Three Things on Monday

Three things I wonder:

1.  Why do the purple iris’ in my back yard smell like grape Kool-Aid? (Turn the smell-o-meter up on your computer and you can smell it. I think that’s the F6 key.)
2.  Why is it going to be 92 degrees here tomorrow and yet it’s only May? Is that really necessary?
3.  What roll do weeds play in the whole scheme of things? (Also Poison Ivy.)

Three things you need to know:

1. There won’t be an Update tonight because I got distracted by the Fling and didn’t order yarn for two weeks. FPS. Call me a slacker.
2. We had a big batch of Wollmeise (the slightly underweight skeins that Claudia’s mill sent her by mistake) that we put up this afternoon, instead. It’s sold out now and we’ll get these orders out for you tomorrow.
3.  We put the whole batch of Wollmeise up at once this time, so that’s it for this shipment. No need to watch for more this week.

Three bits of news about Loopy contest:

1. The randomly drawn winner of the First Quarter Challenge is Dana from WA. She knit up a beautiful Capelet with 2 1/2 skeins of Bugga. She won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
2.  The “Knitter’s Choice” winner of the First Quarter Challenge goes to Barbara from IL, who knit a lovely Smocked Cable Coat out of Madelinetosh Vintage. She also won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
3.  You still have a chance to win a Spring Fling Goodie Bag! Leave your comment on this blog post. We’ll draw the winners on Friday.

Three things I have not been doing lately:

1. Knitting.
2. Knitting.
3. Knitting.

Is there anything that you have temporarily slacked off on lately? (Good or bad?)

Sheri lackofknittinghasnotaffectedmystashacquisitions.


  1. Sheri, I would kill for 92 degrees. Here in eastern Montana it is about 50 with cold, gray rain all day. I think we’ve only made it to 70 two or three times this year. And it didn’t last long.

  2. It’s warm here too — down in Texas. I think we are skipping spring again and jumping straight to summer. I have slacked off on my good eating habits due to the end of semester stress. I will get back on it next week after I get those grades in!

  3. It’s supposed to hit 90 here on Wednesday. So not ready for that. I’m barely ready to be in short sleeves with no coat. And since you asked, three things I’m not doing enough of lately:

    1. Laundry
    2. Knitting
    3. Sleeping (and no, not for good reason)

  4. Congrats to Dana and Barbara – those were both lovely projects!
    Slacking? Me? Never! HA! HOw about exercise/waking. Did not prep for my 10K breast cancer walk but managed to finish it none the less…Been too cold here and too windy which means the allergies are acting way up ….

  5. Love the purple Iris! We are months away from that kind of flower power.

    Thanks for the Wollmeise update! I caught the tail end but got one skein of Madame Souris (the Maus Alt jumped).

    I have slacked off cooking, walking and finishing WIP’s! Doing plenty of stash acquisition and starting projects though!

  6. I’ve been knitting and reading, but it has been at the expense of cleaning. You’d think I would be better about the cleaning thing but apparently not.

    Instead I get to try and clean the entire house when I’d rather be working on the knit blanket I’ve been doing. Can we change it so knitting is house work?

  7. I’ve been slacking on the dissertation 🙁 I should really get back to that but decided to distract myself yesterday by casting on for Stripe Study. Enjoy your warm weather! I’m glad we sent it your way because we’re enjoying 70 degrees in Southern Cali. I needed a break from the heat.

  8. My husband and I are moving our business to a new office, and there is so much going on in every direction that I don’t know what I have been slacking off of…could be anything! And that, in itself, is very scary.

  9. The yard and flower gardens would tell you that I’ve slacked off, but when it’s not been cold and rainy I’ve had Other Things that have needed doing. But we’ll be overrun with people this weekend (birthday party then a baby shower) so I’ve got to do something with it…

  10. I’d be hard pressed to name something I haven’t been slacking off on! Why can’t I ever get any Wollmeise!??

  11. Sheri, it’s true that purple iris smell grapey-I remember smelling them for the first time in my g’ma’s backyard when I was only 4 or 5 years old. I even had some Iris “perfume” in the ninth grade and it smelled purple, too!! I’m sure I left a scent trail of that cologne about a block long.

    Just finished the Fire and Ice shawl we got in the March kit. It came out great and after several false starts, I finally caught on to how it worked, then it was a very fast knit. I really love it. Kudos to Wendy for a great pattern.

  12. I have been kniiting several projects at the expense of cleaning. Love me / love my mess! One day I will get soe of the Wollmeise!!

  13. housecleaning – not just temporarily – just can’t get my motivation going and I have houseguests in 3 days … must move on …

  14. I’d love to tell you that I’ve slacked off on housekeeping lately. Only it’s been much, much longer than that….

  15. I have never seen any Wollmeise on Loopy Ewe. I am on here a couple of times every day. Does one have to be on here every minute of every day? Also, why does everyone want this yarn? I am serious. Since I have never seen it, I shall not know. Please tell me. Again, I am serious. Thank you.

  16. Slacking off? Laundry. As in, a little afraid to try to round it all up. I think some of it has taken up residence with the monsters under the bed, but I haven’t looked yet. ;^)

  17. I have slacked off of everything except meetings and more meetings and getting ready for both annual conference and an annual meeting, in two separate weeks, two different states.

    Oh – and the dogs report that I am a very good long-walk-taker. So there.

    I can just buy clean clothes to wear for Conference, right?

  18. Saturday and Sunday both were over 100 but also only 3 to 5 percent humidity, but anything over 100 is still hot in my eyes. I miss my iris so enjoy that deep purple. I planted some here but the rabbits and lizards, I think, have eaten them.

    I just tend to slack off period, then I get motivated again then slack off. With no rain and so hot, the dust has been crazy so my allergies have really bothered me so that has been my reason for not getting much done.

  19. please send your 92 degrees to me, not only am i coldblooded and shiver even in July, it has still been like winter here, windy, rainy, just plain chilly. the sun made a brief cameo appearance, then exited the stage for other climes. I have lately slacked off sleep to see if I can get by w/fewer hours and get more things done.

  20. The last two weeks, I’ve slacked off anything that doesn’t directly connect to the end of the school year. The final is tomorrow, there is a mountain of laundry after that!

  21. Yes, slacking off on knitting my Austin Hoodie. I am using MTL in Mare colour which doesn’t seem to be around at the moment but trust me it’s lovely. Beautiful deep blues and brown/charcoals.
    In saying all that, I don’t know why I’m being slack- lack of concentation?

  22. When I was a kid (and that was a few years ago) I thought purple iris smelled like bubble gum. I can’t tell you how many flowers I’ve stuck my nose in all through the years trying to find that smell again to no avail. 🙁

  23. I’ve been knitting and crocheting…and doing some frogging…and casting on new projects…and growing my stash…Damn! I missed Wollemeise again!…with all that is going on, I’d love to have a Spring Fling Goody Bag!

  24. The capelet and coat are wonderful! I slacked off on my diet 3 weeks ago and my scale slapped me in the face with reality this morining – not that I needed the scale – my jeans were tight again (sigh) but got back on the wagon this morning. I wish I didn’t have to sleep at night – think of all the knitting I could accomplish – especially with sock knitting for my 9 week old grandson – none of the store socks fit him properly – the elastic is too tight for a baby. So I go by his measurements and his baby legs don’t get those tight elastic marks anymore. Plus he enjoys looking at the yarn colors (I’ve been using the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton)

  25. 1. Quilting – because I’ve been too busy knitting
    2. Laundry – well I guess it’s because there are still socks in the drawer, or mayber because I’ve been too busy knitting (hee-hee, I put in a load today)
    3. Exercising – yeah you’ve guessed it…because I’ve been too busy knitting.


  26. I’ve slacked off on knitting. I’ve been exercising more, which is a good thing, but have been in a knitting slump. I still enjoy reading the knitting blogs that I subscribe to on Google Reader. I’m going to take a knitting class in a couple of weeks so hopefully, that will get be back to knitting more often.

  27. Slacking off from exercise, sleep and reading. Unless knitting can be considered aerobic exercise.

  28. I got completely slammed at work and though I was supposed to go to Spring Fling, instead I sat in my office working. Could you please send me my goodie bag as a consolation prize? You can’t believe how much I wanted to be at spring fling…
    polly hoover

  29. I’ve been slacking off on cleaning up my guest room. I’ve got family visiting over 4th of July and even though that seems like a long time from now it will be here before I know it. I have a bad habit of sticking things on the bed in there and next thing I know it’s a mess. Periodically it gets cleaned up and a vow to keep it clean…but it never happens!

    Thank you for making up extra goody bags for a contest! I wish I could have attended Spring Fling, it looks like so much fun!

  30. I got in on the Wollmeise today…I’ve never used it before. I logged into Facebook and your update was the first thing that came up. I immediately went to the web site (though I really, really, really didn’t need to place another order already), and there were a few skeins left. What else could I do?! I did have a credit to use, so that was my excuse.

    I’ve slacked off on exercising, cooking, cleaning, reading…but I’ve been a knitting fiend!

  31. Gorgeous iris! Wish I could smell it. It’ll be eons before we see any in northern WI. Are they in your yard?
    I’ve been slacking off on my kal socks. Too involved in my Garter Leaves shawl. And my Saroyan. And a Multnomah. It’s a disease!

  32. I’ve been slacking on weeding and thinning the perennial flower bed. We had 90 some degrees yesterday and today with increased humidity. I cast on an Ishbel. Do Spring and startitis go hand in hand?

  33. While poison ivy can be a pain the rear, the birds love the little white berries that appear in the fall. The migrating warblers eat the berries from the vines growing on our fenceposts. When the berries are gone, the warblers move on.

  34. I have actually been knitting! And beading! And buying more things to knit! And more beads to knit with! So I am now poor. Please send chicken breasts, the cats are hungry. The all-yarn diet is not working for them. 😉

  35. I have to add to the wonder number two with; why is it going to be 92 tomorrow when there was frost on the ground last week? I have been slacking off getting the too small & out of season clothes out of the kids dressers. I really need to do that before the dressers explode with the pressure of combine d winter, spring, and summer wardrobes!

  36. Three things I have been slacking off:
    1. Housecleaning.
    2. Dishwashing.
    3. Laundry.
    Why, you ask?? Because I have been knitting and crocheting!!!

  37. I have been slacking off on my knitting, but only to fix my laptop. I think I overloaded it with too many patterns, knitting blogs, and shopping trips to the TLE!

  38. Here in Pittsburgh, it will be 80 tomorrow, too. Our spring usually lasts about 3 days — so you have to grab them while you can.

  39. I must be slacking on checking TLE website, ‘cuz I missed all of the Wollmeise! Darn!!

  40. Total agreement about the heat and the weeds. In Florida summer started about 3 weeks ago. It’s going to be a long hot summer which the weeds love!!!
    What haven’t I been doing?? Everything except work. Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of knitting and spinning and everything fibery????

  41. I must have the same iris in my yard, they remind me of grape bubble gum. I have some apricot ones that smell like Fruit Loops! Wow, I can’t look forward to any of those blooming for a few more weeks! Although the daffodils up here (Wisconsin) are beautiful this spring, they have lasted forever!

  42. Slacking on spring planting. The weather in St. Louis is so variable I hesitate to stick a seed in the ground. Besides, I have 2 hens on eggs that MIGHT hatch today and I need to be available for that. And being a chicken midwife means sitting in a chair by their coop…knitting.

    My grape hyacinths smell like grapes. Will be sniffing the irises later.

    Glad you have some knitting time!

  43. 1. Laundry
    2. Housecleaning
    3. Sleep

    I am plugging away on my Q2 challenge project though, and it’s looking good. My fav bloomer right now are my korean spice viburnum. The smell is sweet and spicy and I can smell them all the way at the back of the house if the sun is on them and there’s a breeze. Wonderful frangrance!

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