Madelinetosh Vintage, Atenti, ChiaoGoo and More

Monday always brings new things to The Loopy Ewe. That makes Mondays so much more bearable, don’t you think? đŸ™‚  Something to look forward to. Tonight we added in:

Madelinetosh Vintageat last! We’ve had this on order for a long time, waiting for enough of the base yarn to be in. We put it up in 77 colors tonight. If you’re using it for sweaters, don’t forget to alternate skeins as you knit. We always do the best we can in matching skeins for you (and we’ll let you know if they are way off, before shipping), but with any hand-dyed yarn, it’s still smart to alternate, due to subtle variances. You might try one of these patterns:  Pichu-Pichu Sweater, Black Cherry Lambic Scarf/Cowl, Mo Shawl, or Cranberry Capelet. (Shown here in Terrarium.)

Studio June Eight BellsJill’s popular 8-ply heavy fingering weight superwash is back in re-stocks and new colors. This would be a fun one to use for Froot Loop Socks (and every.single.time I try to type “loop”, I type it as “loopy” and have to go back and delete the “y”, FPS), Hitchhiker Scarf, or the Herbivore. (Shown here in Dancing in the Moonlight.)

Atenti Bags – Overnighter Bags These big bags are great for travel. I always pack mine full of projects when I go out of town (because heaven forbid that I should run out of projects in the middle of a trip). It also makes a great carry on bag, or a pretty place to corral all of your smaller project bags at home.

Atenti Bags – Carpet Bags This is a new style we’ve added in that’s perfect for single projects, whether it’s small (like socks) or large (like sweaters). Wooden handles, lined inside, and done up in the beautiful fabrics and great workmanship that you know to expect from Atenti. (Shown here in Camellia Sky).

Twentyseven SoapAll of your favorites scents have been re-stocked and they are making our shop smell good.  But we’re ready to share the good smells with you now, so order up and we’ll send them on their way. I’m sure it will make your whole order smell awesome, en route!

ChiaoGoo NeedlesRe-stocks on all sizes, all lengths that we carry (24″, 32″, and 40″).

Marie Mayhew DesignsRe-stocks and new patterns from one of our very favorite felting designers. Plenty of sweet things to make for Spring, including two that come as optional kits – a lamb and a bird’s nest.

Pattern HoldersSo many of you emailed when I did my blog post on basket/project organizing, and asked if we were going to start carrying the pattern holders that I showed in the photos. We have them for you in three colors – blue, black, and fuchsia. The heavyweight vinyl is great for keepting your patterns wrinkle-free as you knit or store them, and the 9 x 12 size means that your multi-page 8 1/2 x 11 patterns or leaflets will slide in there easily.

Lavishea BarsBack in all scents, ready to pop in a purse or a knitting bag. This is a good way to keep your winter-dry hands moisturized.

Soak Still backordered on some scents and sizes, but we have a good stock back on several of the options. I use this for washing all of my handknits.

Loopy Ewe Brown T-shirts We had these in the late spring of last year, and they went quickly. These chocolate brown shirts have one of our favorite knitting quotes on the front: “In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul.”

You might notice us adding a few things mid-week, here and there. Now that we’ve increased our in-store shopping hours and days, we sometimes find ourselves needing to re-stock needles or other accessories at odd times of the week. This week we added the Atenti Overnighters, ChiaoGoo Needles, Soak, Lavishea, and T-shirts mid-week. They’ll always show up under What’s New when they go up (even mid-week), but I’ll also make sure to include them in the Monday blog posts as well, so you don’t miss anything. For new items and big yarn re-stocks (like Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, Dream in Color, etc.), we’ll make sure to hold off on those until a regular Monday Update so that everyone has a chance for those at the same time.

Have fun shopping and we’ll be in bright and early in the morning to get packing things up for you.

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  1. Hi Sheri, I never realized that you featured my Mo Shawl until someone just mentioned it to me tonight. I just wanted to thank you so much!!! Now, if only I could break my Tosh addiction and move on in life…

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