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I continue to be a sucker for knitting magazines, and it always seems like I find the most knittable projects in Interweave magazines. Oh, there is beautiful eye candy in all of the different knitting magazines out there, for sure. But the projects I look at and think, “I might make that!” typically come from Interweave magazines.

Did you get a copy of their Holiday Gifts issue this fall? I want to knit up McHenry by Susan B. Anderson (a cute stuffed puppy pattern, as well as a puppy hat for kids option). Susan comes up with the greatest patterns for kids. I also like the Novel Sleeve by Kathy Zimmerman (perfect for your Kindle or Nook). But the pattern that I just had to start in on this week are the Ashbury Mitts by Simona Merchant-Dest, shown on the cover. It’s making me try my first go at bobbles. (They’re so easy. Sometimes I wonder why I think things are intimidating – cables, colorwork, bobbles – all were just fine, once I actually sat down and tried them.)

Another recent publication from Interweave was Jane Austen Knits. I’ve marked the Fiori Pullover sweater by Mary Annarella, the Lambton Top by Theressa Silver, and the Frederick & Anne scarf by Kirsti Johanson, as possible future projects. I was so anxious to see this issue that I bought it myself, even though I knew I’d be getting a copy in the mail for advertising in it. Since I now have 2 copies, I’m giving one away to a lucky blog reader today. Would you like it? Just leave a comment below and we’ll announce the winner on Monday’s blog. (I wish I had five copies to give away!) Do you have a favorite pattern that you’ve made from a knitting magazine?

In keeping with Gratitude Week here on the blog, we have winners from Wednesday’s blog. We are sending a beautiful skein of indie-dyed yarn to these five knitters: Eloise from OR, Suellen from PA, Beth from MD, Cynthia from NC, and Melissa from MI.

I took photos of the Colorado Loopy Shop Space-in-progress last week. I’ll share them on Monday’s blog. It’s sloooowly coming together ….

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  1. Sheri, what yarn are you using for the Ashbury Mitts? I love them. It’s the reason I bought that magazine. There are lots of do-able knits in there, I think.

  2. I’ve haven’t knit anything out of a knitting magazine yet, but I do like a lot of the patterns in Jane Austen Knits!

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