Fifth Anniversary CONTEST!

I’ve officially started my Project Three – a throw. You might remember that Camp Loopy’s Project Three needs to be an 800 yd. project (or more).  I made another throw last summer, in a striping pattern. This time I’m going round and round to make one big square (although I jiggered it so that it is rectangular, not square.) I’m using Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes and I know it will be as soft and comfortable to use as last summer’s throw turned out to be (made in Rowan’s Amy Butler Belle Organic.) Someday maybe I’ll be able to do something more exciting with crochet than go round and round in lines, but for now, this is it. I do, however, love the blankets/throws when they are done.

This month we’ve been celebrating our Fifth Anniversary by sharing different exclusive colorways with you. Our first one was from The Sanguine Gryphon on their Bugga base, and this week’s was from Lorna’s Laces on their Solemate base. (We have a few skeins left, if you missed it.) We’ll have one more for you in next Monday’s Update.

In the meantime, we wanted to share our anniversary blog contest with you. We will be randomly drawing five winners from all of today’s blog comments and each winner will receive a $50 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate! To enter, just answer this question in the comments below (or email us the answer, if you’re shy …). We’ll draw the winners at the end of next week. So here is the question to answer:

What is your favorite vegetable?

You thought we were going to make you say “Happy Anniversary”, right? Or “Tell us your favorite thing about the shop”? Or “How long have you been hanging out with us at The Loopy Ewe”? Nope. We want to know your favorite vegetable. We don’t always like to be predictable.

Sheri thatalsomeansfiveyearsofbloggingandrun-on-sentenceclosings.Jeesh.



  1. Home Grown TOMATOES can’t get enought of them when they are fresth also green beans and red beets Happy Annivesary and many more

  2. I have to say asparagus, with brussel sprouts as a close second. Although, if my garden heirloom tomatoes ripen soon, I’m sure they’ll be the all time winners!

  3. My daughter makes me eat weird vegetables (like kale,collards,cannelini beans-some sort of payback I guess)……but my favorite vegetable is an artichoke with a curry-greek yogurt dip. Lip smackin’!

  4. My favorite veggie to eat is fresh corn. However, my favorite non-eating veggie is eggplant. I can’t stand the taste but I love the colors. I’ve made a sweater and a shawlette based on the regal purple and green of this beautiful veggie.

  5. My favorite vegetable is whatever ones my husband is throwing in the salad! I just retired and so much to knit, so little time – I love when he makes dinner!

  6. I am a veggie-holic, but my absolute favorite of all would have to be asparagus – grilled and dressed with a bit of olive oil and sea salt!

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Perhaps not for flavor but for sheer tenacity and inspiration, my favorite vegetable would be Zombie Squash.

    What do you mean, you’ve never heard of it?

    Zombie Squash is that sometime delicious halfbreed child of zucchini, crook necked squash, or spaghetti squash that gets loaded one night and decides to cross-pollinate with something else in your or your neighbor’s garden. The next year without fail it rises from the ground, invading the ranks of, and sucking the nutrients from perfectly edible squash with its mutant babies. Even if that lemon-cucumber/zucchini is disgusting to eat its colors and form are so beautiful I find myself running to my sketchbook to jot down an idea for a new sock or sweater.

    You can try to kill Zombie Squash but there is something about its smug demeanor that lets you know that it’s too late; more mutant seedlings lie safely underground to pollute next year’s garden.

  8. ONIONS! You just can’t go wrong. I have to pick them because even though i love broccoli, spinach, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, etc etc etc, the onions are first to go in the pan 😉

  9. Hmm, probably onions. Or broccoli. Or corn or potato, if you’re the kind who considers them veggies (I take no firm stance on the issue ) 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. My favoriate vegetable is yellow squash. It can either be fried (um good) or put in a squash casserole. Can’t get any better than that in Texas

  11. My favorite veggie right now is Pole Beans, because they are actually growing in my container garden.

    Broccoli is a close second, of course, because how can little trees *not* make you happy?

  12. My favorite vegetable changes from time to time, but this summer, it is baby peas. I especially like them in a cream sauce, but I have not made that yet. Happy 5th Anniversary, Sheri & the wonderful Elves!

  13. I love brussel sprouts, carrots, green beans and pea pods. Yummy!!! I wish I had a veggie plate for lunch.

    Happy 5th Anniversary!!

  14. Asparagus. Because when I was a kid my mom and I would go hunting Asparagus in the ditches on the rural roads in our little area of Iowa. It was grand fund, going running through the ditches, looking for the elusive asparagus. My husband and I now occassionally go asparagus hunting around the St. Loluis area, and believe it or not it is quite plentiful. And there’s something spectacular about eating asparagus you “hunted” from t he ditches.

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