It was a Dark and Stormy Night

We’re having a campfire and everyone is invited. Come out out of your cabins and tents and join us. Speaking of cabins, did you know that Claudia Hand Painted has a colorway calledCabin Fever“?

She also has “Boot Camp“:

And “Campfire“:

Which brings us back to the point of today’s blog. Part of camping is sitting around the fire, telling stories, right? So let’s tell a story about Loopy. I’ll start, and anyone who would like to can add one sentence – just one sentence – in the comments below to continue the story. Once the comments start, you need to add your sentence so that it continues the story from the comment above yours. (I realize this might be problematic if you have never left a comment on this blog. Those comments go into a queue for approval, which will make them show up in the right order, but at a later time. But come to think of it, that might add a few interesting twists to the story!)

Next week, I’ll randomly draw a comment to win two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted in your color choice. So let the story begin:

It was a beautiful afternoon (although the forecast was for storms that night.) Loopy had a long list of things to-do, and a house full of people to entertain, but all he really wanted to do was to sit down and work on his Camp Loopy project. He grabbed his project bag and snuck off to hide in the attic for some knitting time. Loopy opened the two attic windows for a nice breeze and settled down to knit. He was in the middle of a long row of (K2tog, YO’s), when he heard a loud crash from the floor below.

(Your turn. Keep it going!)


  1. …and that the margarita that spilled all over the onearmislongerthantheother silk sweater was the same color as the yarn Loopy was knitting with!!!

  2. Well, guess I will sit by the fire & visit with a fresh drink in hand & my beautiful, long armed, tailed sweater gently drying in the breeze.

  3. Once dry, I need to fix the sleeve that is too long so the sweater will fit!!! Where did I put my needles????

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