Skein and HazelKnits

Tonight’s Monday Update includes an old favorite and a new soon-to-be favorite! We’ve added in 30 colors of HazelKnits, which I know many of you have been waiting for. The tight twist and beautiful colors makes this yarn a popular one for socks, but it’s also great for shawls and scarves. (Shown here in Cherry Fizz.) The semi-solids are great for patterns with beautiful lacework, but I also love knitting with multi-colors, and Wendee comes up with some fun colorways. For the multi’s, try Hitchhiker, Mizzle, and Herbivore .  And aren’t these fun, movement-oriented patterns? Color Affection and Bold and Blended Stripe Wrap.

How about  a new indie dyer? We have our first batch of Skein up for you tonight, in the merino/cashmere fingering weight. (Shown here in Bittersweet. Click on it so that you can see the softness in there.) Oh, this is lovely stuff. So lovely that I popped three skeins right into my own stash. Soft. Gorgeous colors. Fun to work with. Comes straight to us from Australia. The 80% merino/ 20% cashmere skeins come with 427 yards, making them perfect for one-skein shawls and scarves like Favorite Scarf Ever, In the Land of Oz, Crocus Shawlette, and Cinnamon Grace. We have more fun bases and colors planned for Skein in the coming months. Keep watch!

It occurs to me that there are so many wonderful patterns and so much beautiful yarn out there, that we all just need to stop working and enjoy knitting full time. Don’t you think?  Can we find someone to fund that for all of us?

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  1. I’m so glad you’re carrying Skein yarn, Sheri. It’s sooo soft and squishy. I’m kniting a shawl out of it now and thrilled to be scoring some right here at TLE. Of course, a few other things joined it in my cart.

    I always look forward to Mondays – just because of you and Loopy.

  2. I think it is a wonderful idea for all of us to quit working and just knit. However, I don’t think we will find anyone to fund us.

  3. I keep saying I need a winning Lotto ticket so there would be more knitting time. Maybe that’s why I don’t have one yetv 😉

  4. Maybe you could talk to Warren Buffett in our behalf. Surely he would love a hand knitted sweater for those cold winter nights.

  5. Oh! I wish! So many beautiful colors, beautiful bases of yarn, softness and sheen, and wonderfully talented designers.

    So much yarn. So little time!

  6. Yes, Sheri, I think you have the right idea! I’d even do most of that knitting for charity, if someone else funded it!

    (I’m already doing most of my knitting for charity, just not enough time or funds to do as much as I’d like!)

  7. I am on holidays at the moment and having so much fun knitting. I think I could do this full time!

    Love the new Skein yarns. Thanks for posting some suggested patterns.

  8. OMG i’m way behind in my blog reading- darn this work really IS getting in the way!!
    🙂 Yes, please sign me up for the funded knitting time in lieu of work project! 🙂

    Hope all is well in Loopy ville 🙂

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