Yarn Fumes

I’m having a great time back in St. Louis.

1) I got to spend the weekend with Knitting Daughter, who was off for Fall Break. Here she is, posing with my parents. They put us up for the weekend and I’m also imposing on their hospitality for the rest of the week, too. It’s nice to have a place to stay when I’m here.

2) I am back in the Yarn Fumes at Loopy Central and I’ve missed being here. I find myself just wandering around, looking at the pretty colors. I may have also picked up a few skeins to take back home. I won’t confirm or deny that I might still have a thing for teal.

3) It’s really not good that we have a healthy stash of Atenti bags in stock at the moment. I’m thinking that one of those bags would make a nice carry-on for toting all of my new yarn back to Colorado at the end of the week.

4) I have not see Buddy the Visiting Dog yet, but I’m keeping my eye out for him. I did see Noon Rich (our noon-time postman) today. Not to be confused with Dude Rich (our 3:30 postman). We call the afternoon guy Dude Rich because he always greets us with “heyyyyyyyy……” like a dude. I hope he doesn’t read my blog. How else are we supposed to keep track of which Rich-the-Postman we’re talking about, if we don’t attach descriptive names?

5) I have, however, seen raccoons. My parents’ house backs up to the woods and there is a family of raccoons living in the hollowed out, dead branch on this tree. Sometimes they just poke their little head out of that hole, there, but I didn’t get any of those photos to turn out. If you click on the photo, you’ll see that cute little face a bit better. I won’t confirm or deny that I might have put some peanuts out in the backyard to feed them.

6) We have alllllll kinds of stuff up in tonight’s update for you. Fun stuff! Like: Two exclusive colors of Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering from Three Irish Girls, Cascade Ultra Pima (Dk, cotton, 80 colors), Cascade Eco Alpaca and Eco Duo (which I used for my Girasole – love this yarn. And please note that Gracie-the-cat still curls up on this), Cascade Heritage Silk (fingering weight), Cascade Heritage Sock (fingering weight solids and multis), Shibui Sock (100% merino), Shibui Staccato (merion/silk/nylon), Universal Cotton Supreme (worsted weight cotton), Schaefer Anne (including the Jane Austen colorway, shown here), Schaefer Audrey (1-ply heavy laceweight merino/silk), Alpaca with a Twist Socrates (fingering weight for socks or scarves), Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist (in the jumbo skeins, because anything that good needs to come in a big skein), and a new sock yarn from Lana Grossa (Grigio – long stripes of charcoal and one other color. I picked charcoal/teal for myself. Of course.)

Sheri goingtogowanderbytheAtentibagsagain.Justforfun.


  1. That is a lovely photo of your daughter and your parents. A treasure! I think you do NEED an new Atenti Bag and probably some more skeins of yarn. Afterall, those bags are roomy and you don’t want the yarn to move around too much in transit…it might break! LOL Enjoy your visit.

  2. I am envious…………..I would LOVE an Attenti bag, perhaps I will hop over to the website for a quick drool before dinner!!

  3. I’m thinkin that teal yarn would look lovely lining the Tuscany Atenti bag. But then that’s just my opinion! Love the picture of the little raccoon. So nice you had a chance to spend time with Knitting Daughter.

  4. LOL at Dude Rich – a guy in the neighborhood I see when I walk my dog uses that same “hhheeeeyyyyyy” greeting.

  5. So I was “forced” to go look at the Arenti bags… (I had never heard of them before…) They sure are striking! Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately (for my budget’s sake) there isn’t one that fits my aesthetic. Though it would be nice to have a little splurge… I am glad that i stumbled on this site while “working hard” at work today… I already placed my first order!!!!!

  6. That is okay that you try to keep them separate. We call the guy that delivers the Pepsi to the high school Pepsi Dude even though his real name is Clint. I hope you will show us a picture of your new bag that you will neither confirm or deny.

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