A Big Empty Space

Right now, this is a big (but brand new) empty space, approx. 4500 sq. ft. in size. No walls, no floors, no ceilings. But in 5-6 weeks, this space will have walls, flooring, ceiling, and will be filled with an overwhelming burst of color and fiber. Take a peek at the new Colorado Loopy Ewe Space!

What a long process this has been. We found this space back in August, so you can imagine the negotiations and back-and-forth that has gone on during this time, since we just last week signed off on the final papers. We toured a lot of options, and this was our first choice. It’s in a wonderful area (Front Range Village on Harmony Rd., for those of you familiar with that) and there is a Dazbog coffee right across the street. 🙂

The space is U-shaped and the photos are a bit deceiving. In fact, we took these photos and over a period of the next week, I had convinced myself that it was too small, as I looked at the photos over and over. We went back over there and I was reminded of how big it is in person and the photos don’t show it. There is plenty of room in there! (I made WH stand there to give it a little perspective.) So now we’ll watch as the construction people do the build out and we’ll see our space as it comes together just the way we envision it. I’ll look forward to sharing the finished space with you after Thanksgiving.

On another note – I didn’t have to wait long for the snow to re-appear again. (As predicted, it was in the 50’s last weekend and the first snowfall melted.) They predicted 4-8″ yesterday and then changed it to 10″ last night. I’m used to the weather people saying “could be up to 8″ of snow overnight” and you wake up and there is an inch on the ground in the morning. Such a bummer. It’s beautiful outside this morning – all fresh and white – and it’s still coming down slowly. We’ll lose it again this weekend as it heads back into the 50’s. I have to say, I kind of like this routine. Pretty snow mid-week, warmer temperatures on the weekend. I hope this keeps up.

Sheri lovingthesnowfallshere,althoughIknowsomeofyouthinkthatisweird…


  1. Oh what an exciting space. Did you just want to twirl in the center? Will you be able to walk to work like in St. L? I will prolly not get to see the space as it is very far away but I have fond memories of St. L loopy central and the elves.

  2. I love snow that comes and goes! The space looks great! Do you have a moving date? I shall not be able to visit the St. Louis shop before you move. I will miss meeting all the wonderful Elves that have been so helpful many many times.

  3. Sheri, Congratulations on finding TLE’s new home! I always love your photos that show TLE’s business side. Please keep us updated as the construction progresses. Now that you’re in Colorado, and so much closer to California, I may be able to visit some summer. If I do, the five Little Loopies will come along to see you, too. 🙂

  4. Sheri, I’m so happy that plans are working out for the space and TLE! Can hardly wait to begin the monthly visits to the front range and TLE. I am imagining all the yarn bins and shelves and bags, and all the fun of making the space yours. Lots of work, but I know you are one who can do it! Hugs.

  5. Congrats on the new space! Can’t wait to see TLE come to life! Welcome to an area where you need to add to the snowfall predictions. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve told us 4-6 inches and then when the storm hit they kept upping the totals. 🙂

  6. Welcome to Fort Collins! It’s a wonderful city full of lovely people.

    Front Range Village is an ideal location – lots of people meet up there for coffee, a meal or great shopping. Now we’ll be able to add knitting and crocheting to the list. I do hope that you’ll have room for a nice big table for gatherings.

    Best of luck!

  7. Having lived in the midwest for a number of years where the snow falls and stays til Spring, Colorado is awesome because of how one day it could be a blizzard and a few days later the kids are out riding their bikes! I remember one Christmas in the late 70’s I got a Suntan Tuesday doll that actually tanned (way before people realized the importance of sunscreen) and I remember going outside and tanning her on Christmas morning! LOL I am glad you brought the Loopy to Colorado!

  8. the new space looks great!!! All those windows. I love it. I hope that everything comes together as you picture it, except even better!

    Will you have retail shopping days? It’s quite a trek from Alamosa to Ft. Collins; but, for yarn, I could make it.

  9. Nice! and its near the Cancer Center of the Rockies too! Now after my appts I can have something to look forward to! YAY!!

    Bad thing, now I’ll have to pay sales tax 🙂 LOL!

  10. Yay!! I live about a mile away from where you’re opening… And I’m so excited – the yarn store closest here besides Lambspun is up in Estes, which is a little far to drive for some yarn. I’ve heard a LOT of great things about your shop; can’t wait to visit it! 🙂

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