Madelinetosh Scarf and a CONTEST!

This has to be the quickest knit scarf I’ve done. One thing I don’t like about knitting scarves is that they seem to go on and on forever and …. I get bored. But this was fun and the open lace sections made the inches just fly by. This is Wendy’s Lace Stripe Scarf from Wendy Knits Lace. My copy of this book has so many page corners turned down that it certainly qualifies as one of my top favorite knitting books, even though this is the first thing that I’ve made from it. Oh, but there will be more! This is out of 2 skeins of Madelinetosh DK in the Plaid Blanket color. I’m thinking that it would knit up even faster in worsted (although I would alter the number of cast on stitches so that it didn’t get too wide.) It’s a scarf pattern that I can see making again, maybe in Madelinetosh Vintage or Dream in Color’s Cashmere Worsted. (Neither picture captures the color just right, although the top one is closer. It’s more of a deep forest green.)

So do you have a pattern that you have enjoyed enough to knit more than a time or two? What is it? Leave your answer in the blog comments and you’ll be entered in this month’s blog contest! We are drawing for two goodie bags (shown here). Each prize contains our Small Loopy Project Tote, a Loopy Travel Mug, a Loopy Heel Soak (hiding in the back of the bag), a Little Loopy, and a skein of multi-colored Wollmeise (each prize bag has a different skein – we’ll send you a pretty one).

Our official Colorado Loopy shop grand opening is this Saturday, January 28th,  from 10 am – 4:30 pm. We will have an in-store drawing for two of these bags as well as giving away two of them here on the blog. We’ll announce the winners in next week’s blog, and will also contact you if you win.

I’m looking forward to hearing which patterns have captured your attention enough to make multiple times. I have several on my own favorites list! (Like these new Cloisonee Mittens out of Cascade 220. And wouldn’t you know, we just re-stocked all of our 220 colors? With 248 different color choices, I might get a little carried away with color combination options…)

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  1. I have knit the Darkside Cowl multiple times and I really love it. It is a quick knit with a very easily memorized stitch pattern but the results look very professional and impressive.

    Congratulations on your grand opening!

  2. happy grand opening! i have knit hannah fettig’s beret 9 times! cute hat, fast easy pattern and fun to do in different colors.

  3. I rarely knit the same pattern more than once, but one year I knitted and felted house slippers for all of the women in my family. And I think I’ve made the infamous ball band dishcloth a million times. Mostly, I make lots of socks though – different pattern every time 🙂

  4. I love knitting the Waving Lace socks, I add beads to the cuff and have several away for gifts. I also knit several Traveling Woman shawls.

  5. I’ve knit up four ‘Just Enough Ruffles’ by Laura Chau. It is one of those mindless knits that even with the wrap and turns you see where you are so a pattern once you cast on is no longer needed. I like that I can use up scraps now to make it colorful or a nice skein of variegated does it’s own work.

    I have also knit a three ‘Habitat’ hats by Jared Flood. Just because they are nice a masculine so with different yarns, look completely different.

    But like most people, there are so many unique patterns out there, I almost HATE knitting something twice. (Though as I speak I am on my second ‘Ice Queen’ by Rosemary HIll.)

    Thanks for all the patterns that I am now queuing up that I think I need to make myself.

  6. I haven’t done any more than once yet..but I love knitting socks & am looking forward to visiting you this coming fall!!! Can’t wait to see the new fancy digs

  7. So many patterns, so little time. I love the Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau. And the Garden City Scarf by Sheryl Greenfield is perfect for beautiful quick to knit gifts.

  8. I have knit a classic watch cap hat numerous times for charity and also a seed stitch cowl for many gifts. Niether of these have a pattern written down. They are a mindless knit for me

  9. I made the Hemlock 3 times and going to make another one this yearI just like the pattern. Also made the 5 hr baby sweater at least 8 times or more.

  10. I’m loving the Starving Artist beret.

    I’ve knit it twice so far, and I’ve created mittens to match. The matching cowl (still in my head only) is next on the needles.

  11. Love knitting grace Akrehm’s Nicole hat. Have done it several times and turned friends on to the pattern too!

  12. I have probably made dozens of a lace baby blanket from a Bernat pattern book of (surprise!) baby blankets. I first made this blanket in 1984 for the birth of a friend’s daughter. Her daughter loved it so much that, as it began to fall to pieces from too much loving, her mom would cut out the piece, bind it off so it wouldn’t unravel, and put it away. As her daughter got older, she would take pieces of her blanket with her when she went new places: to sleep at a friends, to sleep away camp for the first time, even off to college.
    I had so much fun making the pattern, that I started making it for all my friends’ new babies. When my daughter was pregnant, she asked for one for her first baby, and the blanket has begun warming the second generation.

  13. I made quite a few Instant gratification scarves by Cyn.
    It was really interesting using fingering wt yarns all the way to a more bulkier weighted yarn and the visual differences I got. Awesome, mindless pattern to go anywhere with. 🙂

  14. I am hooked on Grandma favorite dishcloth at the moment. But I just finished The Stripe Study Shawl & I can see myself making alot more of them in various color combinations.

  15. I make scarves regularly, because I sell them at Christmas Time as gifts. I make up my yarn choices, patterns & color combinations as I go along. Trying to make each a little differnt from the next, so people have a wide selection from which to choose.

  16. I personally LOVE the Traveling Woman shawl. I’ve made it 3 times (for my wedding in May) and am if I’m ever done with what I’m knitting now, I plan on casting on another one!

  17. Wendy’s generic toe up socks, clapotis, lacy Baktus and 5hour baby sweater which is my go to pattern for a quick knit baby gift.

  18. Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig – a great basic raglan laceweight cardigan. Easy to vary with stitch patterns or edgings… a classic!

  19. Purl freee monkey socks by cookie A–I can get into the groove with those. And Puff Daddy by Kay Gardiner–super fast, instant gratification and cute!

  20. For the most part, I really do not knit a pattern a second time but there are of course exceptioms…like Baby Surprise Jacket, Cabled Keyhole Scarf, Caricia, Saartje’s Booties, Ovate, Doctor Who Scarf, and Woodcutter’s Toque.

  21. Harmonia’s Rings by Sivia Harding. I’ve made 2, including one made out of the Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted I picked up at Spring Fling last year. It’s fun to knit and the end result is warm and cozy.

  22. I try not to repeat, but I’ve done 2 pairs of Circle Socks, Monkeys and am about to finish the second pair of Sleepy Hollow Socks (first pair was a gift, so I had to make myself some!). 2 Baby Surprise Jackets. 2 Baktus(es). For Christmas this year, I made 3 Theodore the Teddy Bear(s) because it was so quick and they looked great, and I have a bunch of kiddos in my life.

  23. I have knit the Ampersand and Monkey Socks 2 or 3 times each! And I’ll probably do them again LOL. They always look different no matter what.

  24. I’m just finishing my third pair of Kirsten Kapur’s All the Water cabled mittens. It’s a well-written pattern, simple to memorize and perfect for gifts. I need to make a 4th pair so I can keep some for me!

  25. Thinking back, I seem to have a tendency to fall in love with some patterns and make multiples in short succession – like Toast and 75 yard Malabrigo Fingerless Mitts and fifties inspired wristwarmers and Saroyan to name a few!

  26. I’ve knit Cookie A’s monkey socks twice, and am planning on another pair for me as I gave away both of the other pairs. I really liked stripe study, so I will probably make another of those, too.

  27. I have made the ‘not so green armwarmers’ twice now. I think it might be the only pattern I have knit more than once.

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