Our First Day…

…. was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who popped in to check us out. We enjoyed meeting all of you and it was fun to share the Loopy space with other knitters again. I kept forgetting to take pictures all day, but here are a few:

Christy and Eileen. Christy has been an online orderer for over a year and is a Loopy Groupie. So fun to meet her in person! Eileen asked me where I went to high school. (Which is a question that only the St. Louis people will understand. Eileen lived in St. Louis before here. I haven’t been asked that question for months. It’s a weird-joke-St.Louis thing…) Eileen’s sister-in-law was watching her on the webcam from Wisconsin. (Hi, Eileen’s sister-in-law!)

Pat who traveled up from Highland’s Ranch with her friend (who did not want to be in the photo, as she was here incognito), and became instant BFF’s with Elf Jody, because she told Jody she’d teach her to knit. Never mind that we’ve offered this to Jody before. Apparently she was waiting for Pat to appear and offer.

Some of the knitters who came for our first Loopy Knit Night, which was fun! I frogged something twice before deciding that I had to find a simpler thing to knit when I’m surrounded by other knitters. There were others there who managed to chat and knit something that takes a brain at the same time, but apparently I was not one of them. (Please note Herman-the-mail-cart eavesdropping in the background there.)

We’re looking forward to more fun shoppers today and tomorrow. Stop in if you’re near us in Colorado! (And I only remind you of the state because we still get a few calls a week from people wanting to know our hours …. and they live in St. Louis.)

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  1. Sheri, I work with Pat (pictured in picture #2) and she had a fabulous time, couldn’t stop talking about how fabulous the store is. She told me all about it this morning πŸ™‚ She wasn’t aware I followed your blog or she would have said hi to you for me!

  2. The store looks awesome. Can’t wait to visit it when I’m in the area. Love that cool blue Loopy bag. Do you sell that online?

  3. I will have to visit if I ever get to go visit my friend’s parents in Estes. I know nothing is as close as I am used to (Eastern Massachusetts gets you thinking that an hour of public transit is a huge trip), but it would be worth it!

  4. Is it Eileen in the blue sweater? Did she knit it? I would love to knit that and was wondering what the pattern is? Anybody know? Or know of one that is similar?

  5. It was so nice to meet you yesterday………after following the progress of your move to Colorado and into the new space. The shop is awesome, and so friendly and welcoming.

    Donna whoputscarrotsinthecrockpotchuckroast

  6. Hi all!

    I am the gal in the blue sweater…Unfortunately, I did NOT knit that…I got it over the summer at Nordstrom. πŸ™ Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    And the shop is BEAUTIFUL! You all must come visit and knit, knit, knit! (And buy, buy, buy!) πŸ™‚

  7. (glad I’m not the only one doing this….) I love the looks of that plum sweater and would love to know the pattern!! Christie, are you there???

  8. Thanks, Eileen! I really love your sweater. Maybe I can find a pattern that is close to it. Anybody have any suggestions?

  9. Soooooo exciting!!!! Will get to see Sheri and meet the new Elves next Sat!!! But I bet I sneak in on Friday, too! holding of ordering so I can buy in person.

    What an accomplishment for you all!

  10. I miss you in St. Louis when I visit my sister. hopefully I will make it to Fall Fling.
    Herman look chilled- maybe someone could yarnbomb him! LOL

  11. Our knitting group misses our “field trips” to Loopy Central. We have already talked about the PENULTIMATE field trip to Ft. Collins. How long of a drive, where to stop, how long to stay.

    We loved it when the elves knew who we were and would just laugh with us calling to each other “ohhhh you have to see this yarn”

  12. Cindy , I am elf Ginnie. I also loved Eileen’s sweater poncho she wore on our first day open to the public. So came home to see if I could find a pattern for it or a close match. I found one on Ravelry. This pattern uses silk so it could be used for our first quarter challenge. You may want to add some rows to enlarge it as it is a bit shorter than the one Eileen wore. Happy needles to you :0)
    Β© Vogue Knitting
    #26 Parachute Top
    by Sharon Sorken

  13. I chuckled at the frogging at knit night. I finally learned to take the very simplest projects to knit night. Knit night’s Monday and I’d spend Tuesday frogging and re-knitting. So I can never completely stop multi-task knitting because I always have to have a stockinette or other simple portable project.

  14. Cindy – I’m glad you like my sweater, but sadly I did not knit it! I wish I had, as then I would feel like that’s something very impressive, but alas, I generally stick to knitting rockin’ socks, with the occasional branch-out. πŸ˜€

    It was great to meet you, Sheri! I’m excited that you are in Ft Collins!

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