Owls and Rain

Look. It’s a rainy day here! We’ve had about three rainy days in the 8 weeks we’ve been here. Usually, it sprinkles for 5 minutes and then stops and the sun comes back out. Today, this is the view out my back window. Perfect day for another cup of coffee and some knitting. If I’m lucky, I’ll hear an owl hooting back in the trees. They usually talk at night, but one afternoon I heard three or four of them going on and on. And one evening, WH and I were taking a walk at dusk and one swooped overhead. I’m sure he was on his way to a meal. It made me glad that our cats are indoor cats! And I don’t think we have rabbits out there. Although, come to think of it, maybe the owls have something to do with that ….

Owls have seeped into my fall decorating, too. I can’t seem to resist a good owl decoration. See?

Owl on a window:

Owl on a shelf:

Owl on a bookcase:

I should stop buying owls now. Instead, I could make an owl sweater, or an owl coffee cozy, or an owl hottie (just because I like the name). Are we friends on Facebook? If so, you might have seen this video I posted a couple of weeks ago. The subject? An owl. Flying right at you. I think I like them better when they’re hooting in the trees.

Sheri whonowneedsthatowlcoffeecozy.


  1. Please send the rain to Texas. Some sprinkles this morning, but they said we need 15 inches to just get even from the drought here in Dallas. And enjoy your fall weather — “cold” front tonight should mean highs only in the mid 80s tomorrow. Hooray!

  2. The owl decorations look plenty good to me! We’ve had plenty of rain in our neck of the woods, though nothing yet this week. If the fickle yard work gods have their way it will rain during the weekend when we want to mow the lawn.

  3. I need an owl to chase the pigeons away from the eaves of the dormer … except that I haven’t seen them for a while … could it be because the neighborhood seems to have a “resident wild turkey”??
    I need an owl sweater today – it is a little cold in MN for shorts & tee shirt right now.

  4. Jennifer – I agree. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of those talons.

    Trish – cute fingerless mitts pattern!

  5. I like all of your owl decorations. I will probably make the Owl “Teacup” Cozie. Sheri, I don’t know how else to get a hold of you, so I will write it on here. I placed my order on Monday and just received my yarn and knitting needles. There was NO Wollmeise in the box!! I have completed all three projects! Wasn’t I supposed to receive the Wollmeise with my order?? Many thanks for your response.

  6. We’re to have rain tomorrow. I’m planning a non-public clothes afternoon/evening. Thought about you Monday when I went in Starbucks and they had salted caramel mocha (YUM!)

  7. Hi Hannah – we started shipping Wollmeise on orders placed on Monday, 9/12, for photos that had already been approved. The system wasn’t set up to add Wollmeise notes to orders (which is how we know which orders to add it to) until after midnight on Sunday. That’s why we stipulated orders placed Monday or later. It looks like your order was placed on Sunday. For more info on this, check Friday’s 9/9 blog post.

    You can always email or call us with questions. There’s a “Need Help? Contact Us” green box on the homepage, so that we’re easy to find when you need us!

  8. That is funny you mentioned owls. I am currently knitting mittens from the Charmed Knits book in Gryffindoor colors to send to family members in Germany and I am comtemplating using one of the owl coffee cozy charts to add an owl to the top of the hand., even just one would be great fun. I am glad you are enjoying the rain, so am I. I hope to see snow on Pikes Peak by morning aka Termination dust. Happy Knitting!

  9. Glad it is raining-here as well! Yay for wet weather and knitting and coffee.

    When we moved into our home, a mama barred owl had 3 kids in the old tree across the yard. We annoyed her so she would dive bomb us to scare us from her babies.

    I love owls so much I called my studio “Rose Owl”

  10. In the last 2.5 months, we have had over 12 inches of rain in southeast MIchigan! This morning it is sunny and 43 degrees – BRRRR!
    Love the stories about the owls at your new home! We had an owl visit us one morning in August. It was the first one we had ever seen on our property and it was beautiful. It was perched on the roof of our barn and was watching the field for breakfast, I’m sure. We may never see it again, but it was definitely worth the experience!

  11. I always love to see your latest fall decorations! And, your addition this year of owls is special, since I graduated from Rice University in Houston. Our school mascot is the owl, and my husband was the owl keeper. He kept a barn owl in his room in the dorm his junior year, but they had a bigger owl that was kept in an outdoor cage that they took to the games. Anyway, I am a fan. I really love your owl coffee cozy pattern! I just wish you had some crocheted owl pattern links, etc! 🙂

  12. Just so funny! Owls! My son-in-law collects them. In fact, they had a cake topper on their wedding cake! When they said they were using an owl decoration for that, we were a bit skeptical. However, it turned out very cute. So, I’m seeing them all over the place now, and it’s okay for you to buy them. lol! 😉 BTW, it was an honor to finally meet your wonderful, sweet daughter. I had met your son previously at TU. So happy they were able to come to the wedding! 🙂

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