Finish One, Begin Two

Time’s up! (Well – at midnight tonight.) Put down your needles and back away from Project One. I know that many of you have already finished, due to the 500+ photos already up in the Camp Loopy Project One Gallery. GREAT JOB on that! I’ve spent a lot of time looking at each one of your projects, and I’m really proud of the way you all have risen to the challenge. Your projects are just amazing and I hope you have had fun with Project One. I also hope that you’ve found a few more two-color shawls and scarves that you want to make, because then I’ll be in good company!

This is also the day we can jump into Project Two. Time starts now! For a refresher on Project Two details, see this post. You can start any time today, or after, with projects being finished on or before 8/15, photos uploaded 8/16. I am particularly amazed at the people who ordered yarn for project one a week or two after we had started, and they still finished ahead of time. Some of you must knit like the wind! Here is the beginning of my Project Two Mittens. I love cables and this pattern looks wonderful. If last month is any indication, I’ll probably find several more patterns to put on my list, as I see your photos start pouring in.

WH and I have a long car ride to Colorado next week. The time has finally come for the move! The movers arrive first thing in the morning to pack up the moving van (which means we’ll probably be up late tonight, finishing up the final boxing up.) One thing I’m not looking forward to? Two cats in the car for 14 hours. One of them will see this as a big adventure and will be perfectly fine. The other one doesn’t like change and will tell us about it the whole way there. Oh, it’s going to be a fun trip. One thing both cats will miss – having a screened porch to hang out in. Here’s a picture of Gracie, ohsoclose to a squirrel who happened to be climbing up to the bird feeder. He knew the cat was there – see the angry action of his tail, which is a blur? Gracie was stupefied. Zoe would have jumped at the squirrel and scared him to death. (Does that give you a clue as to which cat is adventurous and which cat is a scaredy cat?)

I’ll be somewhat removed from emails and Ravelry for about a week. I’ll check as often as I can, but if you need something that the Elves can help you with, please use the support @ address. After next week, I’ll be back to more regular communication. I will, however, have a Monday Update and blog post for you, so watch for that. More fun stuff has arrived!

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  1. Wishing you a safe trip with cats that are unexpectedly chilled out about it. And a simple and uneventful move. Thank you so much for all the fun of Camp. (And I for one am glad TLE will be in Colorado next summer because I think I will be too and so I can come see the new digs. I am unreasonably excited by that idea. LOL)

  2. Safe travels with your move! Colorado will be that much richer with you, your husband, and the cats there.

  3. Good luck and safe travels! What’s the possibility of a screened porch being added on to your new home in CO? It’ll make those evening nights lovely to relax and knit without being pestered by bugs. 🙂

  4. Gosh I thought i was a faithful reader of your blog but it was news to me that you were moving to CO – WOW – that is a shock – sounds like you are also moving the shop or maybe opening a 2nd Loopy location – I’ll have to hunt back thru and see where all this was explained. I started my Wood Hollow mitten a day late – urghhh but the 3 irish girls yarn is GORGEOUS – good luck with the move and the drive

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