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s'more-chocolate-cakeThe Campfire Story about Loopy is cracking me up! Did you read it? Loopy started off knitting in the attic of a house and he has: taught the UPS guy how to knit, drunk a portion of  shrinking potion, followed the Wollmeise trail to Germany, danced with blue and green lights, talked to Dr. Who, and met friends along the way. Great job on the story-telling! I’ll draw a yarn winner next week, so feel free to continue the story over the weekend.

Here is a cake that has ALL the right flavors in it – brownies, chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, graham crackers, cheesecake, and chocolate frosting. Doesn’t it look unbelievably decadent? I especially love the thick layer of chocolate frosting on the top. I saw this over on Julia’s blog and asked permission to share the photos and recipe with you. (I was afraid that if I made it to photo myself, WH and I would then eat it. Which would have been very very good. And very very bad. But I will make it sometime, when there are more people around to eat it. It looks way too good to pass up.) You can find the recipe for this cake here. It’s a little long, so I’m sending you over there instead of typing it all up here.

s'more-chocolate-cakeCheck out some of the rest of the recipes on Julia’s blog. She does a great job of coming up with unique flavors and combinations, that all work together to mix into something wonderful. Like Basil Cauliflower Pizza, Breakfast Cookies, Goat Cheese and Phyllo Pizza, Grilled Vegetable Platter with Cilantro Avocado Aioli, Chickpea and Feta Salad, and …. well, I’ll stop now. You can pop over there and poke through all of the categories on your own. I know you’ll come up with several “must make” recipes for yourself and your family.

Do you ever have a weekend where you SHOULD be doing one thing but you WANT to be doing another? I really should be packing boxes, since we’re moving our household in three weeks. But what I want to be doing? Working on my Pamuya Shawl. What should you be doing? And what do you want to be doing instead?

Sheri ormaybeIshouldavoidbothofthosethings


  1. I really want to finish ‘Winter’s Rhythm’ but I should be getting ready for our three week vacation in France!

  2. What I should be doing is cleaning out the garage, planting all the plants I bought more than 2 months ago and laying out the mulch I bought more than 6 months ago. What I will be doing? Cleaning house, entertaining family and knitting my Akimbo shawl in every spare second I have!

  3. I’m at work right now, so I should be working, but well… I should be doing some major decluttering at home this weekend, and I should also get started on my Camp Loopy project! (Which do think will win out?!)

    I have an idea for you, Sheri: I think you should bake that cake, then invite people over to help you & WH eat it, and hey, while they’re there, they can also help pack boxes! Then you can knit on your Pamuya and supervise!

  4. I SHOULD be doing power laundry, cleaning the den, and cleaning the kitchen cabinets out. Instead, BFF Liz and I will be going to a fiber festival and meeting up with a couple of Spring Fling Loopy Groupie buddies (Wizgirl and Carol in Zion). 😀

  5. This weekend, I should be cleaning up my mess of an office and doing piles of laundry, but I’m headed off tomorrow morning for a KIP event in Jacksonville, FL. I figure that it’ll be there when I get back! 😀

  6. I should be knitting on my camp project and I want to knit on it but this darn computer with Rav and Loopy and WM updates just keeps me from that. Good luck with the packing, I understand not wanting to pack when you should but you will get it done. If I recall you have many big plastic containers already packed for you, for our last move we just used all our containers that were already packed and just put tape around those so they would not pop open and they traveled beautifully. They stack great too.

  7. I should be cleaning my house this weekend. What I WANT to do is re-organize my stash, finish up several WIPs, cast on half a dozen more and order everything on my TLE Wishlist.

    Good luck with your big move!!! Moving is a great time to sort through all your things and pare stuff down – and find stuff you thought you’d lost.

  8. I should be working on cleaning up the house but my yarn for my camp project arrived from loop so I’m gonna knit!!! I say hire the movers to pack you up. Then sit back and relax!

  9. I agree – have the movers pack. I SHOULD be finishing a quilt, doing laundry, and cleaning house (especially dog fur on rug) … You all KNOW that I want to finish knitting the back of my [Off-Center Argyle](pattern) that I am knitting for Camp Loopy. My chosen yarns in Madtosh vintage and 3 Irish Girls Glenhaven cashmerino worsted is PERFECT for the project. It may become one of my most favorite projects and [lime maplewing](project) is hard to beat.

  10. I should be going to the grocery store and cleaning my house since I’ve been out of town for two weeks BUT all I want to do is knit my camp project.

  11. Did i miss the recipe? I have a group of knitters (most who love loopy) & they will love this cake!!!!

  12. I SHOULD be cleaning and decluttering this weekend. I’ve already tidied my yarn and put it away in an organized fashion (can hardly believe it is me writing that). I now have a lifetime supply of quilting fabric that needs the same treatment. However, since DH will be working all weekend and therefore none the wiser…I want to spend time knitting my Camp Loopy project. I am enjoying knitting my Ulmus so much! Madelinetosh Sock yarn is soft and full of BOING.

  13. 1. Should => clearing/organizing my desk so that I can find things
    2. Should=> make an appt with the dentist
    3. Should => spend some quality time with the pile of paper that needs sorting/filing

    4. Want => to go shopping for you-name-it
    5. Want => start a new knitting project
    6. Want => buy some new yarn to go with #s 4 and 5.

    If someone wants to make me a cake, that’s okay too 😉

  14. I should be doing a lot! Instead- I want to knit on my Camp Loopy project- which btw I am doing the edging on- rather at the moment bake the “Cake” and go into aboslute heaven!

  15. Sheri — I say First— Bake the Cake! Next —– Pack 2 boxes—– Then reward yourself with a piece of cake and an hour of knitting time!

    I should be cleaning and organizing my bedroom and my stash but will probably be knitting my Camp Loopy project instead because that is what I want to do!

  16. Well I “should” be getting my house ready for visitors in a week…But instead I’m doing what I want to be doing…knitting my Cladonia shawl….I’m on the lace trim!!! …I might regret this later, but the end is so near…

  17. OK…two things…the cake is completely fabulous and I am going to make it some day. Not tomorrow but someday. I love a baking challenge and this surely is it. The second thing….the shawl is the most beautiful shawl I have every seen. I know you’re very busy but please take some time and work on it. Consider it a gift to yourself. Absolutely fabulous and please share when you get it completed. Everyone, have a good night and a great weekend!!

  18. Pamuya. Just another word for addicting knit! Don’t try to fight the urge to knit on Pamuya. It’s not worth the fight. Just keep knitting on it until it’s done! I made one in the late winter and could not stop knitting on it. Thankfully the pattern finally ended! Here is what’s on my should list: pick sticks up off driveway, weed gardens, mow yard (all had to wait until the rain stopped!), strip wallpaper, paint bathroom, shred old papers, clean everything!

  19. Oddly enough, I really should be packing boxes because I am moving house in three weeks 🙂 but all I want to do is wind and CO my Bugga for Camp Loopy.

  20. I should be taking stuff to storage and unpacking (I moved about 3 weeks ago and spend most of the week on the road for work) instead I’m sitting on the couch, glaring at the boxes and working on Taygate….decided I need a day off. And I’m taking it!

  21. Well…..I am actually doing what I should be doing…..yard work…..well, I’m on break at the moment. I really really really want to be knitting on my Herbivore. It is 3/4 finished and you know how that goes. Can’t wait to be done and on to the next project.

  22. I should be cleaning and decluttering. But, I will be knitting. Sunday is my only day off this week and I plan on using it wisely.

  23. I should be working in my vegetable garden. But it’s hot so I’m using it as an excuse to work on my Camp Loopy Project instead!

  24. I should be cleaning up the rest of the basement after the flood we had in it last week. I am so tired not sure I can walk down the stairs again tonight. I want to be knitting but think I would fall asleep with the needles in my hands. The sound of the needles hitting the floor will wake me up. I get so upset when the knitting falls the wrong way and slips off the needles. This week will be better.

  25. This cake looks perfect, except I’m already making cake tonight (and not that one). So delicious looking.

    I was camping this weekend, so I did a lot of knitting. It was nice not needing to do something else.

  26. I am off work for the next 3 days. I should clean house and pull weeds, and I probably will a little bit. But I will also go shopping and lunching with my Mom and my daughter. And I will knit at night. This past weekend? Oh, I worked a lot. My feet still hurt. They want me to knit for the next 3 days!!!

  27. I need a special occasion to make and share that cake. Looks tasty. I’m working away on my Whipporwill. It is a lot more exciting since adding the contrasting color.

  28. OMG, are you kidding me? That looks like the best “death by chocolate/sugar” cake I’ve seen. It has most of my favorite things in there, too. I’m not sure about the marshmallow frosting layer, but I will just have to suffer through it. Good thing there are still family reunion members around. Dang.

    I should be typing stuff, lots of stuff, and I will be very soon, but I wish I was home knitting, reading, and sharing this cake with my family and friends!

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