In-Store Opening

For those of you nearby who have been patiently waiting for us to open up the in-store shopping part of The Loopy Ewe, I’m happy to say we’re just about ready for you! I know – you’ve been looking at the Loopy Webcam for the past couple of weeks, wondering what still needs to be done. But trust me – there has been much to do, in between getting all of your orders shipped out this past month. What you see on the webcam – and here in the photo – is just a little part of it all. (If you click on the photo to make it larger, I think you can practically walk right in …) Here are the details:

First shopping day: Thursday, January 19th (10 am – 8:30 pm)

Official Open House: Saturday, January 28th (10 am – 4:30 pm)

Regular Hours (starting January 19th):

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10 am – 4:30 pm
Thursdays: 10 am – 8:30 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

In addition to our shopping hours, please feel free to join our Loopy Knit Group on Thursday evenings (usually from 5:30 – 8:30 pm). We’ll set up as many chairs as we can accommodate, but if you come one night and the chairs are full, please do come back a different week and try again. We expect different people, different weeks, and you’re always welcome.

A couple of additional notes: We love dogs, we love coffee, and we love food. However, none of that is allowed in the shop. (Rules of the lease). So enjoy Dazbog coffee and Panera cookies and pastries before or after you pop in!

How to find us: We’re at Front Range Village. You can park down the middle of the two buildings, or you can park in the back lot (Toys R Us is back there, but park up near the Front Range Village buildings, not way over by the toy store). To get up to us, go under the arch between the north buildings (the arch says “The Offices at Front Range Village”), and in that side door, around the corner from Verizon. Take the elevator to the second floor, turn right, and we’re the first door on the right.

We’re looking forward to having you here at the end of next week! (And to all of our online Loopy customers – don’t you want to Road Trip on over??)

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I wonder if I can convince DH that this would be a good vacation trip for this year? Hmm, Colorado – lots of outdoorsy things for him, a visit to Loopy Ewe for me!

  2. I so agree with Carol.. Looking at the picture and enlarging it does make you feel like you are inside. Think next step is a Loopy Ewe hotel for us all to stay in ………………..\

  3. What a great space with all those lovely bags and skeins of yarn! Makes me wish I lived nearby so I could join your evening group! Perhaps a stop in Colorado while on our way to Wyoming – that will make DH and I both happy!

  4. Woo-hoo! Roadtrip! But does it count as a roadtrip if the drive is just over an hour? In any case I’ll definitely be making the trip up from Denver. Can’t wait to smell the wool-fumes in person.

  5. So excited to come over next Thursday from Estes Park!! I can’t believe that I’m actually able to be there (praying for no snowy blizzards or anything that day!!) since we’re only on vacation in CO. I’ll have to see how many more times I can make it over there before we leave for home…….nver made it to St. Louis—-this is a treat!! 🙂

  6. Hey, BFF Sarah! Great minds think alike. 🙂 Sounds lovely, Sheri! You’ll have to post some Knit Night pics so we can see what it’s like. It’s great you have space for that now!

  7. I can hardly wait to make the drive up to Fort Collins!! So happy to have one more local (is Fort Collins really local to Castle Rock??) source for lovely yarns!

  8. I can’t wait to see you next week! Not sure which day we’ll come up, but a day in Fort Collins in definitely on the agenda while my sister is in town.

  9. I live in the Seattle suburbs, but my daughter lives in Broomfield, CO. I am definitely coming to visit the shop the next time I come to visit her. I had a middle school teacher in Maryland, and she was from Fort Collins. I went to school with her daughter, and her daughter returned home to Fort Collins to make her home – so I have another friend to visit.

  10. How exciting! Congratulations, Sheri (although I’ll have to keep enjoying your wares from afar)! Your speedy shipping is the next best thing to being able to shop in the store, I guess!

  11. The shop looks great and I did enlarge the photo and boom I was in the shop! I can hardly wait to get there- but I am thinking it might just be for Fall Fling. No hints intended! LOL. I will get there you can bet on it! Congratulations!

  12. Hmmm, I don’t have any plans for the 28th. I think there is a very good chance I may take a road trip “up” to Fort Collins! Congrats, it looks lovely!

  13. Sheri – it looks amazing. I did a screen shot and printed the shop off so I can take it to Stitch’N Club for all the girls to see. I really see a trip from Ohio to Colorado in the future!!! Fall would be mightly fun!

  14. Oh, so excited for the official opening! I have two sisters who knit who will just happen to be in town next weekend, and I’m so excited that you’ll be open for them to come visit! 😀 Congrats!

  15. Ha ha I am certainly coming on a road trip from New Zealand. Well not just to shop with you but will be in Boulder so will ceratinly drop by.

  16. I enlarged the picture, BUT… the yarn is still behind the glass. You are evilz! Wonder if hubby will understand the note that says my wallet and I have gone to Ft. Collins to visit The Loopy Ewe?

  17. My trip to Colorado got cancelled at Christmas so we are coming in June and I will be there!! Btw, am I understanding this correctly that the shop will be open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday? (I’m planning my visit appropriately. lol)

  18. I SO want to go there in person with Frank!

    Just looking at that last photo with all the pretty yarn makes me happy!

    Plus I think it would be SUCH fun to turn Frank loose and let him pick out all the yarn he wanted – I did that the last time we hit a LYS on vacation and he had a blast. He does love his alpaca and his sock yarn!

  19. Still miss you in St Louis. I haven’t mastered the art of picking a yarn online. I like to feel it first and see the true color.

  20. I want to come visit and DH would be willing to come on Amtrak to Denver & then drive up, but Jan is not a good time to travel across the plains between MN & CO.

  21. I have checked out the flights between home and Fort Collins/Denver and I have come to the conclusion that flight money is yarn money and I can get quite a bit of yarn with flight money. As much as I want to come visit The Loopy Ewe I will have to wait until I get a little closer via business travel. I want as much of my money as possible to go to Y A R N !!!

    So Sheri, you will have to get a virtual tour up one of these days so we can visit your shop virtually!

    Hugs to you and your new elves and a wonderful New Year in Colorado!!

  22. Our vacation is official now. We are parking the camper in Loveland with plans for Estes and definitely Ft Collins and Loopy the last week in August.

    I am curious – I can understand no dogs and food and drink brought in by customers, but surely you can have coffee and bring your lunch to work?

  23. I will be visiting in Ft. Collins from Monday 16 Jan.-Thursday 19 Jan. My daughters Cava and Robin live there.
    I’m from Riverton,Wyoming and so looking forward to visiting your store.
    Do I need any help from you to get in?????
    Bea Rein

  24. Not to worry Ruth and all who live out of state. There is a lovely Hampton Inn and other good choices right on Harmony road nearby. Now if you’re asking for a Knit-In at the shop, I can’t help you there….

  25. Really wish I was closer to you. I guess I will have to enjoy the opening thru the camera and other eyes. Maybe this summer or next fall. Maybe…

  26. DH is fine with coming to shop, but I think I want to put the big picture of TLE on my computer screen background so I think I am there IRL.

  27. The shop looks fabulous! I’m so jealous of the folks that live close. Did you notice that if you click on the “Front Range Village” link you gave that under What’s Happening your Grand Opening is listed? How cool is that? Right there for everyone to see!

  28. It’s a bit far for a weekend road trip from Washington State but I’m beginning to plan a cross-country road trip in May and just might have to make a detour through Colorado. I hear the siren call of yarn waiting to be petted, coddled, and adopted….. Congrats on getting everything organized and best wishes on the grand opening!

  29. Looks beautiful, Sheri. I am so happy for you and your continuing success. Looks like lots of floor space for a Summer Fling Sleepover if you ask me…. 🙂

  30. The shop looks lovely! I hope I can make one more trip to Fort Collins before my niece finishes her vet. cardiology residency in July at FSU. I have an idea where the shop is.

  31. Beautiful, wish I was there. Hmmm family reunion in Este Park next year. Sounds like we need to go a day earlier.

  32. I am visiting from Dublin just for the open house. 🙂

    Well, maybe not *just* for the TLE open house. But your timing is impeccable — I’m really excited!

  33. Oh Sheri, it is just beautiful. I can’t wait to visit out there! I hope to also make it on a Thursday for group knitting. (well, in my case talking)

    Congrats Congrats Congrats

  34. You’ve done a fantastic job with the shop, Sheri. I’m so jealous that I can’t be there for knit night. Would love to visit in person. : )

  35. Eeeeeee! I just saw the sign for the store! I am so excited to come in when you’re open. I’ll spread the word to my knitting friends!

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