Three Things on Monday

Three things I wonder:

1.  Why do the purple iris’ in my back yard smell like grape Kool-Aid? (Turn the smell-o-meter up on your computer and you can smell it. I think that’s the F6 key.)
2.  Why is it going to be 92 degrees here tomorrow and yet it’s only May? Is that really necessary?
3.  What roll do weeds play in the whole scheme of things? (Also Poison Ivy.)

Three things you need to know:

1. There won’t be an Update tonight because I got distracted by the Fling and didn’t order yarn for two weeks. FPS. Call me a slacker.
2. We had a big batch of Wollmeise (the slightly underweight skeins that Claudia’s mill sent her by mistake) that we put up this afternoon, instead. It’s sold out now and we’ll get these orders out for you tomorrow.
3.  We put the whole batch of Wollmeise up at once this time, so that’s it for this shipment. No need to watch for more this week.

Three bits of news about Loopy contest:

1. The randomly drawn winner of the First Quarter Challenge is Dana from WA. She knit up a beautiful Capelet with 2 1/2 skeins of Bugga. She won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
2.  The “Knitter’s Choice” winner of the First Quarter Challenge goes to Barbara from IL, who knit a lovely Smocked Cable Coat out of Madelinetosh Vintage. She also won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
3.  You still have a chance to win a Spring Fling Goodie Bag! Leave your comment on this blog post. We’ll draw the winners on Friday.

Three things I have not been doing lately:

1. Knitting.
2. Knitting.
3. Knitting.

Is there anything that you have temporarily slacked off on lately? (Good or bad?)

Sheri lackofknittinghasnotaffectedmystashacquisitions.


  1. Slacked off on:

    – dieting
    – knitting
    – blogging

    But going great guns on crocheting.

    With consummate bad timing I was in meetings all yesterday afternoon. Sigh. Maybe next time. I have an irrational craving for WM laceweight.

  2. everything! With a new baby (puppy) it has kept me very busy the past few weeks. We got him at 6 weeks and he is a joy but active, lol!

  3. I’ve been slacking off on

    Sorting for thrift store

    but my spinning and knitting are flyig along…ssshhhhh

  4. I have always said that iris smell like grape bubble gum, and actually most colors smell that way to some degree…some stronger than others! Iris are my very favorite flower, and much has to do with their scent…I have about 50 different colors/varieties in my garden and just adore them!

    What have I been slacking on?
    1. Finishing a sweater for a friend…I am loving some socks I am working on and just can’t break myself away from them!
    2. Cleaning house…It is so much more fun to knit!
    3. Getting up early…Directly related to staying up too late working on the above-mentioned socks!

  5. Don’t complain about the warm weather – we’re getting snow here in CO tomorrow! Sigh!

    Things I have slacked off on lately:

    1. Laundry
    2. Vacuuming
    3. Cooking

    Oh well, it will be there tomorrow!!


  6. I have slacked off on exercising and it shows. Trying to figure out how I can ride the bike at the Y and knit my socks at the same time without looking strange!!

  7. -Cleaning

    I have been knitting 2 pairs of socks (vanilla and Cookie A) and it has consumed me. I am still exercising (only 3 days a week since I have been knitting), but I need to increase it back to 5 days…after both pairs of socks are done. Did I mention these socks are for me? 🙂

  8. Too much knitting too much exercise, too much looking at knitting blogs – not a good combination.

  9. You saved me by putting up all the WM up at once. I’m trying not to buy yarn for a whole month and it’s HARD!

    I’ve been slacking on:
    ~Teaching myself how to spin (I really need to just take a class)

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