9/11 taught me:

– to think about, pray more for, and honor those families who daily make sacrifices for our freedom.

– to appreciate the firefighters and policemen who work tirelessly to protect our lives.

– to treasure each day as it comes, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

For me, it’s not about one day to remember. It’s about the lessons that terrible day taught me and the way that it has changed my outlook, every day of the year.

For ten years now.

I know that it has done the same for many of you. We remember.



  1. Well said. We none of us know when death comes for us. I find that a reason to live more fully and try and be a good person, not a sad thouight at all. It makes me love my family more and try harder.

  2. You’ve captured in words what is in all of our hearts. I find myself going back to it on a daily basis to read it again and again. I would love to be able to download it and keep it at my desk to remind me of what is really important on those days that seem to gang up on us with things that aren’t really important at all.

    Thank you.

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