lives in the Springs. When she lived on Cheyenne Mountain she put bird feeders out, 3 of them. It wasn’t to feed the birds….it was to see the deer! The deer would come eat the birdfood. She got to the point she could walk out on the deck while the deer ate. One even sniffed her hand. We used to laugh that she was the same elevation as the zoo. She’d seen mountain lions, bears and deer on that mountain. She was just waiting to see an elephant and a giraffe. lol Cute racoons!! But I wouldn’t feed them either…lol

  7. Those racoons are HUGE! I’m sure Mocha has a home, but I would scoop him/her up in a heartbeat!

    At our old house we had a creek running through the backyard and had a family of Groundhogs that lived there. They’d come up and hangout on our deck during the day and I’d feed them veggies. We named them Fred and Ethel after Lucy’s old neighbors. We get telemarketers calling all the time for the Mertz’s and we’d always tell them that they were unable to come to the phone right now.

  8. Raccoons, urgh. We had to pay big bucks last summer to have our house raccoon-proofed after one got into the attic. And I saw trucks from the same company that worked on our house at two neighbours’ houses last week. Just saying!

  9. I do love the outside kitty. He is beautiful. He does look like someone cares for him though or wouldn’t he be all tangled up? but that wouldn’t keep me from trying… Just sayin. πŸ™‚ I love raccoons, too. We had a little one when were kids. He walked up to my brother when he was wee little and we kept him for an entire year, until he became all hormone filled in the spring and would get all riled up. He did not return after that and we all presumed he was then a family man and had no time for us. It was better than thinking he was in a trap or ditch somewhere. When he was little he was so sweet and we did love him so. I still enjoy watching them.

  10. I had raccons and opossoms visit our deck when we left some dog food out by mistake. My German Shepherd Dogs all 100+ lbs each wanted to get on the other side of the glass so bad I never, ever made the mistake of leaving food out again. Those racoons are cute but just check out their claws.

    The opossom came back one night looking for food and my male dog was out. That critter rolled up in a ball and the dog played fetch with him for about 15 minutes before I could get the two seperated. Then my pup was isolated from his sister for 3 days to be sure all was OK. Never saw the opossom again after that exchange!

  11. we had this problem as well, but it was the neighbors with catfood feeding the numerous strays. There is a well established path across our backyard from where they wuld leave the woods, cross our yard and climb the fence next door. They were so tame that they would eat at the same time with the cats. In my yard the raccoons go for the bird seed and dried corn. One day i found 3 babies stuffed inside the large feeder with one sitting on the roof. Mama was hanging down from the branch above in the cherry tree seeing if she could fit too. They broke this feeder, lol!

  12. When I was a kid we had raccoons as pets, Loon 1 and Loon 2 were there names. Of course this was before the rabies scare. I don’t remember anything other than my names. However, my mom had photos of us holding them and our dogs playing with them.
    Maybe if Mocha doesn’t come around to be friendly, Harvey and Marge will. πŸ™‚

  13. Raccoons! Aggghhhh! Really don’t like the little buggers. They dig through and uproot all of my potted plants on my deck and porch. Just strew everything all over and then leave my poor plants lying there, defenseless. They claw through the garbage can every time someone mistakenly leaves the garage door open. What a mess! The neighborhood feral cats are almost as bad. Wish folks would take care of their pets and let the wild animals be wild. Just my 2 cents worth. I have a bit of an aversion to white tailed deer, too. Last close encounter there was with my Ford Escape. We both lost.

  14. What a beautiful cat Mocha is! And the racoons are adorable. I have some in my backyard and on the back steps occasionally, and they ARE fun to watch. I don’t encourage then either. They scare me around my little dog just a bit. I don’t like to let him out when I know they are around. Even the the yard is fenced, they must climb over for some reason, and Zeppie (the dog) doesn’t know enough to back off. One time last year he was barking like crazy and I went out finally with a flashlight and not seeing anything in the yard, finally scanned the trees with the light, and sure enough, there were two up the same tree, shiny eyes and cute little faces looking down at us.

  15. I am sure others have said this, but don’t be fooled by the racoons’ cuteness. They can be quite vicious. To the point they will attack other small animals.

  16. We used to feed the Raccoons at our house and the babies would play in our Whiskey Barrel waterfall. Then we put in a fish pond. The darn things figured out how to divert the water and drained the pond almost dry. Several of our fish were never seen again πŸ™

  17. Last year my elderly aunt had put water in a birdbath for the birds and looked out to see the top had been tipped over in the night. She figured it was raccoons, but it being winter and she being in her late 80’s and the top to the birdbath being heavy, she left it until she could safely go out and do something about it. When she did several days later, underneath she found one very flat, very dead raccoon. She shed no tears and if it had been some of the squirrels she really battles, she might have danced. She is in all other ways a very sweet, kind woman. lol

  18. Sheri….Marge??!!……Perhaps I should be naming my groundhog Sheri!!! Actually I do think he is a Herman. I like that Raccoons are usually traveling in pairs or such. I’ve never seen babies but may this Spring. Possibly will see groundhog babies because Herman is living in the back of the garden and he may get a family! Thanks for sharing, I real needed a smile today. Have a great Thursday!!

  19. Next the skunks will be showing up for a free meal, LOL. I’m speaking from experience in Oregon. Mocha is beautiful. You are wonderful caring for critters.

  20. well I hate to sound negative about the wildlife but Racoons are on my NASTY PEST list. We’ve had trouble with them since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago. they poop on our pool deck and get in the pool by using the steps – sometimes they even poop in our pool which just horrifies me. My husband hates cleaning up after them plus they are mean buggers. They are very bold – in the beginning we only saw them after dark but then one of them started saundering thru our back yard any time day or night and so my husband started shooting at him ( not to hit him but just scare him) with the bb gun. they scare me – in our area you are always hearing rabies warnings on the TV that involve racoons. Plus I know they will set up housekeeping in your attic and have their litters – they can descimate your attic in nothing flat. OK I’ll get off my soapbox and get back to knitting a more pleasant subject indeed. Have a great weekend – melody

  21. Most racoons and cats have a certain understanding and really do not bother each other. They can be quite amusing and your two have beautiful coats on. Mocha is delightful. I lost my little feral cat last week. I had only begun to be allowed to pet her this past year and she had chosen to stay with me for thirteen years. Does Mocha belong to someone or was he just turned out? By the way how are your girls adjusting to Colorado? Seems like Loppy is fitting in just fine.

  22. Love the cat. Mocha is a perfect name for the coloring. I just want to snuggle up. However having had outdoor cats, some more feral than others, they tend to want what they need and only need what they want. But we have a gorgeous orange tabby, Spencer, that loves outdoors and comes in regularly for some loving. And he is a large heavy cat, but hubby totes him around like a newborn. He just have to have that loving every day. The cat and the hubby.

    Enjoy Mocha.

  23. I’ve had an outdoor cat named Munchkin for over a year and have just recently, like in the last few months, been able to pick her up and pet her. Be patient with Mocha – the trust will come!

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