Work in Progress

There is much going on in our new shop space here in Colorado. (We won’t talk about the fact that it’s not going to be quite ready when the moving van gets here. They need two extra weeks. Just be assured that it won’t affect shipping and updates. We have a Plan B in place.)

The framework is up, the heating/air conditioning ducts are in, and the electrical is done. Here’s the kitchen , the photo room, and the back door to Loopy. (Note – there is a huge sign on the door that states “Hard hats must be worn at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS.” Except for the guy in the orange t-shirt, I guess.)

The “big long space” is still a big long space, ready for ceiling and carpeting and shelves full of yarn. (Why is the guy in the yellow hardhat just standing there, looking out the window when there is work to be done? Seriously.)

The front door has been cut and is ready for you to walk through. Just about. (See that corner where the two walls of windows meet? That’s where the Loopy Webcam will go, so that you can keep track of orders being wrapped up and new deliveries coming in the front door.  Cool, huh?)

The photos above were all taken earlier last week. When we popped in on Saturday, all of the drywall was up and the heating ducts in the ceiling were wrapped and insulated. So things are moving fast, which is good! Here’s a shot similar to the one with the yellow hardhat guy (above), but now with the walls taking shape.

Our schedule – we’ll be shipping orders from St. Louis through this Wednesday morning, November 30th. The movers are loading up the shop on Thursday and Friday (12/1-2), driving to Colorado over the weekend, and unloading everything on Monday (12/5).  We’ll get set up on Tuesday (12/6) and hope to start shipping orders from Colorado on Wednesday, 12/7. All orders from Wednesday afternoon on (11/30), will start shipping on the 7th. The website will stay up 24/7 as always, and you’ll be able to place orders throughout the moving process. We might be a little harder to get by phone during this time, but we’ll be answering emails every day.

I’ll share a few photo-blog entries along the way. Wish us luck.

Sheri hopingtosurvivethenextfewweeks,prayersappreciated….

P.S. Congratulations to Sally in UT, who won the Jane Austen Knits drawing from Friday’s blog!


  1. Noooo….!!!! 🙁 I was coming up to St. Louis tomorrow to shop. Just checking out your site for store hours and saw the posting about the move. I loved your store here! I’m sure Colorado will love you just as much, but you’re leaving A LOT of sad knitters behind in Missouri! I know I can still order online (and will) but it’s not the same as actually feeling and seeing the yarn in person. I’ll miss all your smiling faces!

  2. How exciting new new new. I am coming to Boulder next year for husbands 50th and daughter and I are planning a trip to shop at The Loopy Ewe we are totally excited.

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