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Happy Halloween! After seeing a lot of “years ago” pictures of Halloween on Facebook today, I decided to see if I had any. I’m thinking that we never made a big deal of this when I was growing up, as there is no photo evidence of pumpkin carving or goofy costumes. (I do remember trick or treating, though.) So I’m sharing one of my favorite pictures from when Web Guy (age 3) and Knitting Daughter (age 8 months) were celebrating Halloween one fall. They both went in pumpkin costumes that year, but KD was crying in the one photo I have, so I thought this outdoor shot was better. Do they still make those pumpkin leaf bags? I thought that was such a cute idea back then, and we had plenty of leaves to fill them.

We have plenty of fun things to share with you in tonight’s Update, and we waited a little later in the evening so that you could get your fill of trick or treaters (and chocolate). Just up, you’ll find:

Camp Loopy Colorways – We divided you up into Trail Guide groups for Project Two of Camp Loopy, and one of the activities we had in our Ravelry Group was for each Trail Guide group to come up with their own colorway that reminded them of Camp Loopy. You submitted inspiration photos and names and we sent them on up to Lorna’s Laces to work their magic. You did a great job of coming up with colors, and Beth and crew did a great job of turning them into yarn!  You’ll find them under the Camp Loopy section on the homepage. (Shown here in “Giggles in the Night”.) We have a few more things that we’ll add to that section in the coming months, just to keep your camp memories fresh. (Note – check the blog later this week for Project Two winners and Project Three voting. We haven’t forgotten!)

Woolen Mill Street Yarns – we have a new indie dyer to share with you, and she has started with a big batch of roving, which I know you spinners will love. (Shown here in “Nightmare” – appropriate for Halloween!) Christina is from right here in St. Louis and we’re happy to add her beautiful line in. We’ll be adding her sock yarn in next, so watch for that in the coming weeks.

Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock – Kate’s merino fingering weight in 15 new colors and 8 re-stocks. When Elf Lori was unpacking this big order last week, one of you called in to say, “What is that pretty color you’re unpacking on the Loopy Webcam right now??” 🙂 I always have fun seeing the colors that Kate comes up with. Every one of them is gorgeous.

Swan’s Island Fingering – still selling like hotcakes, so I know you’ll be glad that we’ve re-stocked all colors. We’re keeping up as fast as they can send it out to us. I’ve got a skein set aside for a pretty shawl. (Shown here in Oatmeal, because that’s the color I nabbed for my very own.)

We’ve also added re-stocks in: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Go Knit Bags, and Namaste Bags.

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Happy shopping and I hope you find some fun treats to add to your stash!

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  1. Holy Cow!!! That roving “Nightmare” is truly amazing! I wish that I knew how to spin!!! I am going to have to clean the screan on mu phone because of all of the drool on it!! I will patiently wait for the sock yarn!

  2. The Camp Loopy colorways are really fun. I think they are appropriate for the names.

    As for Halloween candy: the beauty of those little chocolates are that they are automatically portion controlled! I keep a glass jar with Hershey miniatures all year round. That way my family can indulge without going through a big candy bar.

    Remember, dark chocolate is healthy for our hearts, so eat some every day.

  3. I bought a big bag at Sam’s that had Butterfingers and even though I like them of the four that were in the bag those were the first one that husband passed out to the few trick or treaters. I do like them but like Baby Ruths better.

  4. We don’t really get many trick or treaters. We had only 8 the whole night. I’m trying to be extra careful about caffeine and sugar intake, so no coffee or hot chocolate or candy for a little while until I get my habits under control.

  5. Come to Australia if you want to be rid of the Trick or Treaters, as we had none, zip, nada! Halloween has not really taken off here, although the marketing people at the supermarkets bought things in for it. They even have managed to find some American jack-o-lantern pumpkins to sell – at $4 a Kilogram!!! What did you pay for your pumpkin? I refused to pay over $20 for a decent pumpkin, so have given up on the whole Halloween thing. I tried really hard to keep it going when my kidlets were small, but now that I am a GrandMa, I have let it slide. It just gets too hard to keep up American Holidays in a foreign land. This year will be the first year since I immigrated in 1973 that I will not be doing Thanksgiving. Not that we are not thankful anymore, but my Thanksgiving celebrations kind of blew out to a giant dinner party each year with up to 25 guests, a fleet of crock-pots to do all the vegetable dishes in, and a lot of work. It has been fun, but this year we have my daughter’s wedding on the 19th of Nov. and just so much else going on that I don’t want to even think about trying to do Thanksgiving this year. Perhaps one of my kidlets will take on the challenge…

  6. Pumpkin leaf bags are still popular, but we only had 4 kids come to the door last night. Since DH is diabetic and I never know if we will have many trick-or-treaters, I buy the bags of individual potato chips, Nachos, & Doritos to pass out. Those do not seem to sit around like candy. As far as pumpkins, I did not have to buy any. The squirrels planted enough seeds that I was able to grow 2 in my front yard – a small one grew up the porch railing and a larger one in front of my bush peony.

  7. Well, of course! The whole point is to buy candy you like and hope that there are fewer trick-or-treaters than candy!

  8. My DH bought three bags of candy at Sam’s Club: a bag of Dum Dums, a bag of Skittles and Starbursts and a bag of mini chocolate candy bars. As he held on to the bag of candy bars he told me we would give away the other two bags first and only open the candy bars if we ran out of the other two. 🙂

  9. My son looked in the bowl of halloween candy tonight and wanted to know who bought butterfingers and why? Dumb question, because I like them. More for moi.

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