Finish One, Begin Two

Time’s up! (Well – at midnight tonight.) Put down your needles and back away from Project One. I know that many of you have already finished, due to the 500+ photos already up in the Camp Loopy Project One Gallery. GREAT JOB on that! I’ve spent a lot of time looking at each one of your projects, and I’m really proud of the way you all have risen to the challenge. Your projects are just amazing and I hope you have had fun with Project One. I also hope that you’ve found a few more two-color shawls and scarves that you want to make, because then I’ll be in good company!

This is also the day we can jump into Project Two. Time starts now! For a refresher on Project Two details, see this post. You can start any time today, or after, with projects being finished on or before 8/15, photos uploaded 8/16. I am particularly amazed at the people who ordered yarn for project one a week or two after we had started, and they still finished ahead of time. Some of you must knit like the wind! Here is the beginning of my Project Two Mittens. I love cables and this pattern looks wonderful. If last month is any indication, I’ll probably find several more patterns to put on my list, as I see your photos start pouring in.

WH and I have a long car ride to Colorado next week. The time has finally come for the move! The movers arrive first thing in the morning to pack up the moving van (which means we’ll probably be up late tonight, finishing up the final boxing up.) One thing I’m not looking forward to? Two cats in the car for 14 hours. One of them will see this as a big adventure and will be perfectly fine. The other one doesn’t like change and will tell us about it the whole way there. Oh, it’s going to be a fun trip. One thing both cats will miss – having a screened porch to hang out in. Here’s a picture of Gracie, ohsoclose to a squirrel who happened to be climbing up to the bird feeder. He knew the cat was there – see the angry action of his tail, which is a blur? Gracie was stupefied. Zoe would have jumped at the squirrel and scared him to death. (Does that give you a clue as to which cat is adventurous and which cat is a scaredy cat?)

I’ll be somewhat removed from emails and Ravelry for about a week. I’ll check as often as I can, but if you need something that the Elves can help you with, please use the support @ address. After next week, I’ll be back to more regular communication. I will, however, have a Monday Update and blog post for you, so watch for that. More fun stuff has arrived!

Sheri whowillnotmissthisSt.Louisheatandhumidity


  1. What fun to move to a new home and in such a great area! So excited that TLE will be near enough to visit. You will be able to shift gears during that long drive. WELCOME to Colorado!

  2. Good for you…away from all this heat and humidity. Will think of you often in lovely Colorado. Looking forward to hearing from you “on the other side.” Have a safe trip.

  3. Good luck with the move, and the trip to Colorado! Can’t wait to hear how it went. We will be thinking about you.

  4. Have a safe trip to Colorado. I am sure the cats will adjust to the ride, just keep knitting and you will be fine. Remember, you can’t hear the cat if you have yarn in your hands! 🙂 Be safe and looking forward to posts from Colorado. God Bless.

  5. fingers crossed and a prayer for a successful move.

    Having moved cats cross country: a big cat carrier and a small litter box inside it makes life easier.

  6. Best of luck with the move, Sheri! I hope it is as painless as such things can possibly be. And I hope your cats don’t view your yarn as their sole source of entertainment in the car! I can’t wait to see your mittens. I love that pattern!

  7. I hope your move goes smoothly! As someone who made a 12 hour drive with 3 cats in the car, I wish you calm and quiet. I found that a few pumps of Feliway spray in each of the carriers before loading them up helped keep things pretty mellow.

    Safe travels!

  8. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. It is a big step and a marvelous adventure. We so appreciate all you do for your Loopies!

  9. Good luck with your move. Hope it goes as smoothly as it can, Posted my Camp Loopy Project One just now. Pumped to have gotten it done in time. Yarn for Project Two hasn’t arrived yet. Hex on Canada Post. Hope it arrives early next week. Might have to use the international deadline next time.

  10. Much Luck and Good Wishes for your Move! I hope that pretty yarn will help you keep the stress of moving to a minimum.

  11. Good luck and safe travels with the move! I’m done, but may have to upload a bad picture from my cell phone if I can’t find the adapter to get the stuff off my camera! 😛 On to Project 2!

  12. I hope your move all goes well! We just did that drive (Ohio to Colorado) as we went back to Colorado to visit friends (we used to live in Denver) – it is a good trip to have some knitting along to keep you entertained on (but sounds like maybe your cats will help with that 🙂
    Safe travels and looking forward to hearing from you once you get settled!

  13. I am just amazed that you can even think about knitting amidst a move! I wish you safe travels and lots of relaxing knitting time in the car.

  14. Sheri- the time has finally arrived! Another chapter in your life is beginning in Colorado- what a great place. I have only visited once in my life and am hoping to visit again really soon. Best of luck on your move, getting settle in your new home. Your cats will probably do better than you think- but we still want to know. Safe travels.You are one in a million!

  15. Good luck with your move!

    I moved 1500 miles from Kansas to Los Angeles 10 years ago, and my three furballs were medicated up to their eyeballs for the three day trip. My vet also had me put them in “walking jackets” with leashes inside their cat carriers – if they accidentally got out of the cat carrier, they would still be attached via the leash.

    It was three days of 10 hours driving with my Dad driving the moving van and Mom and I in the car ahead. The two cats with Mom and me kept up a steady :”meow, meow, meow” despite the meds, but were fine at night in the hotel room.

    Hope your trip goes quickly, safely and well!

  16. Have a safe trip to Colorado! When my son transported his cats to Atlanta and back, he got sedatives from the vet and it worked very well. Otherwise, it can be a very long trip.

  17. Have a safe drive to Colorado. I am so excited that you will be living here ! You will be arriving during a hot spell but hopefully our monsoon rains will be gone by the time you get here.WELCOME Sheri,WH,College Girl and the family animals.We are glad you came.

  18. Wishing you a safe trip. Your beautiful new home in Colorado will be waiting for you – so exciting.

  19. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Colorado! My cat’s move from Atlanta to Colorado was entierly too easy. After the first four hours we let her out of the carrier (’cause my mother-in-law thought that might shut her up) and she just sat quietly on the lap of whoever was in the passenger seat. Made a day-and-a-half of driving much easier! Save travels!

  20. Let me be among the first to welcome you to Colorado! I’ve lived here my whole life, except for college in Missouri ironically! Safe travels and welcome to Colorado. 🙂

  21. Your comments about the cats reminds me of when I moved with my two cats from Los Angeles back to Nebraska. Two and half days in the car (along with my Mom). We all did fine, both of them hid under the blanket in the large carrier I got for the trip. (And then hid under the bed in the motel where we stayed the second night). The poor things survived just fine though and adjusted very quickly to their new state.

  22. Safe trip. I bought buttons for my Catkin today and will block it tomorrow. I’ll be casting on Project 2 the first of August at the latest. I’m between to WendyKnits sock patterns.

  23. Hi – not sure how or what I need to post…after the late start on my scarf, the third time was the charm. It is finished, but I’m away at a convention and can’t download the photo! Argh!
    Have safe travels – I can download a photo wherever it needs to go on Sunday!

  24. Oh, and I have my yarn for my owl mittens and can’t wait to start them! Hopefully they won’t give me as much trouble as the scarf!

  25. Colorado is such a beautiful State I can just imagine the inspiration you’ll get for future ideas. You’ll have the mountains, beautiful skys, snow in the winter and wildflowers in the summer. What a wonderful place to continue your career. Best wishes.

  26. I finally finished my Whippoorwill at midnight yesterday, barely making the deadline, and have it blocking now. I’ll upload photo as soon as it is done, hopefully sometime today. I am apparently a slow knitter and can’t believe how fast others were able to knit theirs. Maybe I will get faster as time goes on, with all the knitting I’ve done this past month. I chose my project two to be the same pattern for mittens you’re using.

    Good luck with the move. Bet you’ll love Colorado living! 🙂

  27. Sheri Good Luck on the trip with the cats! Should be interesting to hear about when you are back at the old blog!

  28. Sheri – the best thing I ever did for myself was to move away from the hometown I grew up in. It was tough but I look and wish I would have done it sooner!! God Speed and good luck with the girls…you’re going to need it!! Talk to you soon!!

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