Madelinetosh Sock and a Camping Sale

It’s fun to have so many of you camping along with us at Camp Loopy this summer! Watch for the Camp Loopy Photo Gallery to go up this week, as I know that quite a few of you are already finished with your beautiful projects. (Not me. I will probably use every bit of the next 3 1/2 weeks to finish my project. But I’m enjoying it!)

We decided that you might need some new Camping Equipment, so we’ve put a few essentials on sale this week. You’ll find 15% off all water bottles, travel mugs, regular mugs, and knitting and project bags. (You thought we were going to say tents, sleeping bags, and camping stoves, right? But those aren’t nearly as fun as bags and mugs and water bottles.) The sale prices will be up until midnight this Friday, 6/24 (Central Time) and while supplies last, so enjoy it while you can.

We’ve also added in: Madelinetosh Sock – shown here in Fathom (with more going up next week – some needed to be re-photoed), Schoppel Walle Zauberball (try this fun pattern with a ball of this striping yarn), HiyaHiya (needles, Dumpling Cases, Puppy Snips, and project bags), Dream in Color Starry re-stocks, and a limited quantity of t-shirts from Lorna’s Laces (where you can choose from “I make pretty string” and “I make string pretty”, in two different t-shirt styles.

Check back for this Wednesday’s blog, where we’ll be telling an interesting Camp Loopy story around the campfire, and you will have a chance to participate in the story-telling.

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  1. Sadly, I haven’t even received my first camp loopy purchases (due in no part to TLE) our postal service decided to go on strike and thwart my camping fun πŸ™

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about CampLoopy Project #2. I’m not finished with #1 yet either, but half the fun of these projects is shopping for yarn!

  3. I finished my project and look forward to the next!! I agree with Jeanne. Shopping for the yarn is high up on the list of fun things to do.

  4. Will there be tee shirts with the Camp Loopy logo this summer? ….Gosh project two…I had such a hard time matching project one…pant, pant with my tongue hanging out… I hope the yarn choice is easier next time…. I agree it was fun shopping…back and forth on the yarn pages, so many different combinations to choose….

  5. What can be better than knitting camp? Other than Camp Loopy of course. It is so much fun- my kind of camp. Project 1 is coming along. Camp Loopy T-shirt sounds great- just saying.

  6. I am enjoying Camp Loopy and Cabin 3 immensely. I am knitting again, I am chatting on Ravelry again, and I am thinking about fiber and art and creativity and talent and just feeling great about myself. Thank you Sheri!!

  7. I am SO thankful you decided to have Camp this year. I am already on stripe 7 of 16 on my Daybreak! I am knitting like the wind… which is so not like me. Cabin 3 truly great!! I also would love a Camp Loopy tee!!!!

  8. I am really enjoying the camping process so far. I’m about a fifth of the way through. I call it pacing myself, but I’ll probably need to do a mega dash to make it at the end!

  9. I’m enjoying it too and am adding my vote for a Camp Loopy t-shirt! Can’t wait to find out the requirements for Project II (my Project I, the Morlynn shawl, will take every bit of the month for me, but I like planning for the next thing).

  10. I too am making the Morlynn Shawl and enjoying every single minute of it. I finally got up to Section B and I now have 271 stitches on my circular needles. Soon I’ll get done with Section C and onto the section where I finally add in the new colored yarn. Camp Loopy is definitely fun and can’t wait to hear some campfire stories — are they going to be spooky?

  11. I’m pretty sure I’ll need until July 14 to finish Project #1. That’s okay; I’m having fun and savoring every stitch. I’m impressed with those of you who have already completed your first camp project. Sit back and enjoy the s’mores while the rest of us knit furiously to catch up.

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