Madelinetosh Pashmina and Sport

Here I am in Colorado and all of this lovely new yarn is in St. Louis. That is definitely a drawback to working long distance for the time being. (Not for too long, though. We’re narrowing down the options for where we want Loopy to land here in Ft. Collins.) In the meantime, here is the new yarn that is tempting me today. Just up:

Madelinetosh Pashmina – this sport weight yarn continues to be a favorite for just about everyone. The base is 75% super wash merino, 15% silk, and 15% cashmere. Great for socks, but equally wonderful for shawls, scarves and mittens. How about making: Foliage Lace Mitts, Wandering the Moor Shawl,  or the Shoulder Wrap. (Shown above in Steam Age.)

Madelinetosh Sport – this is our first batch of this base and I think you’re going to love it. We have it in 75 colors to insure that there are enough color choices for you. 🙂 I’m making socks with it, but you know it’s also going to be just right for hats and shawls and gloves and vests. (Shown here in French Grey.)

Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Silk – This is one you’ll want around your neck or on your hands. It’s one of the “ahhhh” base yarns. (You know, where you touch it and say, “Ahhhh….”). I think it would be lovely in the Annis shawl.

Fiberphile – a few additional colors that didn’t get up when we got the merino/cashmere/nylon base in recently. Between the soft base and the gorgeous colors, this yarn doesn’t stay around for very long.

Three Bags Full – bigger project bags (9 x 4.5 x 4.5) from Michele. If you’re like me (and I love it that so many of you are), you have a few ton of projects on the needles and it helps to have a different project bag for each one. Or … maybe that’s just me doing the justification thing again. I can talk myself into so many lovely things.

Fifth Anniversary Colorado Celebration Yarn – We have another wonderful company who has dyed up another beautiful colorway for us, in order to celebrate our Fifth Anniversary. As I mentioned last week, we are using our new state – Colorado – for inspiration. This week, you’ll find “Colorado Spruce” on the Solemate base from Lorna’s Laces. Please note – it we run out quickly like we did last week, you can pre-order from the next batch by sending us an email: We do our best to anticipate the right quantities ahead of time, but sometimes you all surprise us!

Sheri triedanewcoffeeplacehereintown – DazbogCoffee.Superb.


  1. The Solemate Colorado Spruce is SO pretty. I bought a skein of it. It seems like a perfect year round color. I know I’ll wear my socks knit out of it a lot around Christmas as it reminds me of the blue spruce greens they sell then. I’ve always loved that dusty bluish green color in the garden!!!

  2. God the new anniversary color is awesome. Totally my thing. I ordered a skein, partially because of the color, and partially because I really want to try Solemate.

    I’m hard at work on my sweater for Project 3, and hoping that a miscalculation doesn’t result in needing two more skeins of the contrast colors. Is there any way I could request that one skein of each color be set aside so I can have matching dye lots?

  3. Oh, the DH got Hooked on that coffee when we were out in Ft Collins for art museum purposes last month!! Last thing we did was to go out and lay in supplies to bring home (and of course a Bit to leave as thank you with the friends who had introduced!) Sadly, he’s already out, so that’s quite high on the to-do list for next summer’s visit, right after visiting the New Loopy, where-ever it may be!

  4. I am excited about the move to Ft. Collins. My niece is a vet. Resident at CSU. I am going to visit her over Thanksgiving and will make The Loopy Ewe one of my first stops.

  5. If you haven’t tried The Human Bean for coffee yet, put it on your to-do list. They’re my favorite in town and they’re drive-thru!

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