I’m A Two-Color Fan

It didn’t take long for me to become totally smitten with two-color shawls, after Camp Loopy this summer. As I was going through and approving photos, there were certain patterns that just looked so eye-catching, no matter what colors people used and no matter what yarn they knit them up in. One of those was Kristen Kapur’s Cladonia Shawl. (We’re currently out of our copies, but you can find it here on Ravelry). I loved the shape, and I loved the edging. I knit this up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport (Grand Street Ink) and The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga (some spider-y named color way, I think?). It was fun to knit and went pretty quickly. I did a regular picot bind off so that it wouldn’t be quite so loopy. (Do a knitted cast on of 2 stitches, bind off 4 stitches, place the 1 remaining right-hand stitch onto the left needle and repeat.) I have yet to find my blocking wires since the move (you know, they come in a big long tube? The kind that would only fit in so many boxes? FPS), so this was just steam blocked with an iron. I’ll re-block it properly when I find the missing wires.

Another shawl on my soon-to-make list (in fact, I found yarn at Loopy this week for it) is the Sothia. Gorgeous. I know that ruffle will take close to forever, but I’ve done 2 Mara’s, so I’m pretty sure I can stand it. (And hey – the pattern is on sale until the end of October. Happy Birthday Robin!)

I was also particularly attracted to Spectra (which I’m thinking I will make with Zauberball and something), Daybreak (which will be a Loopy Ewe Solid/Jitterbug mix and also? Stephen, stop with the awesome patterns already), Catkin (I already have 2 Madtosh sock colors set aside – a copper and a teal), and Pamuya (which I may knit as a one-color out of JulieSpins Silky NorthShore. And guess what? That’s a teal colorway.). I made one Pamuya for camp, but really want to make another as well. I’m not a big fan of the two colors I put together for the first one, but it was definitely an interesting pattern to knit.

Are there any two-color shawl patterns that catch your eye? Or do you have a one-color pattern that you’d like to turn into two?

Sheri shippedmyselfaboxofyarnfromSt.LouistoFortCollinstoday


  1. Very pretty, Sherri! I really enjoyednknitting this pattern for Camp Loopy this summer. I like your version. Thanks for the info on Sothia. I dashed right over and bought it…..now I will just keep an eye out for a Madelinetosh replenishment at the Ewe (wink).

  2. I’m about halfway through a Striped Study Shawl. I was so inspired by all the ones made for Camp Loopy. I’m using JulieSpins Silky 435.

    I’ve also put Sothia on my list of “things that I want to wear NOW”.

  3. Question for you—this is sort of off topic, but have been curious……how many people participated in Camp Loopy, how many projects were submitted all together, how many completed all the requirements and got their skein of Wollmeise?? I guess that’s 3 questions and maybe you’ve answered them all some other time that I missed…..but I have wondered! I didn’t do Camp Loopy, but it sure was fun to follow and see all the great projects!!

    Love the shawls you featured today—need to try out some of those patterns!

  4. I am currently knitting Clockwork by Stephen West, and I love it! I never would have picked it, but I saw a sample of it at a recent fiber festival and fell in love. I can see it being a pattern that I knit over and over again. Right now I am knitting subtle stripes with a solid purple and a fun variegated purple, but I plan to do the next one in a high-contrasting scarlet and gray. (Perfect for this Ohio State Buckeye fan!)

  5. I have started tagging my favorites on Ravelry with “two-color” so that I can find them. Some of my favorites of those are Spring Awakening, Ayano, Kleio, and Castile (which also uses one fingering weight and one sport weight yarn).

  6. If anyone is thinking of knitting Sothia, I recommend it highly – my Sothia is my most favorite thing to wear, ever! I had never knit in two colors before Camp Loopy, and now it’s all I want to do. I’m knitting a Daybreak for the Fourth Quarter Challenge.

  7. I knit the Wren Shawl by Kristine on Ravelry in two colors. I really liked the way it turned out and am getting ready to cast on a 2nd in blues. You can see my version on my Rav page (EileenD). I also added a “few” to my favorites after Camp Loopy

  8. I have wondered about doing the Shipwreck shawl with one color in the center and an alternate for the outer section with the beads – don’t know if that makes any sense.

  9. You will love Sothia! I did it for the 3rd Camp project and it is wonderful, I’ve worn it to two fiber festivals and everyone had to pet it and ask what the pattern was. 🙂

  10. I just cast on Sothia last weekend as a KAL with my friend Andrea who visited last weekend! Stash busting for the MC, and Andrea brought me some yarn for the contrast! I’m loving it so far!

  11. I accidentally bought two skeins of Madtosh Merino Light in Charcoal at two different times, so I think there’s a Sothia in my future. After I do a repair (who is nibbling on my scarves????). And maybe a shawl in a worsted. Maybe.

  12. It isn’t a shawl, but a couple of people at my local group have done Spectra, which is an awesome scarf and can work well with some of the wilder colorways out there.

  13. I love Stephen West’s designs so I have quite a few 2-color shawls that I’ve either bought yarn to make or have intention of buying or spinning yarn. A friend made her Cladonia in one color and I plan to make mine with WM Himbeere that I just bought.

  14. That is one of my favorite designs as well. Seeing them automatically makes me want to combine two skeins of yarn and see what I come up with. I love teh colors you chose.

  15. I thought about you this morning when I heard that parts of Colorado may be getting a foot of snow. It will probably be gorgeous on your evergreen trees! I’m not looking forward to weather cold enough to accumulate a bunch of snow here, yet! Right now, my free time needs to be spent on finishing up an overdue baby afghan for my BIL, SIL in St Louis, and starting a large crocheted ripple afghan for my oldest son’s house warming gift (also overdue), since he moved into his own house a couple of hours south of us. 🙂 I’m not much into shawls, at least not yet. And, I have given up knitting for crocheting, at least temporarily, because the RA in my hands limits what I can do. Enjoy your stay with your parents and KD. I hope you have a good trip home!

  16. Sheri – Your shawl is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I love your color choices. I had purchased the Cladonia pattern but haven’t knit it yet. You may have “inspired” me to nudge it ahead of some other projects I had on my to knit list. I really like how the Grand St. Ink color works in that shawl and may “steal” your artistic inspiration and use it with a color I already have in Bugga to knit that up. I DO like seeing two colors used in shawls anymore either in the body of the shawl or just in the edging. It just adds so much. So how many people have stopped you in your Cladonia asking about it? It really is very pretty and I imagine you’ll get more than a lot of attention wearing it 😀

  17. Hi Sheri!

    I love your Cladonia!! That is the pattern I chose for my 1st Camp Loopy project. I chose not to knit stripes. However, now I think I need to knit a second with stripes!

  18. I like the looks of the two color Spring Awakening by PaulinaP found on Ravelry. I’ve just downloaded the pattern to put in my que of shawl knitting.

  19. With your snow today it looks like you will have plenty of time to knit on several projects now that winter has arrived in CO. Love your Cladonia Shawl, it is gorgeous and this pattern has been in my queue for quite a while now.

  20. Hope your home in Fort Collins is OK with all the snow you missed while you are in St. Louis. Looks like a winter wonderland from the photos I saw. Safe travels home.

  21. I’m a bit of a Stephen West addict, and have done many of his designs, including a Boneyard that I did in two colors (for Camp Loopy). I’ve had my eye on Cladonia for a long time, and you may have just pushed me over the edge! Yours is so pretty. Hope it keeps you warm in Colo.! If you need to warm up, come visit me in Houston!

  22. I want to do Kleio all in one color without the lace at the bottom. I think that any of the many patterns that are plain except for the edge would look better with the stripes.

  23. Sheri, a Pamuya pattern is now in my possesion! I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use but definitely a solid-y colour (maybe a semi-solid). Thanks for the recommendation.

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