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One of the yarns I get asked about a lot is Kauni. I have ordered samples two different times (the first time being when we were still small and in the basement of our house) and each time, I put it on hold. Why? Because the multi-colors come in multiple misc. weights and it’s hard to sell it that way. Fortunately, the amazing colors and projects won out, and we’ve gotten the line here at The Loopy Ewe. We’ve categorized them in weight ranges, so if you need a bit less or a bit more, you can pick accordingly. This is not a soft yarn – it’s a very Shetland wool-y feeling ball. But it will soften up a bit in the wash, and you will have a lot of fun working with the colors, mixing multi’s and solids, and seeing the knitted fabric come off of your needles. I have one of their scarf patterns set aside with two skeins, ready to jump in. You alternate colors as you go. With the long color changes, it’s going to be a fun knit. How about trying it with LazyKaty? Or look how beautiful it is when done up in the Citron pattern. And another Citron. Ok, I think I just talked myself into a new Citron ….

We also added in Dream in Color Baby in the new Fire-Scorched semi-solids and it’s beautiful on this yarn base. Baby is a light fingering weight/lace weight and can be used for shawls, vests, socks, mitts and scarves. (Or maybe two colors for your next two-color shawl?)

Lorna’s Laces sent us their newest colorways (introduced at market in June), as well as a start to our Solemate order with them. Solemate is a new yarn base that has 55% Merino, 30% Outlast, and 15% Nylon. Outlast is a viscose fiber that interacts with your body temperature to moderate your temperature from being too hot or too cold. I tried a demonstration at the Lorna’s Laces booth at market (which involved wearing mitts – one with Outlast, one without) and it really works! This yarn will be great for socks, as well as mitts, scarves, cowls and hats. (Is it too much to ask for PJ’s and sheets out of this stuff??) We have quite a few colors, but more in the works already.

For all of you Camp Loopy campers, the t-shirts are in! We took the Camp Loopy logo and had it printed on white t-shirts to show off the bright colors the best. While the kids around you are attending camp and getting t-shirts, don’t you think you ought to be showing people that you attended camp this summer, too? The t-shirts are a nice weight and run a little large. Perfect for summer wear, exercising, lounging, and sleepwear.

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m up to my ears in boxes and moving at the moment. You can think about me tomorrow, as we trek 14 hours across Missouri, Kansas (wind turbines – ugh) and Colorado with the two cats. I will be glad to get to the new house tomorrow night! No blog on Wednesday or Friday (the movers will be unloading and the internet company will be there at some point to hook up our service), but I will be back next Monday with Update news. And I’ll have to let you know how the 14 hour car ride (with two cats) went…. The one good thing about that long car ride tomorrow? Knitting time!

Pop on over and check out all of the new things we put up tonight. The Elves will be busy pulling and packing your orders tomorrow!

Sheri currentlyhavingfunwithmittensandmynewtwo-colorshawl


  1. Good luck with the move! I know you don’t like the wind turbines but think of the good that they do! Personally, I love them and am thrilled to see them doing their slow-spin-thing!

    Safe travels – hope the kitties behave themselves (you are a braver woman than I in that regard!)

  2. Hi Sheri, Hope you have a great safe trip to your new home. I ‘m really happy for you. Best of all no more St. Louis weather. Yay! I hope the cats will be good for you.What a great place to move too. Best wishes for you and your family. Hugs

  3. Try covering the cat carriers with a sheet or a towel. We do that when we trap and spay feral cats and when the cover is down the kitties are very happy and quite,lift the cover and they start crying. I will be think of you tomorrow, safe travels.

  4. Travel Safe!!! Enjoy the nice dry summer and no humidity!!! Looking forward to visiting the new store.

  5. I only hope that your cats travel better than mine. Twelve hours of howling was NOT fun. Good thing I love her because DH would have thrown her out after the first 15 minutes if he had been in the car.

  6. Whee-hee! Camp Loopy shirts and Kauni! šŸ˜€

    Safe travels to you! “See” you when you get there!

  7. I just download yesterday (free from Rav) the Rainbow Scarf pattern that is written especially for Kauni! Now i know where to get some!!!

    Good Luck with the move!

  8. Good luck with the move! We’re moving in 3 weeks. Only 3 hours away, thank goodness, and we don’t need to move all of our stuff at once, thank even more goodness!

  9. Good luck with your move, Sheri. I do hope the cats behave themselves and are not too put out by the trip. I am thinking I want to make a pillowcase out of Solemate. haha

  10. Safe travels to a lovely climate.

    Thank you for getting Kuini. It’s a lovely yarn and the colors are awsome. Ilga Leja used it last year in her Bermuda Shawl which is very nice. Some others for the Kuini are:


    Happy Knitting – yoy won’t be disappointed!

  11. I soaked my finished Kauni Citron with a cup of cheap white vinegar before blocking, and it did make it a little softer. Mine is the “another Citron” Sheri linked to.

  12. Safe travels! I’m hoping to start my mittens tonight, though I haven’t finished the sweater sleeve yet (I have about 4-5 days of knitting at my slow rate right now).

  13. When we were moving a few years ago, the moving van went ahead and I drove the car with our 2 kids (we now have 3) and my DearHubby drove the van with assorted valuables and various pets. My DearHubby was in front as we were driving down the Thruway when suddenly he started driving a tad erratically — he’s usually a very good driver so this was unusual. After a few miles of watching him periodically swerve a bit, I started to worry if he was ok so I called him on the cell. He answered with tension in his voice which started to concern me even more. I said, “Is everything OK?!” and he replied “Yes, I’m fine but all the hamsters are loose in the van!!!” We pulled off soon afterwards and corralled the errant pets and continued on our way. Hope your trip is less eventful. šŸ™‚

  14. Safe travels! And I’m thrilled to see the Kauni! I’ve been putting off buying this for a long time, as I couldn’t find a close source. WooHoo! I feel a sweater coming on!

  15. I hope the move went smoothly and that neither you nor the cats were overly traumatized by the event. Happy unpacking!

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