I need to finish my Project Three. I had the idea that crocheting 800 yds. would go a lot faster than knitting it (and since this project coincided with the fact that we had just moved and had lots to do here, I figured that was just as well.) Of course I’m now into 2200 yds. on this project and it’s still not the size I want. Working more on it today.

Saturday I was distracted by all of the photos you have submitted for the Project Three Gallery. It took me awhile to go through and approve them all, but they are fabulous! And more arriving daily.

Yesterday afternoon, I was distracted by this project. Specifically, the Scrabble tiles. The photos were already up. I thought it would be fun to spell out our names, the names of the states we’ve lived in, the names of the streets we’ve lived on, etc. I need to add town names.(Scrabble tiles – available by the bowl full at antique stores and flea markets near you.) It makes a fun family memory wall. However, it does not make for a finished afghan.

Then when I finally thought I could sit down last night and work on it, I was distracted by this one. All evening long. (How can you say no to that face?)

Today I am distracted by work, but tonight …. tonight I will be working on my project. Really. Must be done by Thursday.

Anything distracting you today?

Sheri noMondayUpdatetonightbutmorenextweek!


  1. I had two routine doctors appointments today. I am finally home and ready to knit! My camp loopy projects are done 🙂

  2. Yes, the Loopy Webcam … I have moved things in & out of my cart all weekend, telling myself “no yarn needed” … but, then for some reason, I placed an order this morning and have been checking webcam to see if there is anything interesting happening at Loopy Central … later, I realized, that it was the promise of WM lurking in my brain that made me do it. Yipee! it has shipped and if USPS is on schedule, I will have it Wed for travel on Thurs.

  3. Life is distracting me!! I had a Dooctors appt. and found out I will have shoulder surgery Oct. 4th 🙁 I am “only” 49 and the arthritis in my shoulder is so profound it is compressing my rotator cuff. If it wasn’t so painful ALL the time I wouldn’t do it, but it has really progressed the last few months and will only get worse. Therefore, I must bite the bullet and get it done. SO, then I had to go to get all my pre-op testing done!! ALL of which is keeping me from my CLP#3; I MUST finish it by Thursday or I will be so sad:-( I am sure the WM will be sad too, since it wants to come and live at my house!!!! 😉

  4. I love your peanut gallery! Or at least that is what I call that type of wall.
    I should be knitting- but have been distracted and so I have been adding projects to my Ravelry page. It took me forever to learn to upload- so now I am trying to catch up!
    I have also been thinking about Christmas knitting. It isn’t too early.

  5. What’s distracting me is castonitis!!! I’ve got a weaving project that needs to be off the loom by Thursday (Friday at the latest) and I want to knit and finish my featherweight cardi so I can cast on my Eco Duo henley. I’ve finished my weaving goal for the day now and am going to reward myself with knit night at Starbucks.;

  6. yes, work. But then again, I must work to have yarn and not just any yarn, great yarn. After a frustrating morning, I’m letting the thought of yarn distract me from work. Chicken or egg?

  7. Distractions seem to run life don’t they? Just one after the next after the next. But we shall persevere! We WILL accomplish our projects and other activities of interest! It just might take a while……Anywho, can’t blame you for being distracted by that adorable little fuzzy face. Distractions of those kinds are frequently hard to ignore. They just beg to be cuddled! Best of luck completing your project three! You can do it!

  8. Timmie – Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Latte’s are back at Starbucks. Sounds like a good time to go there for Knit Night!

  9. I love your photo wall, Sheri and the cute face that distracted you! I am often distracted by my black lab’s face as well! Other than that…work is a distraction! Now that school has started, there is just not enough knitting time. I am grateful that Camp Loopy fell during my vacation…so many others had to work and I am so impressed that people can actually get anything knit when they have jobs to go to! 🙂

  10. I agree, Jeanne. The amount of knitting some people get done (alongside all of the other things in their lives) is amazing. And inspiring!

  11. What a sweetie! She looks just like one of ours. Cuddle time is important for both you and her. Enjoy it! The knitting can wait – the kitty time may not be there forever.

  12. Sheri, I was just going to tell you that PSLs were back in Starbuck’s, but I shouldn’t be surprise you already knew. My hubbie gave me two hand painted scrabble tiles for a necklace for my birthday today, and I’m being distracted by a delicious Cosmo cocktail! And,no, Gunnison is NOT like Sex in the City!

  13. Sheri, my distraction is my precious cat! I was trying to take pictures of my project 3 to get one suitable to upload when she decided it would make a nice bed!! I made the round ripple afghan you suggested. I love the pattern and want to make another. I think I will take another picture with her on it!

  14. my puppy! He keeps crawling into my lap when knitting, trying to push the keys on this pc as i type… he even kept closing the cookbook this morning trying to give me his toy chicken… i have been playing with him, really! He feels he needs a lot of extra attention right now with hubby gone for business. Like now, i think we need to go on our walk, he’s crying!

  15. awww. that cat has a face cute enough to open a refrigerator door.

    Distracted by one child going to Seattle and one coming home from Chicago, all in the same week.

    That and trying to make socks with a crocheted slip stitch in the back loop only. I have 5 (potential) pairs of half finished socks.

  16. Yes there is something distracting me which I wish I could just move on.

    I was hoping my sister was not one of those that did not do what our father wanted her to do but only what she wants to do.

    Why does money make people do stupid things? So much so that she is willing to ruin what ever relationship we had.

    Too many sleepless nights and what ifs……

  17. I have decided I cannot look at Ravelry this week. I am on button bands and finishing work and just started rehearsals for a show. None of these things are necessarily preventing me from getting things done, but all of the work and extra things in the schedule did result in a big fail that involved me incorrectly interpreting the instructions for the button bands. Tonight, during the gaps in rehearsal on Wednesday and then a mad dash on Thursday. I should be able to get done!

  18. Am I distracted? And by What? Try five of those faces you show above! The cat we rescued in the spring, Mishka, turned out to be pregnant, and presented us with four beautiful babies six weeks later … now all five kitties seem to think I’m their personal playtoy, and bed during naptime, and to turn down those faces, especially with all the purring (and trilling from one of the cute males), is impossible. Therefore, I’ve learned to quilt and knit above them once they fall asleep. Of course its a little rough on the shoulders holding the knitting and yarn above them to avoid it being caught by their active little paws, but what the heck … it like having two year old children … childhood goes so fast! Especially when its multiplied by four and an affectionate momma.

  19. Have to go to work distracts me from knitting. LOL! My kitty sometimes distracts me as well — those cute faces — you just can’t resist them!

  20. I have finished my project but I wanted to catch up on the housework I have been neglecting but I got distracted by the chance to get out for a walk, then trying to figure out how to hook up a new DVD player (I still need help on this one, not finding the instructions very helpful) The TV is not reading it so I think its more the settings but not sure. Still have not done the housework.

  21. Other than work which is a constant distraction (and necessary for fiber money). All 4 cats have been needy and fighting over lap space from me and DH tonight. Knitting is slow going today. Maybe tomorrow.

  22. WOW—all the projects from Camp Loopy are amazing! I didn’t participate, but have loved looking at everything! Will we be able to see each set of projects after this is all over? SO many great projects, too many ideas that I’d like to try to knit, would be fun to look through them again and again when we feel like starting something new~

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